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Old 04-25-2010, 01:32 PM
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Lightbulb Miami Herald defames SIOA, distorts story about religious liberty bus ads

Miami Herald defames SIOA, distorts story about religious liberty bus ads
Jaweed Kaleem's reporting on our SIOA religious liberty bus ads has been poor from the beginning, and this story is no better. "Controversial anti-Muslim ads to be reinstalled on Miami-Dade buses," by Jaweed Kaleem for the Miami Herald, April 24 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
Ten controversial advertisements by an anti-Muslim group that were removed from Miami-Dade Transit buses after the department received complaints will go back up.
"Anti-Muslim" -- SIOA is dedicated to defending the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law. This is "anti-Muslim"? In that Kaleem is telling us more about what he believes about Islam than he probably intends to tell.

CAIR certainly complained. They boasted about that when the ads were taken down. But when the ads were taken down, they were only running on our initial order of ten buses. CAIR operatives spotted one of ten buses running in a fleet of 600 for three days? I doubt it. It is much likely that they heard about the ads from an informed party -- could it have been Jaweed Kaleem himself?
The ads, which a transit official said were pulled last week because they ``may be offensive,'' have the message ``Fatwa on your head? Is your community or family threatening you? Leaving Islam? Got questions? Get answers!'' and direct Muslims to a website urging them to leave the ``falsity of Islam.''
Actually, the transit official, Karla Damian, said that the ads "may be offensive to Islam." Kaleem leaves out that part about Islam, perhaps because he is aware of how absurd and offensive it is that American public officials are bowing to Sharia.
Transit spokesman Clinton Forbes said that, after reviewing the ads with the Miami-Dade County Attorney's office, the county decided that, ``although they may be considered offensive by some, they do not fall under the general guidelines that would warrant their removal.'' He added the county ``is not endorsing the message being presented.''
Apparently, we can't even expect basic accuracy from the Miami Herald: Forbes didn't say those things. They're from a statement by Harpal S. Kapoor, director of Miami-Dade Transit. Attributing them to a Transit spokesman is like saying that Robert Gibbs is nationalizing the healthcare system.
The ads, purchased by New York-based Stop the Islamization of America, will be reinstalled May 3, said Pamela Geller, the organization's director. Geller said CBS Outdoor, which contracts ad sales for county buses, will also run 20 additional ads.
Kaleem doesn't mention that CBS Outdoor is giving us the 20 additional ads at a steep discount, in tacit recognition of the fact that they were wrong to take them down in the first place.
``It was a violation of free speech that they were removed. Whether you like it or not, all ideas should be presented. It is dangerous not for all but some to leave Islam in America. This is a victory for free speech and religious liberty,'' Geller said. Muhammed Malik, director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic relations, which had praised the ads' removal, said it will now use them ``as an opportunity to spark discussion about what Islam is really about.''

``Freedom and liberty are buzzwords they use as a smoke screen for their hatred,'' he said....
Once again Kaleem mentions nothing about what CAIR really is -- its Hamas links, etc. -- and allows Malik to defame us without bothering to ask us for a reaction or response. Malik, you may recall, lied about Islamic apostasy law in an earlier Kaleem story.

Pamela Geller's take on this egregious article is here.
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Old 04-25-2010, 02:13 PM
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Arrow Intifada nyc

INTIFADA,’ (Intifada =Muslims slaughtering Jews)

These 2 videos are from a new documentary about the NYC Madrassa

Intifada High School - NY POST

Does a radical Muslim have a right to head a New York City public school?-NY POST

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Old 04-26-2010, 01:47 PM
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Default Tariq Ramadan manages simultaneously to deny and affirm that he's a stealth jihadist

Tariq Ramadan manages simultaneously to deny and affirm that he's a stealth jihadist

The master of the dance here dances masterfully. "On U.S. speaking tour, once-banned Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan shares his vision for the future: Ramadan speaks to the Chicago Tribune about his U.S. visit and asks American Muslims to be involved in American society and spread a better understanding," by Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah in the Chicago Tribune, April 23:
The Bush administration denied Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan a visa six years ago, forcing him to turn down a tenured position at the University of Notre Dame. Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit and fought successfully on his behalf. In January, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revoked a ban, allowing the Swiss-born Ramadan and another Muslim scholar to visit the U.S. On his first trip back, Ramadan, now a professor at Oxford University, gave a keynote address this month at a fundraising dinner for the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. He also sat down with the Chicago Tribune.
Q: Why do you think you were banned from the United States?

A:I gave money to many organizations and two were blacklisted in the United States. (The Bush administration) said you gave the money so you should reasonably have known that these organizations were connected to Hamas, or allegedly connected to Hamas. The problem for (the Bush administration) was that they made a mistake because I gave the money between 1998 and 2002, before these organizations were blacklisted in the States, while they were never blacklisted in Europe where I lived. This was all a pretext for keeping me outside (the U.S.). It was an ideological exclusion. [...]
Note what he does not say. He doesn't say that he denounces Hamas, or that he didn't know the organizations were linked to Hamas. He says that he gave before the organizations were put on the list -- a narrow technicality that doesn't address any of the really important issues here regarding Ramadan's beliefs, loyalties, and allegiances.
Q: You've been criticized for double-speak, saying one thing to Muslim audiences and another to Western, non-Muslim audiences. Right-wing blogger Robert Spencer has called you a "stealth jihadist." Are you a stealth jihadist?
A: No. They all know that. These are people who have a problem with the Muslim presence. They are scared our presence in the West is going to change Western policies to something which is more open, for example, toward Palestinian rights, more critical toward the unilateral support of the States toward Israel.
Note the descriptor "right-wing blogger," which is simultaneously intended to impugn and diminish, setting up red flags for right-thinking liberal Trib readers. What is "right-wing" about standing up for the freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and legal equality of all people? And while I am indeed a "blogger," I guess, even if I never write about my new lawnmower or the way I like my coffee, it is the one way to describe me that gives Trib readers no hint that I have written bestselling books, advised the FBI and Centcom, etc. This is nothing personal -- the point here is not that the Trib should have printed my resume or said nice things about me. The point is that this is just another example of the all-pervasive journalistic bias regarding reporting on the jihad: anyone who doesn't fit into the prevailing ideological straitjacket is demeaned and impugned.

And note also that the question that Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah asks is monumentally silly. If Tariq Ramadan really is a stealth jihadist, does Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah really expect him to say, "Why, yes, of course I'm a stealth jihadist"? The question itself is a setup for Ramadan to shoot down the idea, but he still manages to keep the waters muddy instead of clarifying anything, by saying that people like me oppose him because he is anti-Israel. So in other words, he is not a stealth jihadist, he just supports the jihad against Israel -- which he, an informed and intelligent Muslim, surely knows is indeed a jihad, and not simply a political conflict over land. So in denying he is a stealth jihadist, Ramadan essentially affirms that he is a stealth jihadist.
Q: Your critics point to your grandfather, Hassan al Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, a political Muslim group in Egypt that has been violent at times. They draw links between your own beliefs and that of the Brotherhood. Do you belong to the Muslim Brotherhood?
A: I don't belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. (A few days ago) someone asked me to condemn my grandfather. I said, "Look. I'm not from the Muslim Brotherhood. He was living in the '30s and the '40s. He was against British colonization. He built schools. He was promoting a vision. There are things with which I agree, and others, that put into context, I may disagree. But I'm not condemning him. He never killed someone."
Note that while he says that he does agree with some aspects of the Brotherhood program, he only "may" disagree with other aspects. Again, he is sidestepping the essential question: does Tariq Ramadan wish to extend the hegemony of Sharia to the West, even by non-violent means?
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Old 04-26-2010, 02:29 PM
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Arrow Hamas: Fear of Jihad Led US Voters to Arab-Friendly Obama

Hamas: Fear of Jihad Led US Voters to Arab-Friendly Obama

In a public address delivered on Al-Aqsa TV by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, the Damascus-based terror boss informed Arab viewers that U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama came to power in the United States due to Islamic jihad in the Middle East.

During the June 25 discourse, Mashaal said Obama's administration, and its interest in achieving détente with the Arab world, did not come about through American altruism. Rather, witnessing the combative efforts of Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis and Afghanis led Americans to vote for Obama in order to "protect their own interests."

Mashaal condemned Obama for acknowledging the victimization of Jews during the Holocaust, while ignoring "our suffering and the holocaust perpetrated by Israel for decades against the Palestinian people," according to a transcript translated and publicized by the Middle East Strategic Information (MESI) organization, with the help of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

However, he also praised Obama for the U.S. president's warming toward Hamas, an organization listed by the U.S. State Department as a terror organization. "We appreciate the new language used by Obama with regard to Hamas," Mashaal said. "It is the first step in the right direction, toward direct dialogue with no preconditions. We welcome this. Any dealings with Hamas and with the Palestinian resistance forces must be based on respect for the will of the Palestinian people and its democratic choice."

