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Old 09-28-2017, 04:17 AM
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Default DF chief commutes sentence of soldier who shot wounded terrorist

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IDF chief commutes sentence of soldier who shot wounded terrorist

September 27, 2017

The IDF chief of staff has granted Azaria his request for clemency and shortened his sentence by four months.

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot announced Wednesday that he has accepted a request for clemency from IDF soldier Elor Azaria and has shortened his prison term by four months.

Azaria was sentenced in February to 18 months in prison after being found guilty of manslaughter. He lost an appeal in August, and submitted a request for clemency to Eizenkot in August.

In a letter sent to Azaria, who is currently serving his prison term, Eisenkott condemned the soldier’s actions but said he took into consideration his exemplary service as a combat soldier and decided that a display of mercy was called for in this case.

With Eisenkot’s decision, Azaria is now scheduled to be released in a year. He can request to have his sentence further reduced by 50 percent, as per military regulations.

In March 2016, Azaria, a combat medic stationed in Hebron, shot a neutralized terrorist in the head as he lay wounded on the ground after committing a stabbing attack against the soldier’s colleagues.

Azaria claimed during his trial that he felt his life was in danger, saying he thought the terrorist could have been carrying a bomb on his body.

In a missive sent to Eisenkot in August, Azaria wrote that had he known that the terrorist was not wearing an explosive built, he would not have shot him.

A poll from January shows 70 percent of the Israeli public is in favor of pardoning Azaria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and several senior ministers have likewise expressed support for such a move.

By: World Israel News Staff


Devasahayam the Deplored • 12 hours ago
Inadequate -- Azaria's sentence should be reduced to nil, and he should be immediately released from prison and promoted two ranks in IDF, and compensated for the unjust incarceration at the higher rank's payrate!

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Moe Rosenhek Devasahayam the Deplored • an hour ago
AND given a medal!

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BeatrizV • 11 hours ago
Instead of giving him a medal for killing a terrorist you put him in jail? What is Israel become? Protector of the terrorists bent on destroying it? Politically correct does not mean suicidal correct and the judge who sentenced this hero should be in jail in his place.

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Zenon Blaszczyk BeatrizV • 4 hours ago
I can't believe the protector of Israel is still in jail shame!

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lesrun5k BeatrizV • 4 hours ago
Yes,he should have NEVER been convicted of anything.This is one reason the terror will continue to be ongoing if ISRAEL trys to play nicey with their sworn enemy and win in the world's court of politically correctness To.Hell with the world,this is a WAR against evil to win or lose.

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Hamed Mojerkoff • 4 hours ago
He should not have spent even one second in jail!

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lesrun5k Hamed Mojerkoff • 4 ho urs ago
You are correct,if the circumstances were reversed and a scum dog Palestians terrorist shot a wounded Israel'i he wo uld have been rewarded,at times you must get down to the enemies moral le el.I hope / pray that ISRAEL will soon take of the KIDDIE gloves in response to any / all enemies. God bless ISRAEL.

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Ray Admon • 4 hours ago
And now Azaria deserves a TZALASH!!!!!!!! plus, whoever caused this travesty
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Jill Abbott • 2 hours ago
Pin a medal on him.

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Avatar • 2 hours ago
I think he should be released now, should not have been in jail at all, as a matter of fact. And a hero's medal would be his just reward. He did not just shoot him out of fear for his own life, but to protect the lives of all around him. How could he have known that the terrorist didn't wear a suicide belt, or even that he was truly dead?

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Hector Zuniga • 41 minutes ago
Azaria never should put in jail, instead He must to be put with the commendation David Start

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mercenary76 • 42 minutes ago
in a reversed situation the terrorist would have killed any or all of us and would have been rewarded and his family rewarded and there would be celebration of this act for days . how can this man be punished so harshly ?

Am Yisrael Chai

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arigatoo • 2 h ours ago
Put Eisenkot into a trial for helping terrorists to murder Jews.

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