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Originally Posted by janetnjohn View Post
here's an old joke but here goes anyway (and sorry to all my Italian friends out there!)

Q. what is the shortest book in history?

A. the Italian book of war heroes
Heh, that reminds me of another similar joke. Here it goes:

A general during Napoleonic times was sitting in his tent and camp going over maps and battle plans. His aide de camp comes in with urgent news.

"General! I have some important news. The Italians have entered the war, sir!" said the aide.

"Hmm, well then send 10 divisions to the front and defeat them." said the General calmly.

"Um, no sir. You don't understand. They joined the war on our side, sir." said the aide.

"Well, in that case send 20 divisions to bail them out immediately." the General said.

A side note...what the hell happened to them? These people used to be the Roman Republic/Empire. They didn't take crap from anyone. Seems they're more interested in drinking lattes outside or going to a nightclub and doing ecstasy nowadays. There's an interesting part in Tom Clancy's nonfiction book Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces about the Italians and how they acted when the SEALs tried to get the terrorists involved with the Achille Lauro hijacking/murder. Not very flattering to the Italians.
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