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Old 09-29-2016, 03:13 PM
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Exclamation Mall shooter illegally voted in 3 elections

Mall Shooter Illegally Voted In 3 Elections
Investigators may probe Cascade Mall suspect's citizenship status, voting record

The Cascade Mall shooting suspect, Arcan Cetin, may face an additional investigation related to his voting record and citizenship status.

Federal sources confirm to KING 5 that Cetin was not a U.S. citizen, meaning legally he cannot vote. However, state records show Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary.

Cetin, who immigrated to the United States from Turkey as a child, is considered a permanent resident or green card holder. While a permanent resident can apply for U.S. citizenship after a certain period of time, sources tell KING his status had not changed from green card holder to U.S. citizen.

While voters must attest to citizenship upon registering online or registering to vote at the Department of Licensing Office, Washington state doesn't require proof of citizenship. Therefore elections officials say the state's elections system operates, more or less, under an honor system.

"We don’t have a provision in state law that allows us either county elections officials or the Secretary of State's office to verify someone’s citizenship," explained Secretary of State Kim Wyman. "So, we’re in this place where we want to make sure we’re maintaining people’s confidence in the elections and the integrity of the process, but also that we’re giving this individual, like we would any voter, his due process. We’re moving forward, and that investigation is really coming out of the investigation from the shootings."

The penalty for voting as a non U.S. citizen could result in five years of prison time or a $10,000, according to Secretary of State's Office.

"The penalties are very serious. That’s why we want to make sure we’re very measured, and this is why we want to make sure we’re very calm and purposeful in how we move forward," Wyman continued. "The stakes are very high on both sides. You want to keep the confidence level high, but you also want to protect the voting rights of everyone."

Wyman says while it's impossible to determine an exact number, she does not believe this case points to a larger issue.

"Our hands are kind of tied, but make no mistake, we want to make sure that everybody has confidence that people casting ballots are eligible. This is certainly going to be a topic at next legislation."

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

Arcan Cetin: Did Cascade Mall Suspect Support Hillary Clinton & ISIS?
By Jessica McBride

Arcan Cetin, identified by police as the Cascade Mall mass shooter, had tweeted about voting for Hillary Clinton and praised the leader of ISIS on his blog.

Now it comes out that Cetin may face an investigation over accusations he voted illegally because he’s not a citizen.

Cetin was arrested on September 24 and is accused in the mass murder of five people in the Macy’s store at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. Although Cetin was widely described as Hispanic in the media when he was not yet identified by name, his Facebook page says he is from Turkey. The Seattle Times newspaper says police first misidentified Cetin, a Turkish immigrant, as Hispanic, adding that police said they identified him as Hispanic based on surveillance photos and his dark hair.

However, it’s now emerged that Cetin was not a U.S. citizen, “meaning legally he cannot vote. However, state records show Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary,” according to King5, which says he may face a separate investigation into his voting record.

What’s the evidence that he took a side in the presidential election, though?

A Twitter page in Cetin’s name (identified as his page by the New York Times) contains this 2015 post:

A Tumblr page in his name contains references to the phrase “Subhan Allah,” which means Glory be to God, as well as comments about serial killers. It links to a page, also identified as his by the Associated Press, that praises the ISIS leader and an Iranian Ayatollah. Police have not yet determined the shooter’s motive in the mall attack, according to The Seattle Times, and Cetin has a troubled past that includes domestic violence allegations. By one account, he called out a woman’s name while allegedly firing.

In another post on Twitter, Cetin suggested Hillary Clinton should be on the new $10 bill. However, he also included Hitler’s wife in that list.


However, a woman has tweeted that the voting comment was a sarcastic response to a football game.

She claims he was actually a conservative and a member of a rifle club and ROTC. She writes that the Hillary Clinton comment related to a Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks game. She has also posted political commentary of her own as well as a post that Cetin made wishing people a Merry Christmas. Asked whether she actually knew Cetin, though, she responded “not at all.” Thus, it’s far from clear that her theory about Cetin’s tweet was accurate.

