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Debate Social & Political Issues Debate Social and political discussion about Israel/Palestinians, the Middle east or world politics.

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Old 09-04-2014, 08:03 AM
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Default A message to all who oppose Israel

Standing in complete solidarity with Israel, a message to all those who oppose her.

Photo credit: (And I recommend you check this link out)

For anyone who supports an enemy of Israel, anyone who has ever at some stage opposed Israel, I have a message for you. For any member of Hamas, any member of Hezbolla, the Iranian Regime, the European Union or the United Nations, for you also, I have a message. To the ISIS militants in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, this message is also for you. This message is for anyone who opposes the Jewish state, and has a disliking for Jews. Anyone that has vowed to destroy the state of Israel, anyone who has even wished negative inflictions upon the state of Israel. If you can't see the correctness in it, you are morally inferior, arrogant, uneducated and brainwashed. You are a blatant supporter of terrorism, and the infliction of war upon civilians.

To the United Nations; Why is it, that despite Israel showing you clear photographic and videographic evidence of Hamas using civilians as human shields, you fail to take action against Hamas? Why is it, that despite Israel showing clear evidence of them going out of their way to reduce civilian casualties, and accuse them of war crimes? Why, with everything that is currently going on in the Middle East, do you only sanction Israel? Why do you not sanction Hamas? Why do you not openly and consitently comdemn the Assad regime? The Iranians, North korea? Why do you allow Islamic Jihadists to take over large swaths of Iraq and Syria without massively comdemning them and those who are affiliated with them? More than 100,000 people have died in the Syria conflict, the Israel-Gaza conflict doesn't even come close to that! While Israel acts to protect its' civilians, Assad uses nerve agents, and very heavy weaponry against his own civilians. Why do you not shift your focus to issues that really need addressing? You, the United Nations, are a useless and hypocritic organisation, and the UNDOF is an outright terrorist organisation. No? Prove me wrong, stop allowing Hamas militants to use your facilities as military outposts.

In Israel's latest war with Hamas, many civilians died, that is true. But the simple fact is, Israel has two choices: They can Target these extremists that constantly threaten Israel's population, even if it means having to inflict civilian casualties, might I add without any intention to do so, and with maximum effort to prevent and avoid it, or they can sit back and allow thousands of rockets to be fired on a monthly, or even weekly basis at their civilians. Let's just emphasize something here; You comdemn Israel for their offencive in Gaza, you condemn Israel for defending themselves, you condemn a state that sets up field hospitals used to treat wounded civilians that bellong to the enemy state, yet you stand in solidarity with an organisation that goes out of its' was to deliberately target civilian populations in Israel, with the intent to kill with impunity simply because they are Jews. You stand, feet firm on the ground, fists tightly clasped in solidarity with an organisation that uses its' own civilians as shields and propaganda tools. What angers me, is the fact that you, the United Nations, with all the evidence presented to you, fail to understand this. In which case you are either an arrogant, immature and illegitimate organisation which supports the use of innocent people as pawns in conflict without realising it, or you do realise it and deserve to be outlawed and declared a terrorist organisation. Let's have a little history lesson shall we?

In 1948, the Jews and the 'Palestinians' were to be a given a state. The Palestinians would recieve some 90% of the land, including Jerusalem. The Jews were to be given the remaining 10% of the land, most of which was already established Jewish communities such as Tel Aviv. The Jewish people needed a place to call home, a place where they could escape the oppression and persecution that had followed them for some two thousand years. The Jews offered to recognise this so called 'Palestinian state', but the Palestinians had other ideas. For the Palestinians, the Jews were being allocated 10% more land than they should. As a result of this, the newly declared Jewish state of Israel was at war from the very moment it was founded, not just at war with the Palestinians, but with Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, the entirety of the Muslim brotherhood, the Arab Liberation army and more. Let me just take the time to say, that it was you, the United Nations, that passed the resolution that would allow the Jews a state in the land they currently reside.

Having been without a home for two thousand years, having been wandering in exile, discriminated against and slaughtered in mass numbers, the Jews decided that this was it, they were going to take a stand. There was going to be no more killing Jews, the Jews had finally returned to the Holy Land that God had promised them, and they were hell-bent on defending it. They still are hell-bent on defending it. The Jewish nation formed an army with unbelievable speed, and managed to repel an attack from virtually every Arab state at the same time. This is the reason many Arab states hate Israel, pure, complete and utter Jealousy at their abilty to perform so well with what was such an undeveloped, undertrained makeshift army. With all of the collective resources of the Arab nations, the many years of political and military experience, hundreds of millions of Muslims were unable to beat a few million Jews.

