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Arrow Mile Long UFO

I witnessed a craft as we approached Blue Mesa Reservoir west of Gunnison, Colorado on the North side as we drove west on Highway 50. It was moving slowly between mountains silently. It was just approaching dusk and the craft was a gigantic cylinder that was lite by various colored lights I do not recall the colors of now but the craft was so large it spanned almost the complete distance from one mountain peak across the valley from the angle I saw it to the other side of the valley. I estimated it had to be at least a mile long. It was and is the largest craft I have ever witnessed. I watched it for maybe ten minutes before I lost sight of it. My wife and her best friend, she had not seen for several years were in the car but I did not alert them to it as they were deep into conversation and not looking out of the car windows. You may wounder why I did not and there are several reasons. First, my wife is the oldest daughter of an Air Force pilot who once was assigned to take aerial photographs of Unidentified Flying Objects and despite his oaths only confided in his oldest daughter the things he saw; not his wife or anyone else so she grew up knowing about "them' but she never shared it with anyone growing up. As for her friend, well she was the one driving and I didn't know for one how she would react and two I did not want to involve her in something she just might not want to get into and would regret later. Not everyone wants to see something that changes their whole world view forever.

When we got to Montrose, CO our destination I pulled my wife aside and told here the whole story. She in turn later informed her friend who it turned out was eager to see something. Beware what you ask for. My wife's friend called my wife about a month after our visit all excited to tell her the same craft I described had paid a visit to the town of Montrose, CO. She said the perhaps half the town had seen it as it hovered north of town for almost thirty minutes before slowly moving off into the mountains North East of town. She said it caused quite the stir but when I checked the news services there was not a peep which is what I expected.

Below are some of the videos some individuals from Salida, CO. east of Montrose Posted on youtube about the mile long cylinder they say they saw. No one ever believes until it happens to them.

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