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Originally Posted by SpacemanSpiff View Post
Quoted for Truth.

I consider the WTC site to be hallowed, even sacred ground.

What is it about Islam that they need to build mosques on other people's sacred ground ?

Next thing I hear, they will want to build a mosque at Gettysburg. Or the Vatican. Or on the Temple Mount. (Wait--they've done that).
I tell you why. The Koran gives them instructions on where to build a mosque. It's not done randomly. They are built in places they see as places they conquered their enemy. Ground zero was a victory for Islam and therefore they wish to show it by building this mosque. Of course our Muslim president thinks it is delightful they are doing it. Thank God this November he is going to lose his flunky congressional majority and be somewhat neutered till 2012 when we can boot his socialist a** back to Chicago where he belongs with the rest of the thugs!
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