Regardless of the Arab-friendly political climate, Mashaal assured viewers that violence will continue to be used to achieve Arab goals. "The peoples of Europe exercised this right against the Nazis, the U.S.A. exercised this right against British rule, and so did the peoples of Asia and Africa that had been occupied," Mashaal said. "As for 'peaceful resistance,' which people are trying to preach to us - it is suitable for the struggle for civil rights, but not for the liberation of a homeland."...

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Old 04-26-2010, 06:04 PM
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Arrow Steven Emerson: Combating Radical Islam

Steven Emerson:
Combating Radical Islam
Defeating Jihadist Terrorism
by George Michael
Middle East Quarterly
Winter 2010, pp. 15-25

On Christmas afternoon in 1992, Steven Emerson, then a staff reporter for CNN, noticed a large group of men in traditional Arab clothes congregating outside the Oklahoma City Convention Center. At first, he thought they were extras for a movie—until he remembered the date. So, he explored a bit; inside, he discovered a conference sponsored by the Muslim Arab Youth Association. The vitriol of the speakers, replete with hateful rhetoric against Jews, Israel, and America mixed with exhortations of violence toward these enemies, alarmed him. Spontaneous shouts of "Kill the Jews" and "Destroy the West" came from the audience throughout the event.[1]

Steven Emerson has emerged as a powerful independent force, working with U.S. security services while also carrying out investigations on his own in areas beyond their reach.

Worried by what he had witnessed, Emerson notified a contact in the FBI, only to be told that the agency knew nothing about the conference and also lacked a mandate to investigate it because no criminal activity had occurred or was imminent.[2] This experience indelibly impressed him, leaving a sense of government weakness and suggesting the need for a private agency to explore the threat of radical Islam within the United States.

On graduation from Brown University, Emerson (b. 1954) went to work as an analyst on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He served as an international investigator and helped shape the aid package to Israel and Egypt following the Camp David accords in 1978. He honed his skills while working for the committee until 1982, during which time he developed an abiding interest in Middle Eastern affairs.

In 1986, he joined U.S. News & World Report where he worked as a national security correspondent. During this time, he authored two books: Secret Warriors: Inside the Covert Military Operations of the Reagan Era[3] and The Fall of Pan Am 103: Inside the Lockerbie Investigation.[4] In Secret Warriors, Emerson argued that technical breakdowns, bureaucratic disarray, presidential interference, and professional jealousy contributed to the inertia of America's elite forces.[5] This perception may have played a large role in convincing him that government alone is inadequate to the challenges of modern terrorism. In The Fall of Pan Am 103, he promoted the theory—then held by the U.S. government—that Iran was responsible for the bombing of the flight over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988.

Since that early experience in Oklahoma, Emerson has emerged as a powerful independent force who works with U.S. security services but carries out investigations on his own in areas beyond their reach. He does not take any funds from the government. In 1995, he established his own think tank, the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), which has since conducted investigations into many Islamist and terrorist groups and individuals. The IPT has stirred up more hornets' nests than many government agencies. Its acute focus has allowed it to hone in on targets that broader agencies missed. Emerson's initiative has paid off handsomely.

New Nongovernmental Agencies Emerge

The Islamist campaign to implement Shari'a law presents a grave challenge to the United States and all Western countries. And while a security apparatus has arisen to defend against these threats, several nongovernmental bodies have emerged as critical adjuncts in the effort to identify those who work within the law to change the Western way of life.

Compared to Western Europe, the United States has an unusual approach to domestic political extremism. Since 1976, the FBI has officially conducted surveillance of extremist and potentially violent groups under the attorney general's guidelines, established after revelations of misconduct and abuses arising from the COINTELPRO initiative, a secret program through which the FBI disrupted both far-left and far-right groups.[6] However, the extremely well-coordinated attacks of 9/11 exposed gaping holes in the area of human intelligence and impelled the government to reexamine and recalibrate this policy.[7]

In response, the FBI relaxed its guidelines for investigations of religious extremists, and the federal government now allows information to be shared between intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Moreover, to augment their investigatory functions, the authorities increasingly rely on recently created, private monitoring groups, including and the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).[8] Their efforts are complemented by think tanks such as the Middle East Forum and publications such as the Middle East Review of International Affairs.

Operating in a decentralized fashion, private entities can be more flexible and effective than government agencies in providing time-sensitive and actionable intelligence resources. For example, MEMRI releases high-quality, up-to-date information and translations about radical organizations, frequently before such intelligence is processed by government.[9]

Emerson's IPT has established itself as the most effective nongovernmental organization (NGO) monitoring Islamic radicalism. It is the only private entity in the United States that conducts undercover research into the activities of Islamist groups. To preserve its independence, IPT accepts no funds from the U.S. government or donors outside the United States.

Emerson's IPT focuses primarily on U.S.-based Islamist groups, some working in legal ways to undermine American society, others with links to terrorist organizations overseas. Along the way, he has created an unparalleled undercover investigative apparatus. According to Rep. Sue Myrick (Republican of North Carolina), cofounder of the bipartisan Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus, "The Investigative Project is the only one out there who is really doing substantial research into what is going on in the world and here in America. They are actually researching … they are verifying how these [jihadist] movements are taking place. … I don't know of anyone else who is doing the same thing."[10]

Emerson has returned the compliment: "Congressmen like Frank Wolf, Pete Hoekstra, and Sue Myrick have shown a backbone that is unparalleled in Congress in courageously tackling the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations], and other Islamist groups, and radical Islamic groups. So it shows there are brave Congressmen as well."[11] Like Emerson, Myrick focuses less on outright terrorism than the infiltration of American institutions by Islamists.[12] Alliances like this lend strength to Emerson's own efforts. The task of exposing and combating Islamist organizations and individuals takes place in a highly political context and requires high-level lobbying and juristic skills.

Exposing Islamists in America

Emerson undertook effective investigations on his own before he started the IPT. Most notable was his 1994 documentary Jihad in America, which raised awareness of the threat of radical Islam in the United States. The film focused on a Palestinian, Abdullah Azzam, who founded the Arab Fighters Service Bureau in Afghanistan to recruit and train thousands of mostly Arab jihadists. Osama bin Laden, a protégé of Azzam's, cofounded the bureau and later transformed it into Al-Qaeda. The bureau's North American office, the Al-Khifa Refugee Center in the Al-Farooq Mosque in Brooklyn, soon became the hub of a network that included outposts in Atlanta, Chicago, Connecticut, and New Jersey.[13] Interestingly, while in Pakistan and Afghanistan for several months in 1993, shooting the documentary, Emerson befriended Azzam's son Hodeyfa.

After Azzam's assassination in Pakistan in 1989,[14] the blind Egyptian sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, emerged as the spiritual leader of the international jihadist wing of the bureau. In 1990, Abdel Rahman, who had been expelled from Egypt, was allowed to emigrate from Afghanistan to the United States despite having been named on the State Department's terrorist watch list; he settled in the New York city area. Soon, a circle of Islamists congregated at his Al-Salaam Mosque in Jersey City. In 1990, one of his followers, Egyptian-born El Sayyid Nosair, assassinated Rabbi Meir Kahane, the Israeli politician and founder of the Jewish Defense League.[15] A few years later, other Abdel Rahman followers linked up with Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six persons and wounded 1,042 others.[16]

Emerson's work in uncovering and exposing this network complemented the efforts of official agencies operating under greater constraints.

The Charity Networks

Since August 1994, Emerson has testified before or informally briefed the United States Congress hundreds of times.[17] His efforts appear to have had an influence on lawmakers. The videotape of his first documentary, Jihad in America, was distributed to all 535 members of Congress and, according to Rep. Chris Smith (Republican of New Jersey), it played a significant role in persuading them to pass the USA Patriot Act in the fall of 2001.[18] In 2002, he published a book entitled American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us,[19] in which he traced the development of radical Islam in the United States. He also testified before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States (the 9/11 Commission) in July 2003.[20]

In later testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on November 8, 2005, he charged that Saudi Arabia had funded a vast network of charities and religious organizations that had ties to terrorist groups, including Al-Qaeda and Hamas.[21] This testimony prompted Treasury and National Security Council investigations into the labyrinth of radical Islamic charities operating in the United States. According to federal officials, these investigations led to an effort within the agencies to shut down some of the charities but nothing was done; the Clinton administration lacked the political will to close down the charities. Only after the 9-11 attacks did that will emerge and efforts to shut down the charitable fronts succeed.[22]

Emerson has focused primarily on the fundraising activities of mainstream Muslim groups and their links to the more radical organizations for which they serve as fronts. As he has observed, one of the most important activities carried out by Islamist groups in the United States has been the establishment of nonprofit, tax-deductible organizations to establish zones of legitimacy within which fundraising, recruitment, and even terrorist planning can occur.[23] Using a technique first developed in the Middle East, these groups often provide American Muslims with much-needed social services such as education, nutrition, and health care so as to win over and manipulate them.[24] This activity is usually justified by reference to the religious duty of paying zakat (the Islamic alms tax).[25] This practice creates substantial good will and much social capital for those Islamist groups who choose to employ it as a cover for collecting monies destined for jihadist groups.

