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Pretty mind blowing. You couldn't script this sort of stuff if you tried. Craziness along these lines only happens in real life.

And here I was getting upset today when my Muslim neighbors from across the street were shoveling their snow. It's always the mother and the daughter. Mother is well into her fifties, while the daughter looks closer to 13. They're usually the ones doing the lawn mowing in the summer time, too. Meanwhile, there's the husband and a teenage son. I have yet to see either of them lift a finger. I can only imagine what life is like inside that house. And this is in the U.S., mind you.

Kiwi, you mention that this "will never be demolished until Muslims by the millions rise up against it". I hate to sound like a pessimist here... but how would something like this transpire? All I see is perpetuation, or the second coming, or my funeral... which ever comes first.

Thanks for the post...
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