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Originally Posted by RONIN_13769 View Post
I am well past the age limit for the IDF, but I am currently a Law Enforcement officer in the USA with a very extensive background. I was adopted at birth and recently discovered my birth mother was Jewish, I have always wanted to live in Israel and would like to know if the civilian law enforcement agencies would be an option. Thank you
Hi Ronin,

Asking the same thing in a number of different threads is called cross-posting. But let me answer your question again.

As you already know, you have a very unique situation. One that really cannot be resolved by make believe Israel experts on an open internet forum. My opinion, which is only maybe a milligram heavier than others is that you are going to be expected to convert to judaism in an orthodox manner in order to receive citizenship under the Law of Return. Other can jump in and disagree, but based on what I have seen of late, this is what is going to be expected.

As to civilian Law Enforcement. First, thank you for your service. I just spent a month working with the Israeli Police and Border Patrol, and my military background got me through at best 70% of what was going on. LE work in Israel is 70% hebrew, 20% Arabic and 10% english, numbers can vary. The vast majority of Police are veterans of Mishtarah Tsvait and Mishmar HaGvul. (MPs and Border Patrol or MAGAV). MAGAV in particular has areputation of toughness unequaled in Israel. This who you will be up against in getting a job.

You have made no mention of hebrew abilities at all, so I can only assume you could randomly pick a crime report you wrote in the past year and type it up on a computer in hebrew. Or tell your partner that there is a bulge in the suspects sock that is too big to be knife, look for an ankle holster. You get the drift.

Lastly is physical ability. No disresect (see top paragraph) but there are no donut eaters in the Police here. You will be working at a pace that equal to the worst precinct nightmare you can imagine, working routinely with automatic weapons and challenged regularly.

A tall wall, but one that is not impossible. As i offered in the other thread, if you want further information, send me a private message.
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