According to one CIA study, one-fifth of all Islamic NGOs worldwide have been unwittingly infiltrated by Islamist terrorist groups.[26] As Emerson has pointed out, some of the religious and charitable organizations have mixed legitimate activities with illegitimate, thus betraying the true aims of the donations.[27] Investigators who seek to reveal this duplicity run a serious risk of being condemned as bigots who find wrongdoing in a meritorious religious activity that has close parallels to Jewish and Christian charities.

Hamas and Hezbollah Networks

Overall, the IPT, with its access to information and intelligence to which the government is not privy, has been instrumental in shutting down more than a dozen Islamic charitable terrorist and nonviolent front-groups since 2001.[28]

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, offers one notable example of an organization involved in both terrorism and social services. According to Emerson, Hamas developed the most sophisticated infrastructure of all the Islamist groups operating in the United States.[29] During the early 1990s, the group worked out of an office in Springfield, Virginia, opened by Musa Abu Marzouk. In 1981, Abu Marzouk helped create the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), which served as the primary voice for Hamas in the United States. IAP participants were later among the founding members of CAIR.[30] IAP's primary activity consisted of annual conferences, which hosted various Islamist luminaries who often gave incendiary speeches.[31]

In 1980, Abu Marzouk became founding president of the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), which some sources indicate acted as the Hamas political command in the United States.[32] He went on to found additional groups in the United States, all of them closely associated with Hamas. For example, UASR and IAP were joined by the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), which Abu Marzouk himself designated as the primary source of donations for charitable work in the Palestinian territories.[33] In 2001, Abu Marzouk voluntarily shut down his office after its director, Ahmed Yousef, was forced to flee the United States where he had resided illegally for twenty years. Yousef now serves as a spokesman for Hamas in Gaza.[34] Abu Marzouk also returned to Gaza where he is now the deputy chairman of Hamas's political bureau, but in 2004 he was indicted in his absence for coordinating and financing the work of Hamas.[35]

The FBI suspects that Hamas may also have established for-profit corporations in the United States. On September 5, 2001, it executed a search warrant against the InfoCom Corporation, an Internet service provider based in Richardson, Texas, suspected of ties to Hamas.[36] The authorities indicted its officials and subsequently convicted them of channeling funds to the Palestinian group.[37] Law enforcement officials commented on background that Emerson's organization, with vast archives on the activities of Hamas front groups in the United States, had an instrumental role in prosecuting and convicting the Holy Land Foundation, a trial that resulted in sweeping convictions for all defendants in 2008.[38]

And the beat goes on: In 2007, the IPT broadcast video tapes on its website showing Esam Omeish railing against Israel and advocating jihad. As a result, Omeish was forced to resign from his appointment by Virginian governor Tim Kaine to the state's Commission on Immigration.[39] In 2009, the IPT exposed the links between Viva Palestina USA and Hamas. Its report on the group laid bare its membership, activities, and motives and was provided to federal authorities for further investigation.[40]

Sami al-Arian and Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Emerson was the first investigator to link a former professor at the University of South Florida, Sami al-Arian, to Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), an organization designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.[41] He exposed Arian's ties to the Islamic Jihad in his 1994 documentary Jihad in America and continued to write and testify about Arian's links to the group throughout the rest of the decade. Arian has helped create several Islamist associations. One of these, the Islamic Concern Project (later called the Islamic Committee for Palestine), allegedly raised money for Palestinian Islamic Jihad and brought Islamist leaders to the United States.[42] In Jihad in America, Emerson called the Islamic Committee for Palestine the "primary support group in the United States for Islamic Jihad."

Emerson revealed that Arian was running an organization that was in effect the American branch of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.[43] In February 2003, federal law enforcement agents arrested Arian for alleged fundraising and material support activities on behalf of terrorist organizations, including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.[44] In December 2005, Arian was acquitted of many serious charges against him, but the jury deadlocked on nine counts. He pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy to provide services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and agreed to be deported after serving the balance of a 57-month sentence.

According to Bill West, the supervisory special agent of the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Miami Special Investigations Section (and now a consultant to the IPT), Emerson's "outstanding and continued original investigative journalism" of Arian and his PIJ connections "was the catalyst that resulted in the launching of the federal criminal investigation against Al-Arian and his cohorts."[45]


Emerson's detailed investigations into CAIR have generated consequences for this Islamist group in Congress. For example, in December 2006, following an appeal by "CAIR Watch" founder Joe Kaufman, Sen. Barbara Boxer (Democrat of California) rescinded an award to CAIR official Basim Elkarra, stating that she was uncomfortable with many of CAIR's positions.[46] Not long after, Emerson disclosed Rep. Bill Pascrell's (Democrat of New Jersey) role in sponsoring a CAIR forum to be held in a Capitol facility. The Republican Party House Conference objected to this use by CAIR, whose members the Republican Party had labeled as "terror apologists."[47] It was also Emerson who discerned that CAIR had effectively been founded by Hamas.[48]

He has long sought to expose CAIR's leading officials who have previously expressed extremist views and been linked to militant activities. One of these is Ghassan Elashi, founder of the Texas branch of CAIR, who has been sentenced to more than six years in prison for numerous offences, including money-laundering for Hamas.[49] In 2007, CAIR was designated an un-indicted co-conspirator in the trial of the officials operating the Holy Land Foundation, who were accused and later convicted of laundering money for Hamas.[50] In the trial, FBI agent Lara Burns testified that CAIR serves as a front for Hamas. In January 2009, Emerson revealed that the FBI was severing its contacts with CAIR due to its ties with Hamas.[51]

Emerson has released documents and tapes showing that leaders of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) have defended Hezbollah, excused Hamas terror attacks, compared the United States to Al-Qaeda, urged Muslims not to cooperate if FBI agents approach them, and issued demonstrably anti-Semitic and anti-American statements.[52] In return, MPAC tried to demonize Emerson. At a conference held in late 2004, it displayed a poster called "The Faces that Are Always Talking about Terrorism," which included pictures of Osama bin Laden, Daniel Pipes, Pat Robertson, Donald Rumsfeld, and Steven Emerson.[53] The implication was that Emerson, et al., were as nefarious as bin Laden.

In December 2004, MPAC again focused on Emerson in a report entitled Counterproductive Counterterrorism: How Anti-Islamic Rhetoric Is Impeding America's Homeland Security. It pointed out that several key public officials, including former national security advisor, Gen. Brent Scowcroft, had praised the efforts of MPAC in working with government officials to combat terrorism in America.[54] Emerson countered, saying MPAC has deceived public officials into believing the group is "moderate" while at the same time defending Hezbollah and Hamas and rationalizing radical Islam.

The American Muslim Council (AMC) may have been Emerson's most dramatic exposé so far. He took issue with an invitation that President Bill Clinton extended in 1996 to Abdurahman Alamoudi, a prominent Muslim-American leader and the executive director of the AMC. The meeting between the president and Alamoudi was to take place in the White House. Clinton administration officials, including Clinton himself, Vice President Al Gore and National Security Advisor Anthony Lake, met with Alamoudi along with twenty-three Muslim and Arab leaders.[55] According to Emerson, AMC had significant ties to Hamas and was a defender of Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzouk.[56] Because of the notoriety Alamoudi received from the exposure by Emerson, the Clintons and President Bush returned Alamoudi's campaign contributions.[57] This is an excellent example of how someone coming from outside the compliant structures of government can make an impact in political circles.

