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Old 05-22-2016, 03:06 PM
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Lightbulb Islamic State:

Islamic State:
“Only one way for US to gain victory and that is by taking the Quran out of the hearts of Muslims”

If we didn’t have learned imams such as John Kerry and David Cameron and Pope Francis assuring us otherwise, we might almost get the impression that the Islamic State had something to do with Islam. It’s a good thing we have such erudite leaders who are so helpful in aiding our understanding of the enemy ideology.

“‘There is only one way for the US to gain victory,’ ISIS spokesman warns,” Rudaw (, May 21, 2016:

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A spokesman of the Islamic State (ISIS) said in a defiant audio message that his group would not be defeated, even if it loses its strongholds in Syria and Iraq or its leader is killed in US air strikes.

“Your threats do not frighten us and you will never win over us,” Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, the official spokesman of the terrorist group, said in an audio message posted online Saturday.

The militant, whose real name is Taha Subhi Falaha, said that even if ISIS loses its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa or Mosul in Iraq, that would not amount to defeat, nor would the death of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“The loss of Raqqa, Mosul and the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would not mean that we have lost,” the spokesman said in the 30-minute recording.

He said Western reports about the group growing weaker – as US military officials have recently been saying – are untrue.

“You think defeat is the loss of a city or a land? Were we defeated when several cities of Iraq were taken away from us and we went to the desert? Will we lose if you control Mosul, Raqqa and other cities that were previously controlled by us: Definitely ‘no,’ because defeat is only the loss of the wish and will to fight.”

Naming several top ISIS leaders that have been killed in US airstrikes over the past several months, Adnani said their deaths – or the deaths of other living leaders – would not drive the group to defeat.

“There is only one way for the US to gain victory and that is by taking the Quran out of the hearts of Muslims,” Adnani claimed.
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Old 07-14-2016, 04:22 PM
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Default Islamic State Preparing For Loss of Caliphate, Group Focusing On Jihad Abroad

Islamic State Reportedly Preparing For Loss of Caliphate, Group Focusing On Jihad Abroad

The Islamic State is reportedly desperate and is now preparing its followers for the collapse of the caliphate, due to the dwindling numbers of its jihad fighters in Iraq and Syria, which has been attributed to the U.S.-led coalition and Russian-backed forces. Yet the Islamic State has not lost its so-called vision for other areas of the Middle East, or for overseas.

Of particular concern to the West is that European intelligence officials fear that the Islamic State has already begun a new phase of planning in the West. A French senior security official who wished to remain anonymous stated ( that “they will now expand to other tactics and start executing much more insidious and covert ops, in big cities.”

An Islamic State spokesman said it in September 2014 ( “O America, O allies of America, and O crusaders, know that the matter is more dangerous than you have imagined and greater than you have envisioned….We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted. This is His promise to us; He is glorified and He does not fail in His promise. If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.”

“Inside ISIS: Quietly preparing for the loss of the ‘caliphate’”, by Joby Warrick and Souad Mekhennet, The Washington Post (, June 12, 2016:

Even as it launches waves of terrorist attacks around the globe, the Islamic State is quietly preparing its followers for the eventual collapse of the caliphate it proclaimed with great fanfare two years ago.

In public messages and in recent actions in Syria, the group’s leaders are acknowledging the terrorist organization’s declining fortunes on the battlefield while bracing for the possibility that its remaining strongholds could fall.

At the same time, the group is vowing to press on with its recent campaign of violence, even if the terrorists themselves are driven underground. U.S. counterterrorism experts believe the mass*casualty attacks in Istanbul and Baghdad ( in the past month were largely a response to military reversals in Iraq and Syria.

Such terrorist acts are likely to continue and even intensify, at least initially, analysts say, as the group evolves from a quasi-state with territorial holdings to a shadowy and diffuse network with branches and cells on at least three continents.

Indeed, while the loss of a physical sanctuary would constitute a major blow to the Islamic State — severely limiting, for example, its ability to raise money, train recruits or plan complex terrorist operations — the group’s highly decentralized nature ensures that it will remain dangerous for some time to come, according to current and former U.S. officials and terrorism experts.

“Where al-Qaeda was hierarchical and somewhat controlled, these guys are not. They have all the energy and unpredictability of a populist movement,” said Michael Hayden, the retired Air Force general who headed the CIA from 2006 to 2009.

Islamic State officials, in public statements and in interviews, insist that the group’s “caliphate” project remains viable while also acknowledging that military setbacks have forced a change in strategy.

“While we see our core structure in Iraq and Syria under attack, we have been able to expand and have shifted some of our command, media and wealth structure to different countries,” a longtime Islamic State operative, speaking through an Internet-based audio service, said in an interview.

“We do have, every day, people reaching out and telling us they want to come to the caliphate,” said the operative, who agreed to speak to a Western journalist on the condition that his name and physical location not be revealed. “But we tell them to stay in their countries and rather wait to do something there.”

But signs of desperation are mounting weekly inside the caliphate, which shrank by another 12 percent in the first six months of 2016, according to a report last week by IHS Inc., an analysis and consulting firm.

