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Boots apologises for 'suicide bomber' loyalty card

Andrew Adams said it was "unbelievable" that he had been sent a loyalty card in the name of Dr A Suicide Bomber
High street chain Boots has apologised for sending a man a loyalty card in the name of 'Dr A Suicide Bomber.'
Andrew Adams , 63, of Swansea, said it was "unbelievable" that the company issued him the card.
He said he had not applied for it and did not shop at the store in the city very often.
Boots said it was "very sorry for any upset" and said it had launched a "full and detailed investigation" into how the "appalling hoax" occurred.
Continue reading the main story “Start Quote
I certainly did not want or ask for an Advantage Card - it would not be of any advantage to me”
End Quote Andrew Adams
Father-of-four Mr Adams, a retired lorry driver, said: "I'm not a doctor and I'm certainly not a suicide bomber.
"I could not believe it when it arrived. It's unbelievable it ever got through their system."
Mr Adams said he had telephoned Boots to complain.
"I've got a rather strong character so things like this wash off me but what if it had been sent to some of a nervous disposition or someone elderly?
"I spoke to their head office and they were very apologetic.
"Apparently they have a system on their computer where certain words are flagged up - somebody should have been monitoring to make sure this was not sent.
"I very seldom go there - only if I need a prescription that can't be fulfilled by my local pharmacy.
'Appalling hoax'
"I certainly did not want or ask for an Advantage Card - it would not be of any advantage to me."
Boots said it sincerely apologised for the error.
"We are very sorry for any upset that Mr Adams has experienced and we are liaising directly with him," said a company spokesperson.
"As soon as we were aware of this incident, we immediately triggered a full and detailed investigation into how this appalling hoax was able to occur.
"This has included a comprehensive audit and a review of the systems in place to prevent such behaviours taking place again.
"We have technology in place to prevent offensive terminology and potential fraudulent names being used."
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