@ArcanCetin was a conservative in rifle club &ROTC. This tweet is in response to the Seahawks beating Packers on Jan 18 2015

— ♏Heather (@heathermae777) September 25, 2016

The Tumblr page is in the name of Arcan Cetin. It contains the exact same photo of Cetin that appears on the Twitter page in Cetin’s name; the latter Twitter page was identified by the New York Times as the alleged mall gunman’s Twitter page. The URL of the Tumblr site contains the words “arcanmotherrussiavodkaak47.” The Facebook page of the alleged gunman, identified as his by the Times and many other media outlets, contains numerous references by friends to his purported fascination with guns and Russia.

On the Tumblr page, a post contains a reference to Allah and a person who responds uses the word Jannah, which is the term for the Muslim paradise.

A screenshot of a post on the Tumblr page in the name of Arcan Cetin.

The page also contains references to Ted Bundy, a gun show, and Adolph Hitler.

This is the photo that was posted both on the Twitter page and the Tumblr page. It’s the one on the top right, and it appears to be from a set of photos. Cetin’s post on Twitter indicates that it was taken in 2014:

Under the photo on Tumblr, there is this comment, “meowfraulein I’m cute plez say yez jk.” Meowfraulein is another Tumblr page. It bears this photo, as well as one of a Supreme Leader of Iran and a Julian Assange book cover with the words “Mein Kampf” added:

The above photo is of the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The comment under it says, “My main dude, Abu bakr al big daddy. #al qaeda.”

The comment under the post links back to the first Tumblr page bearing Cetin’s photo and his name. In addition, the profile picture on the meowfraulein Tumblr page appears in the set of photos on the Arcan Cetin Tumblr page – in the same set as the photo that also appears on the Twitter page that the Times has identified as the alleged gunman’s.

The meowfraulein page also contains this picture:

View all the rest here>

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Exclamation Those anti-muslim hate crimes 'soaring to their highest levels' since 2001

Debunking the media hype
By Hugh Fitzgerald

The Sunday New York Times for September 18 carried a story by Eric Lichtblau ( about a “study” by “researchers” at the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at the San Bernardino campus of California State University, purporting to show that “hate crimes against US Muslims are not just “on the rise” but have “soared to their highest levels since the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.” While the FBI’s hate-crime statistics are not going to be released until November, data from this center, which is compiled from police reports, suggest that “hate crimes” against Muslims have risen 78% in one year. Some “scholars” of the subject believe that the anti-Muslim animus cannot be linked to the attacks all over the place, in Europe and America, by Muslim terrorists, nor to the attacks carried out in the Middle East – in Syria, Iraq, and Libya – by members of the Islamic State, nor to the aggressive, often criminal, behavior, of so many Muslim migrants in Europe, with the constant stream of news about gang rapes, mob violence, property crimes large and small. No, it’s all the fault of some remarks of Donald Trump about the need to keep out, or at least vet more thoroughly, Muslim migrants. It’s not what Muslims do, it’s not what anyone can read in the Qur’an and Hadith, it’s what people like Trump say that supposedly explains the rise in these “hate crimes” against Muslims.

The Times article never mentions the scandal surrounding reports of “hate crimes” against Muslims, which is that more than a few such reports have later turned out to be false. And even were we to accept at face value every one of those claimed to be an anti-Muslim “hate crime,” for 2015 it amounts to 260, that is, five a week, less than one a day, in a country with 325 million people. Does this really constitute a “soaring” rate? And the evidence suggests that we have a right to be doubtful about some of those counted as “hate crimes.”

Here are a few examples: a fire supposedly set at a Texas Islamic Center in February 2015 turned out to have been set near the mosque, by a homeless man, Quba Ferguson, just trying to keep warm. In New Jersey, a Muslim man, Kashif Parvaiz, exploited the willingness of people to believe that there is murderous and rampant Islamophobia, claiming that an anti-Muslim killer had shot his wife in front of their son, screaming “terrorist” as he did so. It turned out that the man’s mistress was the killer, put up to it by him so he could rid himself of his wife and marry her. Nothing “anti-Islamic” about it.