A series of communiques issued in the Islamic State’s Syrian enclave last month closed down Internet cafes in one province and ordered the destruction of TVs and satellite dishes in another.

The orders, billed as an effort to eliminate a tool for “disseminating infidel beliefs,” effectively cut off access to news from the outside world.

‘Without any city or land’

More signals of a coming downfall are contained in statements issued by Islamic State officials over the past six weeks, a period that saw the group’s fighters retreating across multiple fronts, from Fallujah in central Iraq to the Syrian-Turkish border.

A remarkable editorial last month in al-Naba, the Islamic State’s weekly Arabic newsletter, offered a gloomy assessment of the caliphate’s prospects, acknowledging the possibility that all its territorial holdings could ultimately be lost. Just two years ago, jihadist leaders heralded the start of a glorious new epoch in the world’s history with the establishment of their Islamic “caliphate,” which at the time encompassed most of eastern Syria and a vast swath of northern and western Iraq, a combined territory roughly the size of Great Britain.

The editorial, titled, “The Crusaders’ Illusions in the Age of the Caliphate,” sought to rally the group’s followers by insisting that the Islamic State would continue to survive, even if all its cities fell to the advancing “crusaders” — the separate Western- and Russian-backed forces arrayed against them.

“The crusaders and their apostate clients are under the illusion that . . . they will be able to eliminate all of the Islamic State’s provinces at once, such that it will be completely wiped out and no trace of it will be left,” the article states. In reality, the group’s foes “will not be able to eliminate it by destroying one of its cities or besieging another of them, or by killing a soldier, an emir or an imam,” it says.

The editorial asserts that the “whole world* . . . has changed” with the creation of a theocratic enclave that has “shown all of mankind what the true Islamic state is like.”

“If they want to achieve true victory — they will not, God willing — they will have to wait a long time: until an entire generation of Muslims that was witness to the establishment of the Islamic State and the return of the caliphate . . . is wiped out.”

The same themes were repeated in an otherwise upbeat sermon by the Islamic State’s official spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, marking the start of Ramadan observances. Adnani’s missive attracted international attention because of its call for a global terrorism campaign during the Muslim holy month. But Adnani also appeared to be preparing his followers for heavy losses….
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Old 08-03-2016, 08:22 PM
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Exclamation Islamic State has “fully operational branches” in 18 countries

Islamic State has “fully operational branches” in 18 countries

AUGUST 3, 2016

According to a leaked document, the Islamic State has “fully operational branches” in 18 countries, representing a tripling in the expansion of areas the jihadi group is now operating in around the world.

Not long ago, it was reported that the Islamic State was quietly preparing for the loss of the caliphate, due to the dwindling numbers of its jihad fighters in Iraq and Syria, which was attributed to the U.S.-led coalition and Russian-backed forces. Intelligence officials warned that this loss was already making the Islamic State desperate, so the jihad group was compensating for the loss via a new phase of jihad planning in the West, including more insidious and covert operations.

The Islamic State issues repeated calls for lone wolf attacks; it has foreign fighters in the tens of thousands; it has promised to infiltrate the refugee stream; and in today’s news, it was announced that 36-year-old Nicholas Young, a Metro Transit police officer in DC, was arrested at his workplace, Metropolitan Police Headquarters in Washington, and charged with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State, marking the first time a U.S. law enforcement officer has been accused of trying to aid the Islamic State.

Still, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their liberal cronies — at home and abroad — a group that sadly includes the Pope, refuse to publicly acknowledge that the West is at war with Islamic jihadists. Yet this is a religious war that could ultimately be a terminal threat to public safety and freedoms.

“Terrorism ‘heat map’ shows Isis network spreading across the world”, by Samuel Osborne, UK Independent (, August 3, 2016:

Isis has “fully operational branches” in 18 countries, a leaked briefing document received by the White House has revealed.

The briefing map suggests a three-fold increase in the number of areas the terror group are operating in around the globe.

Previous US State Department documents from 2014 stated Isis were only active in seven nations…..

….It identifies the Isis “core” states of Syria and Iraq along with nations where it has “official branches”, including Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, the Sinai Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Caucasus area to the south of Russia.

The map also shows “aspiring branches” in Mali, Egypt, Somalia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Isis has used pledges of allegiance by existing terrorist and insurgent group to establish franchises around the world.

The terror group has also encouraged lone wolf attacks throughout Europe.