But the matter went even further. Emerson recorded a speech in which Alamoudi voiced support for both Hezbollah and Hamas.[58] Emerson also obtained a recording of Alamoudi calling for bombings in the United States, a tape that was introduced at Alamoudi's detention hearing and credited with the decision to keep him in jail rather than let him out on bail.[59] In October 2003, Alamoudi was then indicted on charges that he had illegally accepted $340,000 from the Libyan government for his efforts to persuade the U.S. government to lift sanctions against the Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi regime.[60] Then, in 2004, Alamoudi was arrested and convicted of conspiring with two Al-Qaeda members to assassinate King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.[61] In October, 2004, he pled guilty and was sentenced to twenty-three years in prison. Treasury documents list him as a longtime courier for Al-Qaeda and Hamas.[62]

The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Emerson founded the Investigative Project on Terrorism in 1995 and currently serves as its executive director; this think tank and archive maintains the world's largest collection of nongovernmental data on radical Islamic groups, including more than four million documents, thousands of hours of clandestine video and audio recordings made at radical Islamic conferences, training sessions, fundraising activities, and assorted gatherings; and tens of thousands of original terrorist manuals and periodicals.[63] The IPT has also compiled a database of thousands of known or suspected terrorists as well as dossiers on radical groups.[64]

The IPT website offers a comprehensive counter-Islamist source of information, with government documents, proprietary information, and breaking stories.[65] The IPT also employs analysts to collect and interpret data and sends associates to listen to speeches by Islamist leaders. To inform interested parties of its work, it mails out daily updates. Emerson also contributes to the Counterterrorism Blog website, which posts articles and information relating to radical Islam, terrorism, and nonviolent Islamist threats.

The IPT receives information from a variety of sources, including many not available to government agencies. The archive holds the trial exhibits from the first World Trade Center bombing case, which include numerous records on Muslim terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere. Emerson and his staff meticulously copied the documents, which were all publicly available and obtained from the court and prosecutors. After reviewing the records, Emerson concluded that these various Islamist groups were coordinating their activities in a worldwide network.[66]

The IPT, acting as a nongovernmental agency, assists, without fee, numerous government offices and agencies, in part because constitutional limitations tie the hands of federal and state security services. Due to a strong civil liberties tradition rooted in the First Amendment, the U.S. government lacks the authority to disband extremist groups or proscribe extremist speech. While the IPT does not possess any governmental powers or authority, it has the ability, like the media, to shine a light on the activities of Islamist groups, gatherings, and officials. Emerson often quotes Justice Louis Brandeis's dictum that "sunshine is the law's best disinfectant."

The constraints imposed on government agencies investigating terrorist threats created space for Emerson's Investigative Project. Since the mid-1970s, federal authorities have been hampered in their efforts to monitor political extremism, largely due to the legacy of the secret FBI project designated COINTELPRO.[67] Negative publicity surrounding that program led the Justice Department to change FBI law enforcement and investigative methods to de-politicize the FBI. The Levi guidelines, adopted in April 1976, require evidence of a criminal predicate or a reasonable suspicion before commencing investigation of a dissident group.[68] These changes had dramatic consequences, not least that the number of domestic intelligence cases dropped from 1,454 in 1975 to only 95 in 1977.[69] Nothing in the guidelines, however, precludes the FBI from opening an investigation based on information received from a private group. NGOs such as the IPT and individuals such as Shannen Rossmiller[70] have done much to fill the void. For its part, the IPT monitors not only radical Islamic groups in America advocating violent jihad but also those employing nonviolent or "stealth" jihad.


Emerson believes that the Islamist movement in the West continues to strengthen, in large part due to what he refers to as the "cultural jihad," which provides a congenial environment in which Islamists can flourish. He cites survey data indicating that many Muslim communities in the West sympathize with aspects of the Islamist worldview. These cultural jihadists in turn give moral support to the terrorists.[71] In Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah, the French scholar Olivier Roy argues that Muslims in the West often experience a trauma of "deterritorialization" because they feel estranged from their native lands. To overcome anomie and alienation, young Muslims find solace in a new, purified Islam and attach themselves to a "virtual ummah [Islamic nation]" built by them on the Internet.[72] This pool of mostly young, alienated, Muslim men provides a reservoir from which Islamists can recruit in the West.

In Emerson's opinion, the November 2, 2004 murder of Theo van Gogh by Mohammed Bouyeri[73] was a watershed event that inspired Europeans to reevaluate the viability of the multicultural model, seeing that it results not in peaceful coexistence but rather in separatism and cultural jihadism, threatening the social fabric of Western Europe. He warns that moderates have little influence in Muslim communities in the West.[74] Although the Muslim underclass in the United States is smaller than in Europe, Emerson finds substantial alienation in the Muslim-American community. He sees groups such as CAIR, MPAC, the Islamic Society of North America, and the Muslim American Society as agents that exacerbate this tendency. What is more, he notes, Islamist schools in the United States are often funded by Wahhabi sources promoting an extremist variant of Islam.[75]

Emerson has not gone unnoticed by Al-Qaeda. In September 2006, a leading public representative of the organization—American-born Adam Gadahn, who has adopted the Muslim name of Azzam al-Amriki—mentioned Emerson and several other Americans in a public videotape.[76] The video begins with an introduction by bin Laden's lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who refers to Gadahn as a "brother" and "a perceptive person who wants to lead his people out of darkness into the light."[77] Then Gadahn invites Emerson and the others to Islam:
If the Zionist crusader missionaries of hate and counter-Islam consultants like Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Michael Scheuer, Steven Emerson, and yes, even the crusader-in-chief, George W. Bush were to abandon their unbelief and repent and enter into the light of Islam and turn their swords against the enemies of God, it would be accepted of them and they would be our brothers of Islam.[78]
Emerson and his colleagues remain unimpressed and continue their work.
George Michael is associate professor of political science and administration of justice at the University of Virginia's College at Wise. He is the author most recently of Willis Carto and the American Far Right (University Press of Florida, 2008), and Theology of Hate: A History of the World Church of the Creator (University Press of Florida, 2009).
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This text may be reposted or forwarded so long as it is presented as an integral whole with complete information provided about its author, date, place of publication, and original URL.

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Lightbulb From Jihadi to Victim: Ramy Zamzam's Shifting Narrative

From Jihadi to Victim: Ramy Zamzam's Shifting Narrative

His "farewell" video was considered so disturbing, leaders of national Islamist organizations who normally are loathe to acknowledge such a thing as radical Islam, vowed to create anti-radicalization programs for young American Muslims.

Initial reports from Pakistan, where Ramy Zamzam and four friends were arrested in early December, indicated that they were there seeking jihad. They reportedly told police there that they tried to join an Al Qaeda-tied group but were turned away. Their ultimate goal was to fight American troops in Afghanistan.

"They have no remorse about their plans to commit terror acts," Usman Anwar, the police chief of Sargodha district where men were arrested, said in December. "Rather, they regret that they could not lay their lives while also killing some 'US imperialists.'" Zamzam did little to challenge this assessment while leaving court one January day. "We are not terrorists," he told a reporter. "We are jihadists, and jihad is not terrorism."

Now Zamzam, a first-year Howard University dental student, and his friends are on trial in Pakistan facing terrorism charges and relatives and attorneys are pushing a new narrative. They went to Pakistan for a wedding, the new story goes. They never intended to engage in violence.

They have been tortured and the evidence against them is fabricated.

Zamzam's mother, Amal Khalifa, has granted a series of interviews in which she casts her son as a victim of government abuse. A mother's anguish is understandable. Had he not been caught, her son might be dead by now. Life in a Pakistani prison is not much of a consolation. Her story, though, is in direct conflict with what was said by her own advocates after the arrests in Pakistan.

Once they realized where their sons had gone and what they might be up to, the missing men's parents initially turned to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for help. Seeing the "farewell" video, CAIR told the families to alert the FBI.

CAIR officials boasted about this, offering it as proof it can be a reliable partner for law enforcement in the fight against terror. FBI officials cut off routine communication with CAIR in 2008, citing evidence in a terror-finance trial which placed CAIR in the midst of a Hamas-support network in America. The Department of Justice has called it "a participant in an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization, a conspiracy from which CAIR never withdrew."

Khalifa's story of a recent trek to Pakistan to see her son has been chronicled in the Washington Post, New York Times, on CNN and elsewhere. Nearly all the stories note that the interviews were set up by, and held in, the Washington offices of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). And while many reports do mention that her accounts conflict with the original narrative, CAIR officials thus far have not been asked why they're helping push a version of the story that – based on their own statements – they do not believe.

Here's how the New York Times described it after detailing Khalifa's arduous journey to see her son in prison:
"By her account, Mr. Zamzam asked about his two younger brothers and denied that he had had any plans to join militants. 'He said: "Mom, I love my country. I want to go back to my country. Why do the Pakistanis want to do this to us?"' Ms. Khalifa said in the interview, at the Washington offices of the Council on American Islamic Relations, an advocacy group that has assisted the parents."
No difference is more striking than Khalifa's description of her son's video, which Islamist leaders acknowledged in December was disturbing.
Its message is that "everybody has to love each other," she told CNN.

"It's very mild," she told the Post. "He's calm, quiet, talking in a low voice, about the relationships of human beings, that they should treat each other with respect, no matter the religion. That's what I recall."

