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This proposed Mosque is a slap in the face of every self respecting citizen of New York. In the twisted world of the Cities political society there is a very real fear of 9/11 happening again. Or something every bit as horrible. There is so much fear that this project will ,I believe, not only be built , but will be publisized as the "Great project of Muslim and Christian unity". That , in and of itself being a bare faced lie. There is no such thing.

Not much gets done in New York without the support of the Unions. It's time for the Union Leaders to come forward and tell the Politicians that they can fear the Muslims all they want and approve the building permits , but who is going to bulid it. If they were to say, "Not Us", then it wouldn't get built. The Muslims can scream all they want but we all know who really runs things in the City. The Unions and the Mob.

We shall see what we shall see....EZ
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