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Old 08-04-2016, 05:06 PM
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Exclamation Robert Spencer on ISIS: A struggle of life vs. death

Robert Spencer on ISIS: A struggle of life vs. death

Old 08-08-2016, 04:42 PM
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Exclamation Obama On ISIS

Obama On ISIS

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Old 08-14-2016, 04:44 PM
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Exclamation ISIS - "Islamic" Extremism? | Full Documentary - HD

ISIS - "Islamic" Extremism? | Full Documentary - HD

Know Your Enemy - Paparock

Old 08-18-2016, 01:30 PM
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Exclamation Obama Releases His New Strategy on ISIS

Obama Releases His New Strategy on ISIS

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Old 08-18-2016, 11:26 PM
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Exclamation Iran Funds Our Activity

August 11, 2016
Special Dispatch No.6568

Officials In Lebanese, Gazan Terror Organizations Confirm: Iran Funds Our Activity

Arab media have recently published statements by officials in the Lebanese Hizbullah and the Gazan Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations, and by their supporters, confirming what has long been known – namely that these Lebanese and Gazan terror organizations receive substantial financial and military assistance from Iran. These statements join many reports, especially in the anti-Iranian media, regarding Iran's funding of various terrorist organizations across the Arab world. According to these reports, the assistance comes mainly from the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

The following are some examples of these statements and reports from the last two months:

Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah: Hizbullah's Entire Budget Is Provided By Iran

In a speech he delivered on June 24, 2016, marking 40 days after the killing of Mustafa Badr Al-Din, who was considered to be Hizbullah's chief operations officer, and following the imposition of U.S. sanctions on Hizbullah that threaten its financial infrastructure and income, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah clarified: "Hizbullah's budget – its salaries and expenditures, [the money that pays for] its food and drink, weapons and missiles – [all come from] Iran. Is that clear?... As long as Iran has money we have money. Do you require greater transparency than that[?] The funds earmarked for us do not reach us through the banks. We receive them the same way we receive our missiles, with which we threaten Israel."[1]

Hamas Official Abu Marzouq: Iran's Assistance To Hamas Is "Not Comparable" To Any Other Assistance

The deputy head of Hamas's political bureau, Moussa Abu Marzouq, tweeted on June 15, 2016: "The aid extended by Iran to the Palestinian resistance, in provisions, training and funds, is not comparable [to any other aid], and most other countries cannot match it."[2]

Abu Marzouq's tweet

Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab: Iran Has Funded Resistance In Palestine

On June 25, 2016, in response to a remark by former Lebanese prime minister Sa'd Al-Hariri that Iran funds fitna (internecine strife) in the Arab world,[3] former Lebanese minister Wiam Wahhab, a known supporter of Hizbullah and the resistance axis, tweeted: "O Sheikh Sa'd [Al-Hariri], Iran has funded resistance in Palestine to restore Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and the Church of the Sepulcher [to Palestinian hands, whereas] Saudi Arabia paid to destroy Syria, Iraq and Yemen." In another tweet he wrote: " O Sheikh Sa'd, Iran funded resistance in the Arab homeland rather than fitna, [whereas] your kingdom [Saudi Arabia, who supports Al-Hariri and his faction in Lebanon,] sponsors and funds terrorism. The funds of all the terrorist [organizations] in the world are Wahhabi [i.e., Saudi] funds."[4]

Wiam Wahhab's tweets

Saudi Daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Hizbullah's Weapons Come Directly From IRGC; Iran Has Renewed Regular Aid To Islamic Jihad Organization

The anti-Iranian press, such as the London-based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, also reported on Iran's funding of terrorist organizations in Lebanon and Gaza. On June 29, 2016, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat confirmed Nasrallah's statements regarding the Iranian funding. The report stated that Hizbullah's funds came from the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei while its weapons are provided by the IRGC. It quoted the director of the Umam Research and Documentation center in Lebanon, Luqman Salim, a Shi'ite known for his opposition to Hizbullah, as saying that between 70% and 80% of Hizbullah's funds come from Iran. According to Salim, Iran also invests about $400 million of the IRGC's budget in the Islamic Radio and Television Union, a group of stations which includes the Iranian Al-Alam but also Hizbullah's Al-Manar and Al-Mayadin and the Hamas-affiliated Al-Quds (all of which broadcast from Lebanon) and Hamas's Al-Aqsa station, which broadcasts from Gaza.

The daily also cited a "knowledgeable source" as saying that until 2005 Iran transferred to Hizbullah between $200 million and $250 million annually, but since then the allocation has increased: After the 2006 Lebanon War it rose to $850 million, and since Hizbullah entered the Syria war its budget has become unlimited, because it has become part of Tehran's war effort there.[5]

On May 25, 2016, the daily reported, citing sources close to the Islamic Jihad organization in Gaza, that Iran had renewed its regular financial aid to the organization after the two sides agreed to renew their mutual relations.[6] According to these sources, an Islamic Jihad delegation headed by the organization's secretary-general Ramadan Shalah visited Iran in April 2016, and during this visit Tehran renewed its sponsorship of the organization after the latter accepted its terms. In meetings held by the delegation during this visit, including with IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari and Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani, Iran clarified its vision of Islamic Jihad's course in the coming years. The sources claimed further that Soleimani decided, in coordination with the organization's military and political bureaus, to grant $70 million a year out of the IRGC budget to Islamic Jihad's military wing, Saraya Al-Quds, and to reorganize this body and appoint Khaled Mansour, who is close to Tehran, as its commander.[7]