The greed of the Arabs and Palestinians resulted in Israel controlling virtually all of the land, and yet returned control of a lot of it to the Palestinians. An interesting thing to think about is that most Arab-Israelis prefer to live in Israel than in majority Arab states, Israel is a free, peaceful and democratic nation, which stands up for its' religious and ethnic minorities. Muslims are recieving more freedom and benefits than they would recieve in any Muslim country, in fact, Muslims are recieving more freedom and benefits than virtually any country in the world. It is demanded of Jews in the Torah to welcome foreigners to the land of Israel, and to treat them with respect and equality. Jews do not believe they are superior to other human beings, the idea of being "chosen" by God, is a responsibility, not a privledge. Jews believe that it is their job to put other human beings before themselves, and to contribute collectively to achieve peace and stability, and to act God's will. Jews believe they are chosen as a tool in which God will use to show the world his ways of love and peace. God has not chosen Jews individually, God has chosen them collectively. God has decided that he who is Jewish is chosen to reveal his will, and therefore one converts to Judaism because they feel they must serve God. This is the Jewish belief, this is what (we) stand for. God is an understanding God, if it ever came down to us having followed the wrong religion (if there is even such thing), he will know and see that we try to serve him, even if his covenant was not intended for us, he will see that we have tried to fullfill his will, and that we have tried to serve him. He will see that we have sought repentance, and forgiveness.

Why is it, that despite Israel's contributions to the world; Technological advancements, scientific and historical discoveries, medical breakthroughs, humanitarian aid in times of crisis, you oppose them? Why is it, that the Jews are once again being targeted, and discriminated against? The nations that make up the foundation of the European Union and the United Nations are the very nations that opposed Nazi Germany, the very nations that opposed the slaughtering of six million Jews. Now it seems that had the United Nations existed in the time of the second world war, the collective forces of all of Europe would have unleashed their fury on the innocent Jewish people.

If you're anti-Israeli, I'm going to tell you about the contributions Israel has made to your life; Take a look at the computer you're using right now, is it running windows? Is its' processor made by Intel? Guess what, it's made in Israel. Have you ever used voice mail? Stop, it's an Jewish innovatiton. Do you have medical problems such as asthma, diabetes, or any sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS? It's probably a good idea for you to stop taking them medication you're taking, because it originated in Israel. Israel is a world leader in technology and science, something quite ironic considering they are arguably the most religious country in the world. Most of the things you use (technologically speaking) would likely not exist today if Israel were not here. Did you know that Google was founded by two pro-Israeli Jews? Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg (creator and founder of Facebook) was (and still is, allbeit an athiest) a pro-Israeli Jew?

I'm going to add a lot more to this post sometime later.
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Old 09-05-2014, 02:20 AM
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Default A message to all who oppose Israel (continued)

I want to really stress something here; I want everyoneís focus to be on the real problems that plague the Middle East. Open your eyes and do some research, stop hating on the only democratic and free nation in the Middle East. Letís talk for a moment about Assad and the use of sarin gas on civilians. Do you know how sarin gas kills you? Itís a nerve agent; it shuts down your nerves and renders large parts of your body immobile. The first movement you lose is of course in your lungs, because the gas is breathed in, you canít smell or see the gas either, itís completely invisible. Imagine you are walking in the street, and you, along with all of your friends and family simply drop to the ground, completely unable to breathe. Unable to call for help, unable to do anything. You just look each other in the eye and say nothing in the last minute and a half you have to live. Youíre in extreme pain and your life is literally flashing before your eyes, you are completely voiceless and helpless, all you can do is accept your end.

The current Syrian civil war has seen between 100,000 and 150,000 deaths, the Israel-Gaza conflicts added up donít even come close to that. What about the Ukraine? There hasnít been a lot of condemnation in terms of civilian casualties in the Ukraine, which are also in the thousands. Russiaís threat to Europe should be a much more important issue for the United Nations and European Union to focus on, that and the current rise of ISIL/ISIS/IS, which very seriously threatens freedom and democracy in the West. The world should be siding with Israel, a state that recently outlawed the Islamic State (ISIS) after the beheading of Steven Sotlof, might I add a dual Israeli-American citizen. The European world stands behind the United States, and the United States stands behind Israel. Why does the European world not trust that there is a reason for this?

