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Old 11-27-2017, 12:00 AM
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Default WATCH: Syrians Leave Israel Very Differently Than They Arrive

United with Israel

WATCH: Syrians Leave Israel Very Differently Than They Arrive

Nov 26, 2017

Israel ensures that Syrians entering Israel for health care return return home in much better shape physically and with their basic needs properly addressed.

Syrians suffering from a disastrous civil war are arriving at Israel’s border on a daily basis badly wounded and lacking basic necessities.

Israel never hesitated to accept these people in their time of need, organizing ambulances 24 hours a day to bring them directly to each of the hospitals close to Israel’s border with Syria and even setting up a field hospital for immediate treatment.

Hananya Naftali, a former Israeli combat medic who provided initial care to Syrians approaching Israel’s border gate, reflects on the universal values of protecting human life that he learned in the IDF and the pride he felt seeing the same people returning home with their wounds healed and holding basic supplies in their hands.


Len Levin • 8 hours ago

As I responded to a similar article on this subject, Israel should request (demand?) approval to post the complete picture of those given medical assistance, and perhaps also their names.

This provides 100% proof against the usual anti-Israel press, which most likely would discredit the medical and other help offered to the Syrian "enemy."

To prevent any retributions against those assisted by Israel, the UN should strongly warn the Syrian govt. that they would be in violation of the UN human rights laws and subject to being ousted from that great body. (Not really serious about this last point, but perhaps not so bizarre!)

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Cliff Newman • 10 hours ago

It is so hard for me to see young boys who have been harmed. I live in America and am 66 years old and my body has many scars from damage done to me when I was little.

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Avatar Cliff Newman • an hour ago

Cliff Newman; I'm so sorry for all your scars. I pray that you have forgiven who ever done this to you, you may have the scars but the other one has pain of ALL GUILT that won't heal. BE BLESSED.

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Peter Cohen • 6 hours ago

Israel is always classy and compassionate.

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John Whitcombe Naulu • 2 hours ago

The Love of our LORD GOD our Father manifested in us. This is perfect love not that we love GOD but HE first loved us. Love one another as I have loved you and gave my life for you, not because you loved me but I FIRST loved you. And this love manifested in the lives of the Jewish people and it's nation now you know why Israel is super naturally blessed surrounded with favour and above and beyond and wisdom and knowledge. May GOD'S peace that surpasses all understanding will always guard the hearts and minds of every Jewish people from the greatest to the least.

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Richard1ne • 4 hours ago

Such assistance is perhaps seeds to eventual recognition by the enemy. Peace stronger than evil?

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nagra bagra • 6 hours ago
All muslims are thoroughly brainwashed from birth to see Israel as a monster and unhuman. So when they must receive aid from Israeli's they are terrified then surprised that they were not treated as they were taught they would be if they were caught by or went into Israel. Continue to prove the liars wrong Israel!!

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teddy martin • 7 hours ago

Israel should add about one million Fakenstinians to the departing group back to Syria. That is the ancestral lands of many, if not most, of the Fakenstinians in Israel today.

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IsntMan • 10 hours ago

I am not sure they can love you Israel , ,they are too full of hate toward non believer.

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Sue IsntMan • 9 hours ago

But you never know.......................

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Avatar Sue • an hour ago

Sue; Love cover a multitude of sin's and I pray you are right.

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Carlos Maravankin • 11 hours ago

Los judios somos "menscht"

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Silas Carlos Maravankin • 9 hours ago

For once see Isreal are not your enemies.

We have helped your people as much as we can and we also helped other nations civilians whether they be Jewsih Israeli, MORRACKIANS,Mixicans. Peruvi\ans and many other peoples. I repeat WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES, YOUR OWN PEOPLE ARE YOUR WORST ENEMIES NOT US.

My only PRAYER is that Iran should stop getting other Arabs to kill Muslims Arabs. We also offered Iran when they had their earthwake recently ONLY FOR THEIR CITIZENS HOPE AND RETURN TO HEALTH BUT they rather get other Muslims to do their killing and distribute their SHASHA to their puppet nationalities


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