[1], June 24, 2016.
[2], June 15, 2016.
[3] Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), June 26, 2016; Al-Hariri's remark was a response to Nasrallah's statement one day earlier that Hizbullah's entire budget comes from Iran.
[4], June 25, 2016.
[5] Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (Lebanon), June 29, 2016.
[6] Reports in the Arab media in the passing year indicated that Iran had suspended its assistance to Islamic Jihad following disagreements between them on the crisis in Yemen. According to these reports, the Islamic Jihad refused Iran's demand to declare its opposition to the Arab Coalition's activities in Yemen. See for example, May 26, 2016,, April 3, 2016.
[7] Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (London), May 25, 2016.
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Old 08-19-2016, 03:25 PM
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Exclamation ISIS Exposes the True Reason Why It Hates the West

ISIS Exposes the True Reason Why It Hates the West
Now we can put to bed all the talk from liberals about "grievances."
By Raymond Ibrahim

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Old 08-23-2016, 01:37 AM
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Exclamation ISIS Unleashes Suicide Cubs Of Caliphate

ISIS Unleashes Suicide Cubs Of Caliphate
By Lauren Said-Moorhouse, CNN

(CNN) Dramatic video has emerged of Iraqi police stripping an explosive belt from a child suspected in a suicide bombing attempt for ISIS.

The footage appears to show security personnel restrain a visibly upset boy while they carefully cut the belt from the youth's torso in Kirkuk. Once the belt has been removed, the boy is scooped up and taken away.

Kurdistan 24, a broadcast news station based out of Irbil, Iraq, aired Sunday's capture.

Authorities said they believe the 15-year-old came to Kirkuk a week ago from Mosul, ISIS' most significant stronghold outside Syria.

"He was captured before he reached his destination, which was a Shia mosque," Najmaldin Karim, the governor of Kirkuk Governorate, told CNN. "The security guards noticed there was something wrong, especially that there was another suicide attack a bit earlier, and they captured him."

Karim said the terrorist organization "trained and brainwashed" the boy. "They tell them if they do this, they will go to heaven and have a good time and get everything that they ever wanted," he said.

The arrest in Kirkuk comes a day after a child bomber is believed to have targeted a Kurdish wedding in Turkey, killing at least 54 people. More than 20 of the victims were children ( under 14, a Turkish official said Monday.

'Cubs of the caliphate'
ISIS has a history of exploiting children through propaganda (, but more recently it has used them as weapons on the front lines and to target civilians.

The terrorist group maintains an army of child soldiers -- stolen from their families and indoctrinated to their cause. These so-called cubs of the caliphate are inducted into ISIS' campaign of violence through a myriad of grim training practices, with children as young as 8 reconditioned ( to follow the terror group's ideology, according to UN reports.

"We have had reports of children, especially children that are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding what has happened or what they have to expect," Renate Winter, an expert with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, told CNN in 2015 (

The group is believed to use threats, intimidation and an unrelenting endurance training ( to break down the children. In some instances, young boys are forced to witness ISIS militants shoot fellow recruits if they stop participating in drills.

ISIS putting price tags on children, selling them as slaves, UN says -

ISIS' deadly recruiting campaign
The jihadi movement is also believed to have seized schools to re-educate and radicalize children ( to follow the group's extreme interpretation of Islam.

Human Rights Watch has said that ISIS and other extremist groups "have specifically recruited children through free schooling campaigns that include weapons training and have given them dangerous tasks, including suicide bombing missions."

These terror tactics involving children have remained a top concern among lawmakers and human rights organizations. The first open source database documenting ISIS child propaganda ( was launched this year after 13 months of study.

Researchers estimated around 1,500 child soldiers are training and fighting in the terror group's ranks.

"They are not just being used to shock people in execution videos. They are being used for their operational value as well," Charlie Winter, the study's co-author, told CNN in February. "This is something that sadly we have to expect to increase and accelerate as the situation becomes more precarious for ISIS in the years to come."

ISIS is not the only terror group known to use child soldiers. Reports have emerged of children exploited by Boko Haram ( in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in Somalia (

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Old 09-29-2016, 02:51 PM
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Exclamation ISIS prepares for FINAL BATTLE:

ISIS prepares for FINAL BATTLE:
US troops 3 MILES from site of ancient APOCALYPSE prophecy

Turkish troops backed by American commandos are just three miles from Dabiq

US SPECIAL forces are encircling a jihadi stronghold in Syria claimed by ISIS to be in old Islamic prophecy as the site of the final battle - triggering the apocalypse.

According to the extremists' twisted ideology, Dabiq - a tiny town in northern Syria - will see a "major apocalyptic showdown with the armies of the infidel" that will result in the collapse of civilisation.

And Turkish troops backed by American commandos are understood to be just three miles from the town.

ISIS claim the battle will erupt in a field outside the small town, which in 2004 recorded a population of just 3,000 people.

ISIS even named its terrorist propaganda and recruitment magazine after the settlement, which lies around six miles from the Turkish border.

Jihadists believe the Prophet Mohammed remarked that "the last hour will not come" until an army vanquishes the Romans at "Dabiq or Al-A'maq".

One of the founders of ISIS, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is quoted in the vile group's propaganda magazine as saying: "The spark has been lit here in Iraq, and its heat will continue to intensify - by Allah's permission - until it burns the crusader armies in Dābiq."

Reports in recent days that Turkish artillery fire has hit the town, in the northern countryside of Aleppo, suggest that battle may now have begun.