Qur’ans were burned at an Islamic Center, and the Center’s imam, calling for restrictions on “free speech” (meaning anti-Islam speech), was joined by the media, all in a frenzied state about this supposed “hate crime.” Eventually it turned out that the book-burner was one Ali Hassan Al-Assadi, a Muslim angry with people at the local mosques, who said he burned the Qur’ans in retribution.

Want more? There’s the University of Texas Muslimah who claimed that “a gunman followed her to the campus and threatened her.” She finally admitted to making up the whole story.

Or yet another story of mosque vandalism, this time in Fresno where, after CAIR went wild with claims of yet another “hate crimes,” it turned out to have been prompted by a private grievance by one Asiuf Mohammad Khan against a Muslim woman and her family.

Google away, and you’ll find many more examples of crimes first reported as anti-Muslim “hate crimes” that turn out to have been the work of Muslims, or of non-Muslims whose motive had nothing to do with Islam.

And sometimes the original false story of a “hate crime” refuses to die, and for many becomes the accepted version of what happened, even if the investigators long ago concluded otherwise.

There was, most notably, the killing of three young Muslims in Chapel Hill, by a neighbor in the same apartment complex. This was immediately reported as a “hate crime.” But the man had a long history of being agitated about parking spaces, and no history at all of being anti-Muslim. His Internet postings showed, rather, antipathy to Christianity. As to the parking spaces, he had fought with both Muslim and non-Muslim neighbors over who could park where.

But because the three people Craig Hicks killed were Muslims, at the time of the murders Muslims immediately swung into action, declaring that of course Hicks’s motive could only have been a deep-seated hatred of Muslims. Nihad Awad of CAIR was quick off the mark: “Based on the brutal nature of the crime, the past anti-religion [but they were all anti-Christian!] statements of the alleged perpetrator, the religious attire of two of the victims, and the rising anti-Muslim rhetoric in American society, we urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to quickly address speculation of a possible bias motive in this case.” Linda Sarsour, a well-known Muslim activist, insisted that the murders sent “a message to other young people in the Muslim community that the fear [of anti-Muslim hate crime] is valid.” There was much more in this vein from various Muslim activists, not one of whom could point to a single anti-Muslim statement or act by Craig Hicks. But if Muslims were killed, who cared if it was all about a parking space? It was about a parking space for Muslims. And that made it about Islam.

What everyone who came into contact with Craig Hicks knew was that he was very angry, but what he was very angry about was not Islam but the quality of life at his apartment house. And what enraged him – the neighbor from hell – were such commonplace problems as too much noise coming from other apartments. One of the Muslim survivors said that the first complaint they ever had from Hicks was over the level of noise he and his friends made while they were playing “Risk”: “You were too loud, you woke up my wife.” But what really exercised Hicks were disputes over parking.Sometimes other residents would have more visitors than they had visitors’ permits for; sometimes those visitors, or the residents themselves, parked in places not designated for them. All of this was fodder for the lunatic Hicks. But he was as incensed with non-Muslims over parking problems as he was with Muslims.

Hicks’ wife of seven years testified: “I can say with absolute belief that this incident had nothing to do with religion of the victims, but it was related to a longstanding parking dispute that my husband had with the neighbors.” Not once in their seven years of marriage had Hicks ever mentioned any hatred of Muslims. But about parking spaces, he had plenty to say. And U.S. Attorney Ripley Rand was equally certain: “The events of yesterday are not part of a targeting campaign against Muslims in North Carolina…..there was no information this is part of an organized event against Muslims.”

Yet, in the just-published story in the New York Times, Eric Lichtblau includes this:

The statistics almost certainly understate the extent of the problem [of anti-Muslim “hate crimes”], researchers say, because victims are often reluctant to report attacks for fear of inflaming community tensions, and because it is sometimes difficult for investigators to establish that religious, ethnic or racial hatred was a cause.

In the killing last year of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, N.C., for instance, the authorities did not bring hate crime charges against a neighbor who is charged with murdering them, despite calls from Muslims who said there were religious overtones to the violence. The police said that a parking dispute, not bigotry, may have led to the killings.