In December, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad repeatedly offered a darker assessment. On PBS' "Newshour," he described its "juxtaposing images of war and putting with them, or next to them, verses from the Quran that sometimes people misunderstand and misuse. That made me and the families worry."

On CNN's "Larry King Live," he called it "almost a typical video that you see on the Internet. Young Muslims misled and also misunderstanding certain verses of the Quran, juxtaposing images of conflict to justify actions that they would like to take. So that's, to me, disturbing."

And that matches law enforcement's critique. Credit Post reporter Brigid Schulte for citing law enforcement sources describing the video as "'the same finger-pointing, spitting at the camera mumbo jumbo' that extremists often post on the Internet."

CNN offered a Pakistani rebuttal to Zamzam's torture claim. He claims he and his friends were beaten and deprived of sleep for extended periods:
"Nadeem Kiani, a spokesman for the Pakistani embassy in Washington, vigorously denied the allegation. The youths have had regular consular access from American officials, he said, and there have been no formal complaints of mistreatment lodged by them."
Khalifa repeated the torture claim Thursday on the PBS "Newshour." Reporter Margaret Warner cited State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley's response:
"We've been meeting with them from the first days they were in custody and have not seen any evidence of mistreatment."
Meanwhile in court, prosecutors have presented "documents, phone call logs and e-mails sent by the men" to an Al Qaeda commander named Qari Saifullah Akhtar....

Read more at:
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Arrow "This is the first time anyone offered public help to people threatened under Islam's

"This is the first time anyone offered public help to people threatened under Islam's death penalty for apostasy"

Over at Frontpage, Jamie Glazov interviews my SIOA colleague Pamela Geller about the bus ad initiative in Miami:
Geller: Last Tuesday (April 13), Stop Islamization Of America and the Freedom Defense Initiative, the new organization I have begun with bestselling author and Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer, rolled out our "Leaving Islam" ad campaign on Miami buses. But on Friday (April 30), in an outrageous denial of our free speech rights, Miami-Dade Transit pulled our ads - because they might be "offensive to Islam."

At the behest of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an un-indicted co-conspirator in a Hamas funding case, Miami-Dade Transit took our SIOA ads off the buses in South Florida because they offended Muslims.

Miami-Dade Transit was bowing to Sharia, Islamic law, which forbids non-Muslims to insult Islam. But ultimately free speech won out: after we threatened a lawsuit, Miami-Dade Transit agreed to restore our ads and add them to twenty new buses at the cost merely of printing the new posters. Our lawyer, David Yerushalmi, did a superb job, with the aid of the Thomas More Law Center's Robert Muise.

FP: What was the motive of your campaign?

Geller: Jamie, this campaign was and is in defense of religious freedom. Our ad asks, "Fatwa on your head? Is your family or community threatening you? Leaving Islam? Got questions? Get answers!" This is the first time anyone offered public help to people threatened under Islam's death penalty for apostasy. America is the land of the free, and apostates must know they are free here. Safe here.

Government and law enforcement should be on this. But they aren't. So we are. It is time for free citizens to stand for freedom -- or lose it.

Miami-Dade Transit's kowtowing to CAIR, even though it ultimately reversed itself, shows how close we are to losing it....

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Exclamation Spencer interviewed on the Qur'an, Obama, Ron Paul and much more

Spencer interviewed on the Qur'an, Obama, Ron Paul and much more

Yesterday I gave a lengthy and wide-ranging interview to NYC ITV. It is available in 36 parts (!) here -- you can find links to the other parts on the lower right-hand side of the page.

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Arrow Ramy Zamzam, CAIR, and The New York Times

Ramy Zamzam, CAIR, and The New York Times

The ineffable New York Times carried a story last week, one that from first to last was designed - whether by the reporter, Scott Shane, or by his editors, is unknown - to tug at the heartstrings of the reader. And those heartstringed-tugged readers were to sympathize with the parents of Ramy Zamzam, one of the five Washington-area Muslims who went off to Pakistan to conduct Jihad through open warfare, with the Taliban (and possibly Al Qaeda) and against the Americans, even though all five boys were American citizens and had grown up in the United States.

Indeed, the story was not only directed, I think, at winning sympathy for the Zamzam parents, and especially for his mother Amal Khalifa, but by the principle of contiguity, to win sympathy for Ramy Zamzam himself. After all, you don't have to star in "Mad Men" to know that most advertising is based on that very principle of Contiguity, which is a form of Metonymy (see, do, Roman Jakobson's monograph published by Mouton on "The Metaphoric and Metonymic Poles"). You know, just like those cigarette ads Before the Flood, the ones that show the manly man and the womanly woman (yes, very much Before the Flood) and work by contiguity -- as in those advertisements for Salem cigarettes, where the girl and the boy are taking puffs from Salems by a brook, which is to say, if the boy smokes Salems, the girl and the brook are thrown in at no additional cost.

The article is entitled "A Thanksgiving Meal, Then Charges of Jihad: A Mother's Tale." Here it is.

Let's start with that very first sentence: here is "Ramy Zamzam, 22, is a proud first-year dental student in his new white jacket, framed by his beaming parents." So there he is, like all of us, as we stand between our "beaming" parents, ourselves "proud" of being admitted to, or finally receiving a degree from, this or that institution. Here is Ramy Zamzam, doing just what all of us do, and his parents love him, and he loves them, and they are proud of him, and he is affectionate toward them, and so on.

The scene has been set for the reader, And the initial impression is given, that something is wrong, something is not quite right, in depicting Ramy Zamzam, as apparently those mean old Pakistani authorities have been depicting him, as a would-be participant in violent Jihad against the mortal enemies of the jihadists, Americans and the West.

We learn that Ramy Zamzam's mother, Amal Khalifa, had, like mothers everywhere, worried about her son now in the clutches of what appears to be an unforgiving and cruel fate: She "described a harrowing visit she and her husband made early this month to the eldest of her three children. The confident student, she said, the 'multitasker' who had excelled as a student and community volunteer through high school and college, was shattered by four months in a Pakistani jail."

So he's a "multitasker" and had been a good student and "community volunteer." A volunteer for what, exactly? Did his volunteering have, by any chance, a distinctly sectarian, even Islamic note? I ask because if he had volunteered in some other way, for some other cause, surely we would have heard of it, and here we do not learn a thing about it. And Ramy Zamzam was "shattered by four months in a Pakistani jail."

And just to make sure you know how "shattered" he was, we get this:

"He cried and clung to me," Ms. Khalifa said, choking up. "When I saw him like that, it broke my heart."

It broke his mother's heart. And it should, you know, break yours too, if you had an ounce of human sympathy in you.

Ramy Zamzam, good student, proud in his dental uniform, a volunteer at school, someone who never did wrong, somehow - how? - ends up in Pakistan, where he is held, cruelly held. And remember, he's an all-American boy, who has only one thing - one thing - to tell his mother when she sees him. And that one thing he has to tell her is this:

"'Mom, I love my country. I want to go back to my country. Why do the Pakistanis want to do this to us?'" Ms. Khalifa said in the interview, at the Washington offices of the Council on American Islamic Relations, an advocacy group that has assisted the parents.

So he "loves his country," and wants "to go back to my country." Well, well. How did Ramy Zamzam, again - we need, through our tears of sympathy evoked by Scott Shane's prose, a little reminding - express his love of "his country"? Oh, first he made a DVD, one in which he apparently declares his steely determination to go off, with others, to distant Pakistan, in order to express his "love" for "his country" by fighting on the side of the Al-Qaeda-backed Taliban against the Americans and the "hypocrites" among the local Muslims who side, for whatever reason, with those Americans from that country "he loves" so very much. Yes, what better way to express your love of America than, say, to fly to Berlin in 1939, and offer to fight with the Nazi forces, in order to show your love of country? Or perhaps to Tokyo, to broadcast from Radio Tokyo, so as to show that you love your country, America, so much, that you want to convince its soldiers not to fight, so as to spare that country you love so much the anguish of defeat?

Now there is a piquant detail at the end of that paragraph that is slipped in but should not be missed. The interview with the voluble Amal Khalifa -why does her husband not say a word? Was it decided by someone advising, perhaps even directing them, that it would be more effective if only a distressed mother, longing for her son to be released so that he might return to the country that "he loves," were to speak? Or was the father a little less cooperative, or perhaps not quite so willing to be manipulated? That piquant detail is this: the interview with Ms. Khalifa took place "at the Washington offices of the Council on American Islamic Relations, an advocacy group that has assisted the parents."