Amaq - the terror network's own 'news agency' - claimed a man died in the strike last Friday.

ISIS has vowed to revert to an early form of Islam and their prediction of a battle at Dabiq fits this narrative.

ISIS supporters believe the final battle could be coming sooner rather than later.

According to their theory, "nations gathering under 80 flags will confront the Muslim armies".

For many jihadists, the alliance of Western and other powers against ISIS in bombing raids over Iraq and Syria is seen as the fulfilment of that prophecy.

The Prophet Mohammed is said to have declared 1,400 years ago: "The last hour will not come until the Romans arrived in al-A'maq or Dabiq, and an army consisting of the best people on earth in those days will hasten them from Medina."

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - one of the ISIS founders

ISIS supporters believe the final battle could be coming sooner rather than later

According to the prophecy, one third of the Islamist fighters will flee the town while another third will be killed.

But the group believes the remaining third will survive the battle and triumph against the Western forces.

This warped ideology contrasts with the group's humiliating daily defeat on the battlefield.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon - who has just returned from Iraq - said there was "no doubt" that ISIS was now "facing defeat".

The extremists have lost vast swathes of territory in both Iraq and Syria, including strategic towns close to Dabiq that have allowed weapons and fighters to be smuggled in from Turkey.

View video and picture slideshow here>
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Lightbulb The Islamic Caliphate Leader Speaks The Truth

The Islamic Caliphate Leader Speaks The Truth

The World Tries To Deny The Truth

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
أبو بكر البغدادي

Leader of ISIL

Born Ibrahim Awwadty Ibrahim Ali Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai
28 July 1971 (age 45)
Near Samarra, Iraq
Nationality Iraqi
Religion Sunni Islam

Jamaat Jaysh Ahl al-Sunnah wa-l-Jamaah

Mujahideen Shura Council (January 2006 – October 2006)
Islamic State of Iraq (October 2006 – April 2013)
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
(April 2013–present)

Declaration of a caliphate

On 29 June 2014, ISIL announced the establishment of a worldwide caliphate. Al-Baghdadi was named its caliph, to be known as "Caliph Ibrahim", and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was renamed the Islamic State (IS). There has been much debate, especially across the Muslim world, about the legitimacy of these moves.

The declaration of a caliphate has been heavily criticized by Middle Eastern governments, other jihadist groups, and Sunni Muslim theologians and historians. Qatar-based TV broadcaster and theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi stated: "[The] declaration issued by the Islamic State is void under sharia and has dangerous consequences for the Sunnis in Iraq and for the revolt in Syria," adding that the title of caliph can "only be given by the entire Muslim nation", not by a single group.

As a caliph, al-Baghdadi is required to hold to each dictate of the sunnah, whose precedence is set and recorded in the sahih hadiths. According to tradition, if a caliph fails to meet any of these obligations at any period, he is legally required to abdicate his position and the community has to appoint a new caliph, theoretically selected from throughout the caliphdom as being the most religiously and spiritually pious individual among them. Due to the widespread rejection of his caliphhood, al-Baghdadi's status as caliph has been compared to that of other caliphs whose caliphship has been questioned.

In an audio-taped message, al-Baghdadi announced that ISIL would march on "Rome" – generally interpreted to mean the West – in its quest to establish an Islamic State from the Middle East across Europe. He said that he would conquer both Rome and Spain in this endeavor and urged Muslims across the world to immigrate to the new Islamic State.

On 5 July 2014, a video was released apparently showing al-Baghdadi making a speech at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, northern Iraq. A representative of the Iraqi government denied that the video was of al-Baghdadi, calling it a "farce". However, both the BBC and the Associated Press quoted unnamed Iraqi officials as saying that the man in the video was believed to be al-Baghdadi. In the video, al-Baghdadi declared himself the world leader of Muslims and called on Muslims everywhere to support him.

On 8 July 2014, ISIL launched its online magazine Dabiq. The title appears to have been selected for its eschatological connections with the Islamic version of the End times, or Malahim.

According to a report in October 2014, after suffering serious injuries, al-Baghdadi fled ISIL's capital city Ar-Raqqah due to the intense bombing campaign launched by Coalition forces, and sought refuge in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the largest city under ISIL control.

On 5 November 2014, al-Baghdadi sent a message to al-Qaeda Emir Ayman al-Zawahiri requesting him to swear allegiance to him as caliph, in return for a position in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The source of this information was a senior Taliban intelligence officer. Al-Zawahiri did not reply, and instead reassured the Taliban of his loyalty to Mullah Omar.

On 13 November 2014, ISIL released an audio-taped message, claiming it to be in the voice of al-Baghdadi. In the 17-minute recording, released via social media, the speaker said that ISIL fighters would never cease fighting "even if only one soldier remains". The speaker urged supporters of the Islamic State to "erupt volcanoes of jihad" across the world. He called for attacks to be mounted in Saudi Arabia – describing Saudi leaders as "the head of the snake" and said that the US-led military campaign in Syria and Iraq was failing. He also said that ISIL would keep on marching and would "break the borders" of Jordan and Lebanon and "free Palestine".[74] Al-Baghdadi also claimed in 2014 that Islamic jihadists would never hesitate to eliminate Israel just because it has the United States support.

