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Originally Posted by New Ron View Post
I dont think SpaceManSpiff was comparing the Japanese with the Muslim Mosque builders, not the Japanese of today anyway. He was giving an metaphorical idea, to make a point of why this mosque is so wrong. That it would be "like" Japanese asking to have a Shinto mosque built on Pearl Harbor, to better explain to folks out there, what makes this mosque so hurtful.

As far as the Japanese destroying their enemies is, well thats another subject all togther, if an enemy is that way because they impose an embargo againt a nation who has been an ally of the Nazis, and is invading other countries and raping their women and children like the Japanese did, reason America put an embargo on them, and caused the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, then the Japanese attack begins to resemble more of a terrorist attack, and besides, the word enemy is used by so many, we cant judge just by that.

Lets give another example, it would be like building a German Cultural Center in Auswitz at the Nazi Death Camps.
Sir, don't we all have our hands dirty, maybe not that much but yeah a little bit. I know this very well that its not easy to play this game by the book, but still we have tried.

The example you gave is better in the context as here we are talking about killing of innocent and unarmed civilians rather than attacking of a military facility.

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