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Historical Israel-Arab wars Discuss the strategies and the situation of the historical Israeli-Arab wars from 1948-1982 and it's implications on Israel.

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Old 09-05-2012, 07:28 PM
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Default How Hezbollah was saved from destruction in 2006

With talk of a new round against a Hezbollah even better armed and trained than it was in 2006 as part of a war with Iran, and with Hezbollah's recent rhetoric, I think it's important to take a look back and learn the last war's most important lesson:

Quote: Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 31, 2007

'Our men would surrender if the war lasted 10 more days'

"The cease-fire acted as a life jacket for the organization [at the end of
the Second Lebanon War]," a Hizbullah officer said in an interview aired by
Channel 10 on Tuesday.

In the interview, the unnamed officer said Hizbullah gunmen would have
surrendered if the fighting last summer had continued for another 10 days.

His statement sharply contrasted with those made by Hizbullah leader Hassan
Nasrallah on several occasions since the monthlong war.

At the end of the war, Nasrallah said his organization had gained a "divine

The officer shown on Channel 10 said the organization's gunmen had been
running low on food and water and facing rapidly diminishing arms supplies.

The officer also said that many Hizbullah commanders were ordered to hide
before the war started, and that the gunmen who remained were forced to fire
Katyusha rockets from inside urban populations because of the IDF's
efficiency in destroying launchers minutes after a launch had been detected.

He said that when the gunmen relocated to cities and villages, they knew
innocent civilians would be hurt as a consequence.

The quick arrival of IAF jets at rocket-launch sites, sometimes only four to
five minutes after a Katyusha was fired, "surprised" Hizbullah, the officer
Just imagine that. Had Israel not bowed to the "international community" and accepted a cease-fire, there would have been no more Hezbollah. The group's back would have been completely broken.

This is yet another painful lesson to what happens whenever Israel listens to the "international community". It is clear that Hezbollah is the most dangerous and effective terrorist organization in the world, with military capabilities that surpass those of some states. Israel lost a golden opportunity to get rid of it in 2006.

So as we talk of war with Iran and the devastating consequences that will follow, including a Hezbollah missile barrage that will paralyze the economy and an extended war with a Hezbollah at the peak of its military capabilities, we must also take into account what happens when Israel listens to the world, and puts international relations above its own security.
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Old 06-19-2014, 06:15 AM
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Israel should not have succumbed to the UN and US's pressure which prevented the IDF from crushing Hezbollah and decapitating its leader, Nasrallah, one of Lebanon's many hogs.
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Old 06-19-2014, 07:18 AM
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Entirely too much judgementalism on "Israel bowing to" this or that body.

A) Hizbullah was severely damaged

B) The border has been quiet.

And let me say that when the United States makes it a point to subvert Israeli defense policy, and interferes in Israeli internal matters, and uses blackmail regarding selling spare parts or new equipment, the our leaders have to play games.

Israel is not some kind of super-state that is filled with raw materials, and can make all her own military supplies. Because of a lack of economy of scale, we'd have to cut universal health care, pensions, road maintenance, and spaying and neutering of street cats.

If any of us were in leadership, and faced with a severe cut in, say, jet fighter orders, then we'd have what to say. Europe on both sides of the Atlantic, from Washington to London, Paris, Rome, Berlin to Moscow, bondi beach to the Dardanelles, is basically not terribly comfortable with the Jewish state. Yes a pro-Israel leader pops up here and there, but that is usually temporary, and not any where near full support.

So what AM I saying?

We do what we can, when we can. We make hudna-like agreements. We say 'yes' in English and 'no' in Hebrew.

So far, Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian leaders, who prevent more terrorism in Israel than any so-called War on Terror, and shoot more terrorists, have been more honourable to agreements with Israel in many ways, than the West's presidents and prime ministers.

With the Arabs, we don't have to pretend. With Western leaders, the play-acting is intense and stultifying. There is so much more going on than the mainstream media image of Israel "caving in" to Western pressure.
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