On 20 January 2015, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that al-Baghdadi had been wounded in an airstrike in Al-Qa'im, an Iraqi border town held by ISIL, and as a result, withdrew to Syria.

On 8 February 2015, after Jordan had conducted 56 airstrikes, which had reportedly killed 7,000 ISIL militants from 5–7 February, Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi was said to have fled from Ar-Raqqah to Mosul, out of fear for his life. However, after a Peshmerga source informed the US-led Coalition that al-Baghdadi was in Mosul, Coalition warplanes continuously bombed the locations where ISIL leaders were known to meet for 2 hours.

On 14 August 2015, it was reported that he allegedly claimed, as his wife, American hostage Kayla Mueller and raped her repeatedly. Mueller was later alleged to have been killed in an airstrike by anti-ISIL forces in February 2015. However, other reports cite that Mueller was murdered by ISIL.


Al-Baghdadi (born Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai, in Arabic إبراهيم عواد إبراهيم علي محمد البدري السامرائي) is believed to have been born near Samarra, Iraq, in 1971. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, contemporaries of al-Baghdadi describe him in his youth as being shy, unimpressive, a religious scholar, and a man who eschewed violence. For more than a decade, until 2004, he lived in a room attached to a small local mosque in Tobchi, a poor neighbourhood on the western fringes of Baghdad, inhabited by both Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Ahmed al-Dabash, the leader of the Islamic Army of Iraq and a contemporary of al-Baghdadi who fought against the allied invasion in 2003, gave a description of al-Baghdadi that matched that of the Tobchi residents:

I was with Baghdadi at the Islamic University. We studied the same course, but he wasn't a friend. He was quiet, and retiring. He spent time alone ... I used to know all the leaders (of the insurgency) personally. Zarqawi (the former leader of al-Qaeda) was closer than a brother to me ... But I didn't know Baghdadi. He was insignificant. He used to lead prayer in a mosque near my area. No one really noticed him.

In 2014, American and Iraqi intelligence analysts said that al-Baghdadi has a doctorate for Islamic studies in Quranic studies, from Saddam University in Baghdad. According to a biography that circulated on jihadist internet forums in July 2013, he obtained a BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad. Another report says that he earned a doctorate in education from the University of Baghdad.

"They [the US and Iraqi Governments] know physically who this guy is, but his backstory is just myth," said Patrick Skinner of the Soufan Group, a security consulting firm. "He's managed this secret persona extremely well, and it's enhanced his group's prestige," said Patrick Johnston of the RAND Corporation, adding, "Young people are really attracted to that." He is so unrecognized even in his own organization Baghdadi is nicknamed "the invisible sheikh".


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Exclamation Irish Catholic converts to Islam, blows himself up

Irish Catholic converts to Islam, blows himself up

“I’d been inside for four weeks and was at my lowest point when I was given the Koran in English. Someone explained it to me. And then it was very quick. I saw that God was the creator, the provider, the commander, and the legislator for mankind. It was all suddenly very clear. I felt freer than I had ever been, even though I was in prison.”

Not that this has anything to do with Islam.

Abu Osama Irelandi is yet another convert to Islam who somehow got the idea that his new religion requires him to commit treason and mass murder. Authorities remain resolutely uninterested in this phenomenon, however.

“Irish jihadist ‘Khalid Kelly’ blows himself up in Isil suicide bombing near Mosul,” by Raf Sanchez, Telegraph (, November 5, 2016

A high-profile Irish Islamist who was once arrested for threatening to kill President Barack Obama during a trip to Dublin has blown himself up in a suicide attack for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) outside Mosul, according to the jihadist group.

Terence Kelly, a Dubliner known as “Taliban Terry” or “Khalid Kelly”, was killed after he drove an armoured truck laden with explosives at an Iraqi militia group on Friday, Isil said in a statement.

The jihadist group released a picture of the bearded Kelly, who was in his late 40s, standing in front of a vehicle and clutching a Kalashnikov rifle. It referred to him by the nom de guerre Abu Osama Irelandi.

“Brother martyr Abu Osama Irelandi, may Allah accept his soul, attacked a group of animals from the Hashd [Shia militia] in the village of Ghzayel Al-Kabir,” the statement said.

Another picture purported to show the moment Kelly’s vehicle exploded in the village west of Mosul, Isil’s last stronghold inside Iraq.

Kelly’s death brings a violent end to the Irish nurse’s long and troubled journey through radical Islam.

He was born in Dublin and raised Catholic but took a job in a Saudi Arabian hospital in the 1990s, where he was arrested for illegally making alcohol in his flat. While serving out his sentence in a Saudi prison, he converted to Islam.

“I’d been inside for four weeks and was at my lowest point when I was given the Koran in English,” he told the Independent in 2004.

“Someone explained it to me. And then it was very quick. I saw that God was the creator, the provider, the commander, and the legislator for mankind. It was all suddenly very clear. I felt freer than I had ever been, even though I was in prison.”