CAIR is an "advocacy group"? What does this mean? Advocacy of what, exactly? Why, advocacy of, defense of, promotion of, Islam and of Muslims. That is its advocacy. And one can be sure that CAIR stage-managed this event, and found a reporter willing to collaborate with it, in presenting this sob-story, one which Americans are famously familiar with from the movies. The locus classicus of the weeping mother is in "Public Enemy Number One" - starring Jimmy Cagney. The mother of this murderous arch-criminal famously insists - despite the mountains of evidence that tell the police, and the movie audience, otherwise - that "my boy's a good boy." Thus Ms. Khalifa. Ramy Zamzam is a "good boy" who "loves his country" and has no idea why he is being treated so roughly in Pakistan.

Why, one might be tempted to ask her if she thinks he has any idea as to how he got to Pakistan in the first place. Does he have any idea why he kept his plans secret from his parents, deliberately deceiving them right up to, and even beyond, the time of his departure? And does her son, who so "loves his country," does Ramy Zamzam, have the faintest idea as to why he made that tape he left behind, a tape so alarming that once it was seen, the parents of the five boys went - oh, not as most American parents would, to the police or the FBI or some other agency of the American government - but to CAIR, to see what they could do, not to help the Infidels of course, but to make sure their children were not killed while fighting on the Path of Allah.

And why did they go to CAIR? Well, they did so because CAIR works to convince Muslims living in America that they are not to trust the American government, not to reveal things to the American government, not to collaborate with the American authorities but always and everywhere to seek first the advice of....CAIR, and to be especially vigilant about any perceived slights to Islam, by any government official, or any "hate crimes" that they may observe or claim they have observed. The whole emphasis of CAIR's presentation is not to convince Muslims to collaborate willingly, wholeheartedly, uncalculatedly, with government officials in trying to limit the "radicalization" (which relies on, consists of what strange new texts, exactly, that "misinterpret" the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira?) of Muslims in America, but to report whatever attempts to monitor the Muslims by the police and FBI to CAIR so that it, in turn, can complain, can try to stop this perfectly reasonable vigilance and surveillance.

CAIR has attempted, not without success, to make itself the intermediary between Muslims living in the America and the American government. This has happened despite the fact that CAIR officials have been stung by a number of revelations about its officials (including the list of those who are in prison, or who have fled the country, or who have been otherwise subject to investigation and charges). But when those parents, including the parents of Ramy Zamzam, came to CAIR, imagine how the officials at CAIR must have calculated. They did not know, any longer, how much surveillance they might be under. They did not know if possibly this whole thing was a clever sting operation, with the parents having been persuaded to participate, in order to see what CAIR officials would advise them to do, or not do, and what those CAIR officials themselves would do. They couldn't afford not to pass on the information to the government, because they couldn't be sure, sure that the whole thing was not a sting designed to expose CAIR. But even if it was all on the level, and the sons had gone off to Pakistan and the parents were genuinely worried about them, what if CAIR advised them to "say and do nothing" and one or more of the parents ignored this, and went to the police or the FBI on their own? And there was that DVD left by Ramy Zamzam that showed clearly what his intentions were. Too many people had already learned of that DVD, of his intention to fight in the Path of Allah.

So the story goes on, and we learn more about this All-American boy, this Ramy Zamzam. What do we learn? Oh, that "the family was not especially religious," according to Ms. Khalifa, "rarely visiting the mosque except at Muslim holidays." For "Ramy and his teenage friends at West Potomac High School, she said, the small neighborhood mosque was 'a club.'" Just a club. A club like the 4-H Club, or the Teen Center of yore, with its pingpong table, and sock-hop room, or was this mosque that the boys regarded as a "club" rather like another "club," but one with politico-religious rather than the mercenary considerations of the assorted Siculo-American uomini d'onore, that is, the Ravenite Social Club where John Gotti used to, with his friends and wise guys, innocently socialize?

Yes, they didn't go to the mosque for mosque-going purposes. They'd do other things, they'd do all-American things. Oh, what things? Well, things like this:

"They'd order pizza, play computer games and play basketball in the parking lot," she said.

But notice here that even in this staged bit of propaganda, the mother of Ramy Zamzam knows enough, or her handlers know enough, to diminish the role of the mosque, to make it seem not to be the place where the texts and tenets are emphasized and drummed into the ear passages, and then the hearts and minds, of the worshippers during the khutbas, but rather that it's merely a place where kids go - just like the guys and gals at the Teen Center, circa 1956 - eating their pizzas, dribbling their balls for a layup at the informal basketball court in the parking lot, and of course, this being an up-to-date social club, playing those computer games. It's Art Linkletter time, at the Neighborhood Mosque and Social Club, and you know, Kids When They Go Off To Pakistan Do The Darndest Things!

And just two days before Ramy Zamzam disappeared to go off to fight the Jihad in Pakistan, his mother tells us that "I cooked 100 percent American food on Thanksgiving -- turkey, mashed potatoes, corn." Not even Tofurkey. No, the real thing, the handsome myles-standish thing, turkey and mashed potatoes and corn. What else do you need to know?

He "loves his country." He was a dental student and he had been a "volunteer." He ate pizza and played basketball at the mosque. His mother not only had a meal at Thanksgiving, but she cooked "100 percent American food" for that meal - my god, even though real Muslims are not supposed to even recognize, much less celebrate, any non-Muslim holiday.

What more do you want? That's what Ramy Zamzam's mother wants to know. That's what CAIR officials, no doubt standing nearby in case she needed any prompting during the interview, want to know. And it is, it seems, what The New York Times also wants you to believe, derelict in its duty and not for the first time but rather for the third and fatal time. (See the coverage of the Nazi persecution and murder of the Jews, right up to and during World War II, and see the coverage of Stalin's rule, and the famine in the Ukraine, by that Pulitzer-Prize-winning Walter Duranty.)

But if you were ever inclined to fall for this sob story and others like it, I hope that if this little piece has done nothing else, it has made clear to you how the campaign here of sentimental deception works. And who knows? If you find this piece useful, perhaps you will pass it on to others. Pass it on, even, to people who read, and still take irrationally to heart, the coverage of anything to do with Islam by the benighted, and unfairly -- because insufficiently -- maligned, New York Times.

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Lightbulb Spencer: Islamic War On Free Speech Heating Up

Spencer: Islamic War On Free Speech Heating Up

In Human Events this morning, I discuss four recent Islamic supremacist assaults on the freedom of speech in the United States:
Four incidents recently showed anew how keenly Islamic supremacists want to shut down the freedom of speech--and how eager many Americans are to accommodate them.

The most notorious incident was Comedy Central's censorship of a "South Park" episode lampooning Islam's prophet Muhammad. Even Bill O'Reilly faltered when presented with an opportunity to defend free speech, telling "South Park's" creators: "I would've advised them not to do it. If somebody came to me and said, 'Look, O'Reilly, I want to do a little satire of Muhammad on "The Factor,"' I would say I don't think so, because the risk is higher than the reward."

The risk of defending free speech against violent threats and intimidation is higher than the reward? If the Founding Fathers had thought that way, we wouldn't be having this conversation now. If the enemies of free speech, such as those who threatened "South Park's" Matt Stone and Trey Parker over their Muhammad episode, see that death threats will frighten their victims into silence, they will only issue more death threats. Unless free people stand up and defend the right of free discourse no matter what the risk, we will surely lose that right--and any ability to stand up against the tyranny of a powerful group whose word and status cannot be questioned.

And that chastened silence before a privileged class is certainly the goal of Islamic supremacists in the United States. Besides threatening "South Park," they also compelled the Pentagon to withdraw an invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham to participate in its National Day of Prayer event on May 6. Graham's crime? Calling Islam "evil," a comment he explained in this way: "If you look at what the religion does just to women, women alone, it is just horrid. And so yes, I speak out for women."

The plight of women in the Islamic world is real. The Army should have given Franklin Graham's explanation of his remarks thoughtful consideration--just as they should have considered the implications of the fact that the chief group complaining about Graham's appearance at the event was the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas jihad terror funding case.

Instead, now the Army is abetting the whitewashing and cover-up of the institutionalized mistreatment of women in Islamic law. The Graham invitation could have been, as Barack Obama might say, a "teaching moment," and an opportunity to stand up for the human rights of those women and other groups oppressed by Sharia. Instead, it is just an occasion for more submission to Islamic supremacists....

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Arrow New York: Muslim student pleads guilty to jihad terror charge

New York: Muslim student pleads guilty to jihad terror charge
"NYC student pleads guilty to terrorism charge," by Larry Neumeister for Associated Press, April 27:
NEW YORK (AP) -- An American student who prosecutors say helped a friend deliver some protective clothing to an al-Qaida military commander fighting Americans has pleaded guilty to a single terrorism charge.
Syed Hashmi (Sigh-IHD' HASH'-mee) entered the plea Tuesday in Manhattan federal court to conspiracy to provide military support to al-Qaida.