Why is it, that after 9/11, many countries contributed to the second invasion of Iraq? The answer (the answer we are told that is) is simple, terrorist groups in the region threatened freedom and democracy; they threatened the stability of the West. Israel is a part of the West; Israel is a free, democratic nation that is currently threatened by the rise of ISIS. ISIS is a much bigger threat to the Western world than any terrorist organisation ever was. Now is the time for the world to unite once again and quell the threat of terrorism, this time while standing in solidarity with Israel.

But forget about the Assad regime for now, what about North Korea? The North Korean government keeps itsí population of 24 million in complete poverty, the North Korean government is arguably the biggest propaganda centre in the world, a true war mongering nation. Constantly threatening to destroy the United States, even more so than they now threaten to destroy South Korea. The thing with North Korea is, they really do have a nuclear weapon. Is this why we donít condemn them as much as we condemn peaceful and democratic Israel? Is it because we feel threatened by their nuclear capabilities and their supposed instability? Is it because they have a large fleet of submarines and potentially second strike capabilities? Israel has nuclear second strike capabilities, why are we unafraid of them? Oh wait, thatís right, theyíre not completely nuts and arenít going to blow the world to high hell the first chance they get.

What is up with people and their paranoia about the Samson option anyway? Is that where all this anti-Semitism comes from? Are you afraid the Jews are going to take over the world? Itís not a bid to end the world, itís a bid to end the enemies of Israel with a massive pre-emptive strike or counter retaliation. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that provides a sanctuary for people of all religions, yet they are treated like the scum of the Earth. A quick message to those who oppose Israel; Go and live in Israel, or go and visit for a few weeks. See what itís all about, and see what a moral army the IDF really is. You will come back a different person, I promise you that.

Did you know that many journalists have changed their opinion on organisations such as Hamas once they leave the Palestinian territories and are no longer threatened? When you are watching the news, have you ever heard anything about the hundreds of Israeli trucks that enter Gaza every day to deliver aid to civilians, and to keep the economy afloat? Do you know just how much money Israel gives to Palestinians each year, only to see it wasted on weapons and tunnels used against Israel? I think the Palestinians in this instance need to learn a very valuable lesson, never bite the hand that feeds you.

So many times have Israeli convoys delivering aid to Gaza been attacked (with lethal intentions) by Hamas, so many times has Hamas used the money given to them from Israel to expand their militant operations. Why is it, that the world does not condemn Hamas for executing Palestinians that receive medical aid from Israeli field hospitals? Why is it, that the world does not condemn the brutal execution of innocent civilians without trial? Why does the UN not condemn the clear and evidential use of their very facilities, for the carrying out of terrorist activities?

Some people even claim that it is actually Israel using Palestinians as human shields, if you believe this based on the very little evidence, you are deluded. There are a few videos that try to ďprove thisĒ and they can be found on sites such as Youtube. Some of you may have seen the video where Israeli soldiers have an armoured vehicle parked somewhere in the Palestinian territories, clearly not under fire, clearly an area controlled by the IDF. There are two Palestinian boys standing in front of the armoured vehicle, how are people able to jump to such conclusions that the IDF is using them as human shields? What are they hiding from, they are in clear control of the area and there is no fighting going on! How do you know those teenagers arenít being investigated for suspicious activity? Why on Earth would someone need human shields when they are surrounded by tanks, friendly soldiers, and are themselves IN an armoured Humvee?

There are other videos that attempt to prove Israelís use of human shields, all of them are laughable. There are videos of IDF soldiers ďforcingĒ Palestinians to walk in front of them throughout quiet neighbourhoods, while searching houses and the like. This is regular military procedure; they arenít using them as human shields, they need someone to show them around and guide them, and someone that will be able to ensure no crazy guy is going to jump out of the window and start spraying them with bullets. The IDF will never put a teenager or any innocent civilian in harmís way intentionally, never. In fact, Iím willing to bet that if push came to shove, and they came under fire, they would put their lives before that of the Palestinian civilians. They would protect them.
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