He was eventually released and came to Britain, where he became a high-profile Islamist who called for attacks on the UK and became close with Anjem Choudary, the agitator who was jailed earlier this year for supporting Isil.

He was also a member of Al-Muhajiroun, a British-based Salafist group that was banned in 2005 shortly after the July bombings.

Kelly appeared regularly on British and Irish television and in 2011 was arrested for appearing to threaten the US president ahead of a visit to Dublin. He was released without charge.

He later began to speak out in support of Isil and defended the jihadist group’s policy of beheading aid workers and journalists….
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Default Crucifixions and vice patrols show Islamic State maintains Mosul grip

Crucifixions And Vice Patrols Show Islamic State Maintains Mosul grip

Islamic State militants fighting to hold on to their Mosul stronghold have killed at least 20 people in the last two days for passing information to "the enemy" and are back on the city streets policing the length of men's beards, residents say.

Five crucified bodies were put on display at a road junction on Tuesday, a clear message to the city's remaining 1.5 million residents that the ultra-hardline Islamists are still in charge, despite losing territory to the east of the city.

Others were seen hanging from electricity poles and traffic signals around the city, residents said on Wednesday.

They are now battling a 100,000-strong coalition including Iraqi troops, security forces, Kurdish peshmerga and mainly Shi'ite paramilitary groups, which has almost surrounded the city and has broken into eastern neighborhoods.

Residents contacted by telephone said many parts of the city were calmer than they had been for days, allowing people to venture out to seek food, even in areas which have seen heavy fighting over the last week.

"I went out in my car for the first time since the start of the clashes in the eastern districts," said one Mosul resident. "I saw some of the Hisba elements of Daesh (Islamic State) checking people's beards and clothes and looking for smokers".

Islamic State's Hisba force is a morality police unit which imposes the Sunni jihadists' interpretation of Islamic behavior. It forbids smoking, says women should be veiled and wear gloves, and bans men from Western-style dress including jeans and logos.

Hisba units patrol the city in specially marked vehicles.

"It looks like they want to prove their presence after they disappeared for the last 10 days, especially on the eastern bank," the resident said.

Mosul is divided into two halves by the Tigris river running through its center. The eastern half, where elite Iraqi troops have broken through Islamic State defenses, has a more mixed population than the western, overwhelmingly Sunni Arab side, where Islamic State fighters are believed to be strongest.


The militants are putting up a fierce defense after their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, told them in a speech last week to remain loyal to their commanders and not to retreat in the "total war" with their enemies.

Iraqi military officials say they have sources inside the city, helping them identify Islamic State positions for targeting by the U.S.-led air coalition supporting the campaign, which is also backed by U.S. troops on the ground.

The gruesome public display of the bodies appeared to be a warning against other potential informers.

"I saw five corpses of young men which had been crucified at a road junction in east Mosul," not far from districts which had seen heavy fighting, said another resident.

"The Daesh people hung the bodies out and said that these were agents passing news to the infidel forces and apostates," he said, referring to the Western allies backing the campaign and the Shi'ite-led government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad.

In another sign of a clampdown on contact with the outside world, one retired policeman said Islamic State officials were trying to inspect SIM cards to check on all communications.

"I went to get my pension as usual, but the man at the office refused to give it to me unless I handed over my SIM card," said the 65-year-old man, who gave his name as Abu Ali.

"These are the instructions from Daesh," Abu Ali quoted the man at the office as telling him.

Many residents close to the fighting have said the scale of the clashes has been terrifying, with the sound of gunfire, mortar bombardments and air strikes echoing through the streets.

In the Zuhour district, still controlled by Islamic State on Mosul's eastern bank, witnesses said that cars carrying mortars roamed the streets on Tuesday, but were not seen being fired - unlike in the previous two days.

The relative quiet may reflect a reduction in fighting since Iraq's special forces first broke into eastern Mosul a week ago. They faced fierce resistance and have not sought to make any major advance since then.

One witness said traffic had almost returned to normal in most parts of eastern Mosul and markets were operating, albeit not as busily as before the start of military operations.

(Writing by Dominic Evans; Editing by Gareth Jones)

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Exclamation A Message to ISIS

A Message to ISIS

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Exclamation French Priest Reveals ISIS Child Jihadist Training

French Priest Reveals ISIS Child Jihadist Training
French Catholic priest shows world what Israel already knew: terror groups train children to be violent.

The Islamic State group may be teetering on the brink of collapse but the jihadists are creating an entire new generation of would-be terrorists, according to a book written by a French Catholic priest
describing the daily lives of three young boys.

The Yazidi children - forced into training camps by ISIS - spend their days studying the Koran and learning to fire automatic weapons and even have their own custom-made bomb belts.

"The Daesh (another term for ISIS) training camps are machines that crush children until they forget where they come from" and "feel close to their torturers, ready to fight for them with their lives", said Patrick Desbois, who collected the testimonies of the children.

In his book, "The Making of Terrorists", published in French, Desbois describes the ultra-violent daily lives of the three young boys, Jotiar, aged nine, Schvan, 14, and Diar, 15.