Both sides in the case recommended a maximum prison term of 15 years for the plea.

The 30-year-old Hashmi had faced up to 70 years in prison if convicted of four criminal counts....
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Arrow An Internet Jihad Aims at U.S. Viewers

An Internet Jihad Aims at U.S. Viewers

When Osama bin Laden issued his videotaped message to the American people last month, a young jihad enthusiast went online to help spread the word.

“America needs to listen to Shaykh Usaamah very carefully and take his message with great seriousness,” he wrote on his blog. “America is known to be a people of arrogance.”

Unlike Mr. bin Laden, the blogger was not operating from a remote location. It turns out he is a 21-year-old American named Samir Khan who produces his blog from his parents’ home in North Carolina, where he serves as a kind of Western relay station for the multimedia productions of violent Islamic groups.

In recent days, he has featured “glad tidings” from a North African militant leader whose group killed 31 Algerian troops. He posted a scholarly treatise arguing for violent jihad, translated into English. He listed hundreds of links to secret sites from which his readers could obtain the latest blood-drenched insurgent videos from Iraq.

His neatly organized site also includes a file called “United States of Losers,” which showcased a recent news broadcast about a firefight in Afghanistan with this added commentary from Mr. Khan: “You can even see an American soldier hiding during the ambush like a baby!! AllahuAkbar! AllahuAkbar!”

Mr. Khan, who was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in Queens, is an unlikely foot soldier in what Al Qaeda calls the “Islamic jihadi media.” He has grown up in middle-class America and wrestles with his worried parents about his religious fervor. Yet he is stubborn. “I will do my best to speak the truth, and even if it annoys the disbelievers, the truth must be preached,” Mr. Khan said in an interview.

While there is nothing to suggest that Mr. Khan is operating in concert with militant leaders, or breaking any laws, he is part of a growing constellation of apparently independent media operators who are broadcasting the message of Al Qaeda and other groups, a message that is increasingly devised, translated and aimed for a Western audience.

Terrorism experts at West Point say there are as many as 100 English language sites offering militant Islamic views, with Mr. Khan’s — which claims 500 regular readers — among the more active. While their reach is difficult to assess, it is clear from a review of extremist material and interviews that militants are seeking to appeal to young American and European Muslims by playing on their anger over the war in Iraq and the image of Islam under attack.

Tedious Arabic screeds are reworked into flashy English productions. Recruitment tracts are issued in multiple languages, like a 39-page, electronic, English version of a booklet urging women to join the fight against the West.

There are even online novellas like “Rakan bin Williams,” about a band of Christian European converts who embraced Al Qaeda and “promised God that they will carry the flag of their distant brothers and seek vengeance on the evil doers.”

Militant Islamists are turning grainy car-bombing tapes into slick hip-hop videos and montage movies, all readily available on Western sites like YouTube, the online video smorgasbord.

“It is as if you would watch a Hollywood movie,” said Abu Saleh, a 21-year-old German devotee of Al Qaeda videos who visits Internet cafes in Berlin twice a week to get the latest releases. “The Internet has totally changed my view on things.”

An Internet Strategy
Al Qaeda and its followers have used the Internet to communicate and rally support for years, but in the past several months the Western tilt of the message and the sophistication of the media have accelerated. So has the output. Since the beginning of the year, Al Qaeda’s media operation, Al Sahab, has issued new videotapes as often as every three days. Even more come from Iraq, where insurgents are pumping them out daily.

That production line is the legacy of one man: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the former leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia who was killed in June 2006 by American bombs.

Mr. Zarqawi learned the power of the Internet in prison, according to a former associate who was imprisoned with him in Jordan a decade ago. Mr. Zarqawi’s jailhouse group of 32 Islamists sought to recruit other prisoners by handwriting a newsletter, Al Tawheed, when it discovered a larger audience...

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Arrow Prison Jihad »

Prison Jihad
Crimes involving prison converts to Islam are a grave and under-reported problem
by Ryan Mauro

New extremists are being created in our prisons, the very institution meant to deter crime. Two stories recently broke about people who converted to Islam in prison that acted in violent compliance with their new ideology. The media, for the most part, dropped the stories, leaving the American people unaware of the growing trend.

The October arrest of a man in Ohio named Abdullah Mohammed Muslim, formerly known as Johnnie Clagg, has now come to light. He was pulled over and arrested by a police officer for identity theft in order to get a passport so he could leave the country. Law enforcement searched his house and found a large stockpile of weapons.

The ****nal included the material for five pipe bombs, two AK-47s, smoke canisters, an assault rifle, a ballistic vest and ballistic face mask, a semiautomatic rifle, a flak jacket and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Additional facts help to identify the intent behind this collection. The police found a CD containing parts of “The Anarchist Cookbook,” a well-known guide to making explosives, and a CD with photos of the crash site of a small plane in the state. And as CBN’s Erick Stakelback has found out, the purpose behind the attempted passport fraud was so he could flee the U.S. before being sentenced for previous weapons-related charges.

Muslim’s attorney has confirmed that he had spent time on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan, the exact spot that radical Islamic militants have found safe haven, have constructed terrorist camps, and are recruiting Westerners to come for training and deployment. To any rational observer, Muslim would appear to be involved in terrorism, but federal authorities told Ohio’s Channel 10 News when the story broke that there was no connection to terrorism. As a result, the story failed to gain traction in the media outside of the local news and a follow-up report by CBN. At the time of this writing, a Google News search of the suspect’s name only brings up two results.

On April 14, a prison convert named James Larry slaughtered his family in Chicago. His brother says that in the days prior to the attack, he was acting differently, carrying around a Koran and saying it called for killing. The sister of his wife said he had begun talking about “going to Allah” and was fighting with his wife because she refused to wear a hijab. An apparent act of mass honor killing followed.

Larry shot and murdered his family. His pregnant wife, 7-year old son named Jihad, and two of his nieces, including one who was pregnant, were killed. His mother and nephew suffered severe injuries and went to the hospital. His 12-year old niece escaped as Larry shot at her as she fled. She managed to run into a gas station and have a worker call her mom. When the police arrived, Larry said he was bringing his family to Allah and said, “I wish I had more bullets. I wish I had more bullets.” His attorney says he is mentally ill and “suffering greatly” over his actions.

This just continues the pattern of the media failing to bring proper emphasis to worthy reports and the government steering the country into complacency by automatically downplaying suggestions that nearly any incident is connected to terrorism or radical Islam....

Read it all>
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Arrow Has Islam forced its way into YOUR child’s school yet?

Has Islam forced its way into YOUR child’s school yet?

It’s only a matter of time. Now Nashville Public Schools are helping Muslim students to retain their Islamic identity by creating Muslim prayer rooms in schools. And doing it at taxpayer expense.

Education Resource Committee for Muslim Students
Per our last update on the meeting with Dr. Register by representatives from Islamic Center of Nashville, Salahadeen Center, Masjid Al-Farooq and Masjid Al-Islam, an official committee has been formed to act as a liason and educational resource for Muslim families and Metro Nashville Public Schools to meet the needs fo students while maintaining their Islamic identity. For more information you may contact any of the centers or Sr. Berthena or Sr. Kasar.

Prayer Accommodations at School
For your children’s interest, accommodations for students taking a few minutes to catch their Dhuhr prayer are available. Please contact your child’s appropriate teacher of that particular period via email (emails can be found on metro’s website, and copy your school’s guidance counselor. Your child can also personally request the teacher as well. Letters for prayer arrangements during Ramadan (along with PE and lunch alternatives such as the library) have already been sent to all the schools. Letters for other specific accommodation have been revised and will be sent out. H/TCREEPING SHARIA

Public schools and universities across the country are considering Muslim students’ requests for religious accommodations, including
separate rooms where fasting students can go during lunch; places for students to perform daily prayers; the consideration of requests to make Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that ends Ramadan, a school holiday; and the installation of footbaths in restrooms to make it easier for students to follow prayer rituals.

Here are some of the more recent controversies involving religious accommodations of Muslims and other groups in public schools from the elementary to the university level:

The San Diego Unified School District is under scrutiny after allowing Muslim students at Carver Elementary School 15 minutes a day for prayer. A teacher claimed the students were led in prayer by a school aide, a violation of U.S. Department of Education guidelines. The school is now being monitored by religious and civil rights groups. (See aJuly 2, 2007, San DiegoUnion-Tribune story.)

The University of Michigan-Dearborn is steeped in controversy after a decision to use $25,000 in student fees to install footbaths in campus restrooms. The footbaths are seen as an accommodation for Muslim students, who must wash their feet and hands before prayer. The Minneapolis Community and Technical College was bombarded with hate mail when it, too, announced plans to install footbaths. (See an Aug. 29, 2007, Washington Times story.)

