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Originally Posted by janetnjohn View Post
Cute-assassin you are a very naughty poster........but very funny!! ;-)
BTW did you know that suicide bombers are promised 72 virgins in paradise? the only problem is no-one told them that it's not 72 each but 72 in total!!!! now that's not very virginal in my opinion! those poor camels!!
Tks mate... u know me, always try to keep things simple.

The 72 virgins in total is news to me.. At a point of time, I was considering converting to Islam for the 72 virgins, but a thought struck me... Why in heaven are there 72 virgins? Couldnt they get laid on planet Earth that they died a virgin... means they must be butt ugly... who cares if they are virgin or not... they arent Monica Bellucci or Gisele Bundchen!
And I also heard many muslim women use their faces & bodies as a form of birth control!!

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