"They have to get up early, study the Koran and then they're trained in pain resistance and a specialization," Desbois told AFP.

Those specializations include using a Kalashnikov, sniper fire, laying bombs and becoming a suicide bomber.

The children "all have an explosive belt adapted to their size, a Kalashnikov and grenades", he added.

Diar told him: "We didn't feel anything. We felt we were Daesh."

Some of the children even witnessed or, worse still, took part in executions.

In school, even core subjects have been given a jihadist flavour.

"In the mathematics class, they would learn what is a bullet plus a bullet, or a rocket plus a rocket," Salem Abdel Mohsen, a father who did not send his children to school under ISIS in the small Iraqi village of Jaraf, said recently.

But it is the return to Europe of a mini-army of radicalised and desensitised children that is perhaps most feared by security services.

As ISIS continues to lose ground in Iraq and Syria, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said earlier this month that returning jihadists must be the "main worry" in terms of security for the next "five to 10 years".

Belgian federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw told AFP that European countries needed to be trained in how to deal with children "educated in violence".

"We already have people making contact with embassies in order to return - mainly women and children," said Van Leeuw.

Many of these children have been born in ISIS territory.

According to British counter-terrorism think tank, Quilliam Foundation, ISIS believes the next generation of fighters will be "better and more lethal" than themselves as "rather than being converted into radical ideologies" those children have been "indoctrinated" from birth.

Quilliam believes there are around 31,000 pregnant women in ISIS held territory.

French public prosecutor Francois Molins said the worry was that IS trained children would be "ticking time bombs" upon their return.

"For the last few months, ISIS has stepped up its efforts to recruit child soldiers by publishing videos on the internet showing very young fighters," added Molins in a recent statement.

By showing their "cubs of the caliphate", the jihadist organisation is trying to demonstrate its ability to "train, religiously as much as militarily, the offspring" of its members to "show western countries" the "longevity" of the threat facing them.

A video in July 2015 in which 25 adolescents executed prisoners in Palmyra was an example of this type of propaganda.

Amongst the hundreds of children trained in IS camps are the younger brother of one of the coordinators of the 2015 Paris attacks and a 12-year-old nephew of Mohamed Merah, who murdered seven people in southwestern France in 2012 in a spate of jihadists attacks.

Merah's nephew can be seen showing no emotion as he executes a hostage.

As a Europol report from July warned, "ISIS propaganda suggests that minors are being trained to become the next generation of fighters" that are "desensitized to, and participating in, violence."
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Exclamation ISIS Tortures Then Crucifies Christian Man, Tells Him:

ISIS Tortures Then Crucifies Christian Man, Tells Him:
'If You Love Jesus, You Will Die Like Jesus'

A survivor of the Islamic State (ISIS) rampage in Iraq has provided a fresh account of a Christian man's horrific crucifixion by the Islamist extremists.

The survivor identified only as Esam told the persecution watchdog World Watch Monitor ( that ISIS militants brutally crucified his brother-in-law "like Jesus" and forced his wife and children to watch.

"My wife's brother was crucified by Daesh," Esam said, using another name for ISIS. "He was crucified and tortured in front of his wife and children, who were forced to watch. They told him that if he loved Jesus that much, he would die like Jesus."

Esam said the militants tortured his brother-in-law for five hours—6 p.m. up to 11 p.m. They then crucified him, cut his stomach open and shot him, he added.

Last year, the Virginia-based Christian Aid Mission ( reported that ISIS heinously tortured and killed a 12-year-old boy, along with 11 local Christian missionaries, after they refused to leave their homeland or renounce Christ, the Gospel Herald ( reported.

"All were badly brutalized and then crucified," an indigenous ministry leader told the outlet. "They were left on their crosses for two days. No one was allowed to remove them."

Esam said two other members of his wife's family, a Christian couple, were also abducted by ISIS. To this day, the husband has not been heard of since and the wife "now lives with one of the Daesh amirs," he said.

The survivor also revealed that Christian girls from his hometown were taken as sex slaves by the ISIS militants. "We heard of 12 Christian girls who are with Daesh," he said. "They may be more. Our bishop told people not to tell if they lose their girls" because "it is a shame on the family."

ISIS militants have been killing and brutalising Christians and other minorities since 2014 when they managed to grab territories belonging to Iraq and Syria. This has decimated the Christian population in the conquered areas. For instance, a decade ago, 35,000 Christians lived in Mosul. Now, only 20 or 30 remain, according to the Gospel Herald.

Esam said some of the damages done by ISIS have already been reversed and that some of his friends who escaped Mosul in 2014 after being forcibly converted to Islam have been "baptised back to Christianity."

Still, despite the liberation of villages around Mosul, many Christians who have left the city are not eager to return home soon because of the destruction of their homes, their mistrust of Iraq's security forces and their fear that the Sunni Muslims in their area collaborated with ISIS and could once again target them for persecution, sources said.

And what has that great self proclaimed "christian" president Barack Obama done about this? Absolutely Nothing but import tens of thousands of Muslims into America while refusing to allow equal numbers of Christian refugees into America! Obama's "Fruit" makes one wounder about his true nature! Paparock

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