In September the New York City-based Stop the Madrassa coalition announced the launch of a national organization,Citizens for American Values in Public Education. The group’s news release says it will “expand the fight nationwide to stop the imposition of radical Islamist agendas in curricula, Arabic language programs, history classes, textbooks, teacher training, and charter schools,” which the group considers unconstitutional religious accommodation. It says the organization will begin distributing a publication called “Stop the Madrassa: A Citizens Guide to Islamist Curricula in Public Schools” nationally.

The opening of public schools that cater to Muslim groups has raised questions about religious accommodation and whether public funds should support schools with religious focuses. In New York, the newly opened Khalil Gibran International Academy emphasizes Arabic.

At the forefront of the push for religious accommodation in public universities is the Muslim Students Association, which has formed a Muslim Accommodations Task Force to push for footbaths and prayer rooms. At least 17 universities have footbaths built or under construction, including Boston University, George Washington University and Temple University, and nine universities have prayer rooms designated exclusively for Muslim students, including Stanford University, Emory University and the University of Virginia.

In New York City, Muslim groups are seeking the recognition of two Muslim holidays as school holidays. (Read a May 16, 2007, Norwood News article posted by New York State Assemblyman Ruben Diaz Jr.) Also in New York, in February the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review an appeals court decision that allows New York City public schools to display a menorah during Hanukkah and a star and crescent during Ramadan, while banning a crèche at Christmastime. (See a Feb. 22, 2007, Christian Science Monitor story posted by the Roundtable on Religion & Social Welfare Policy.)

There is a growing movement among Muslims to have Eid al-Fitr, the festival which marks the end of Ramadan, recognized as a public school holiday.

When a Cincinnati-area school set aside a room for Muslim students during lunch periods for Ramadan, a local school board official accused the school of being overly accommodating. (Read a Feb. 11, 2007, Boston Globestory about challenges Muslims face in the “heartland” of America and an Oct. 26, 2006, Cincinnati Enquirer storyabout the Ramadan debate. LINK






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Arrow Excuses for Islamists »

Excuses for Islamists
UCLA’s "see no evil" approach to terrorism financing

A conference at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on April 16, 2010, offered “Critical Perspectives on the Criminalization of Islamic Philanthropy in the War on Terror.” Co-sponsored by the UCLA International Institute, the Critical Race Studies Program, and the UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law—and including speakers from UCLA’s Center for Near Eastern Studies (CNES)—the conference proffered the usual apologist fare.

It was also an echo chamber. Of the approximately 30 people in attendance, 20 of them were academics. Several students showed up, in addition to the usual assortment of aging leftist revolutionaries.

The thrust of the conference was simple: The war on terror has led to a crackdown on Muslim charities, which has had a chilling effect on Muslims by rendering them unable to engage in Zakat (charity), one of the five pillars of Islam.

Unmentioned throughout this eight-hour infomercial was that the majority of the charities that have been investigated for financially aiding terrorism were found guilty and that decent Muslims are capable of giving to charities that do not foment bombings and beheadings.

Asli Bali, acting professor of law at UCLA, organized the conference and acted as one of the principal moderators. She responded to challenging questions from the audience by stating: “We will take three questions from presenters; others will have to wait.”

Jennifer Turner of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Human Rights Program was the speaker over whom everybody seemed to be fawning. Her presentation was titled, “Blocking Faith, Freezing Charity,” and, in typical ACLU fashion, she made excuses for Islamists’ bad behavior while bashing America.

She began by stating: “I’m not a social scientist. I am not here to offer any statistical analysis”—a fig leaf she employed to make wildly unsubstantiated claims, as when she announced that “the conviction in the Holy Land Foundation case was based on faulty evidence.” She didn’t bother to elaborate.

It turned out her “research” that had the entire room in a swoon consisted of the following:
I did 120 interviews with American Muslims in Michigan and Texas. People reported that they were unable to give Zakat. Some had stopped giving entirely. Some felt fear of deportation or denial of citizenship.
Turner excused her extremely small sample size with more platitudes about not being a statistician. She insisted that she did not ask leading questions, although the process was clearly an exercise in promoting victimhood. She did not verify the accuracy of her respondents or analyze any tax returns. In short, she relied on her own biased views to justify a predetermined conclusion.

University of Michigan, Dearborn, history professor Sally Howell actually found oppression in increased giving. As she put it:
Since 2001, there have been 14 new mosques, and 17 mosques have doubled in size. This is proof that people are not donating overseas.
Howell followed this with more bizarre commentary:

“The Arab charity LIFE [Life for Relief and Development] had their board resign one year after Israel invaded Lebanon.”
Foiled again!

“As a result of restrictive policies” a board member of another charity, according to Howell, “embezzled $10,000.”

Yes: and as a result of inconvenient and restrictive securities laws, Bernie Madoff was forced to steal. It was all America’s fault.

“Does government get to decide what is good Islam and what is bad Islam?,” she asked.

No, but it does get to decide what constitutes funding terrorism....

Read it all>
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I know this has been said to you many times before but I would also like to thank you for taking the time and effort for putting all this information on this site for our education and to help educate others also. I have many of these sites in my favorites but coming here to this site is like one stop shopping. You and others I'm getting to know are a valuable asset.

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Originally Posted by Americal View Post
I know this has been said to you many times before but I would also like to thank you for taking the time and effort for putting all this information on this site for our education and to help educate others also. I have many of these sites in my favorites but coming here to this site is like one stop shopping. You and others I'm getting to know are a valuable asset.

Thanks for the kind words. The majority of people have very little knowledge on what is truly going on. For those that are surfing the net and find this site or visit here I try to put together threads about subjects that may perk their interests to find out what is true and what is propaganda.
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Arrow New York: 2 U.S. citizens charged with aiding al-Qaeda

New York: 2 U.S. citizens charged with aiding al-Qaeda
They wanted to help "modernize" al-Qaeda -- ironic, considering al-Qaeda's thoroughly un-modern vision for society. "2 N.Y. men charged with aiding al-Qaida," from the Associated Press, April 30:
NEW YORK - Two U.S. citizens were charged Friday with conspiring to provide computer assistance, watches and other support to help "modernize" al-Qaida.
A vaguely worded indictment unsealed Friday in federal court in Manhattan accused Wesam El-Hanafi of traveling to Yemen to meet with unnamed al-Qaida members in February 2008.
The terrorists "instructed him on operational security measures and directed him to perform tasks for al-Qaida," the indictment says. While there, he also "took an oath of allegiance to al-Qaida," it adds.
In February 2008, El-Hanafi bought computer software that allowed him to secretly communicate over the Internet, federal prosecutors allege. That summer, he met with an unnamed co-conspirator and the second defendant, Sabirhan Hasanoff, in Brooklyn to discuss joining al-Qaida, according to the indictment.
The confidential co-conspirator paid $50,000 to Hasanoff, who later traveled to New York City and performed unspecified "tasks for al-Qaida," the court papers say. The papers say that the conspiracy included El-Hanafi purchasing seven Casio digital watches, but doesn't say why.
In a statement, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said the men had schemed "to modernize al-Qaida by providing computer systems expertise and other goods and services." His office declined further comment.
El-Hanafi, 33, and Hasanoff, 34, were to make an initial court appearance in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. Friday afternoon.
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Arrow "Absolutely, there will be more attacks in New York"

"Absolutely, there will be more attacks in New York"

Yet another traitor in our midst. "'Absolutely, there will be more attacks in New York': Muslim extremist warns America: Times Square just the beginning," from WorldNetDaily, May 2:
A Muslim extremist who earlier warned that TV's "South Park" creators should be "afraid for their lives" for insulting Islam's prophet Muhammad now says that yesterday's car bomb attempt in Times Square will be just the beginning of a new wave of terrorist attacks.

Younus Abdullah Muhammad, author of, told WND senior reporter Aaron Klein on New York's WABC 770 AM that America should "absolutely" expect more jihadi violence in New York City.

When asked if the Times Square attack was specifically aimed at the offices of nearby Viacom, which owns the "South Park" series, Abdullah Muhammad deflected the question to condemn U.S. foreign policy instead.

"It was a retaliation for what your government is doing overseas," Abdullah Muhammad said. "If you want to continue killing civilians, then you're going to get many incidents that resemble what happened yesterday."...

"We do not condone nor condemn terrorism," Abdullah Muhammad answered. "There is no relation between our organization and these attacks."

Still, Abdullah Muhammad predicted, "There will be a lot more terror attacks in the Unites [sic] States. Probably you should bring your imperial overstretch home before you're destroyed. ... Stop trying to police the world. Nobody likes you people."
"You people." This fellow clearly does not consider himself an American -- and that's no surprise, given the supranational character of the umma.
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