Why does he report with such bland certainty that the “statistics understate the extent of the problem” when we have so many cases of Muslims falsely reporting “hate crimes” (e.g., a man followed and threatened me, a man set fire to our mosque, a man burned a stack of Qur’ans, a man called my wife a “terrorist” and shot her, a woman mocked my hijab) for various reasons, and when we know that CAIR encourages such reporting and makes an enormous fuss over every case? Are there really examples of victims being “reluctant to report attacks”? Where does this information come from? All the evidence goes the other way. CAIR doesn’t fear “inflaming community tensions,” but wants to exaggerate the level of anti-Muslim hate crimes; it positively relishes every “hate-crime” it can add to its growing portfolio of victimhood.

In the next paragraph, Lichtblau appears to suggest that there was something wrong when the “authorities did not bring hate crime charges against” the killer in Chapel Hill. Note Lichtblau’s use of “for instance,” which means that he thinks the Chapel Hill killings were an example (a “for instance”) of a police department not bringing “hate crime” charges because “it is sometimes difficult for investigators to establish that religious, ethnic or racial hatred was a cause.”

But this was an absolutely clear case. Yet Lichtblau writes that “a parking dispute, not bigotry, may have led to the killings.” “May”? No, a parking dispute did lead to the killings. That was what the police investigation concluded. Why, at this point, does he still cast doubt by writing “may”? There was no evidence, it needs to be repeated, of any anti-Muslim feeling by Craig Hicks. He did, online, express animus toward Christianity. About Islam he expressed no antipathy. Quite the contrary: he wrote that “knowing several dozen Muslims, I’d prefer them to most Christians.” His parking space rage was directed at Muslims and non-Muslims alike, as neighbors testified, a source of constant disputes and agitation.

Eric Lichtblau has no reservations about the reporting of anti-Muslim hate crimes, or rather, he sees under-reporting where others, actually looking at the claims made initially about hate crimes, might conclude there has been too quick a willingness to label something a “hate crime.” He ignores the role that CAIR plays in egging Muslims on to report these “hate-crimes.” Naturally some of them will conclude that fabricating such crimes must help the cause of Islam. Lichtblau might at least have acknowledged that there have been cases where Muslims have falsely reported “hate-crimes” and given his readers a dozen examples.

And he is flatly wrong to hint that the Chapel Hill Police were not able to bring a “hate crime” charge against Hicks only because it was “difficult for investigators to establish that” motive. It was not “difficult,” but “impossible,” because there was not the slightest evidence to support such a charge.

What was it that prevented Eric Lichtblau from telling the truth about the Chapel Hill case? He ought to have written:

The statistics on hate-crimes against Muslims remain controversial, for each year there are a number of such charges that have then turned out to be false. Take, for example, the murders of three Muslims in Chapel Hill. Despite all the evidence that Craig Hicks was consumed with anger about a number of things, about parking spaces and noise, and Islam was never one of them. Yet CAIR and many Muslims continue to insist that the Chapel Hill murders were motivated by anti-Muslim hate, and no amount of evidence that something else explains his rage will, it seems, convince them.

That’s how Eric Lichtblau might have injected a salutary note of skepticism about Muslim reports on “hate crimes.” He chose not to. And that is a pity, not just for those who are trying to understand all the ways and means of the Stealth Jihad, but also for Eric Lichtblau himself, who in this case did not do what the New York Times claims it always does — that is, to publish all the news that’s fit to print.

Coda: It’s been ten days since Eric Lichtblau published his piece about the “under-reporting” of attacks on Muslims. How many attacks on Muslims by non-Muslims in this country have there been in that time? None. And how many attacks on non-Muslims by Muslims have there been in the same time? Oh, there was Ahmad Khan Rahani, who planted bombs in New York and New Jersey. He studied at a pro-Taliban seminary in Pakistan; he made reference to ISIS in his journal. His motives are still being investigated. And there was a Somali man who stabbed ten people at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. His motives are still unclear, but there’s been an awful lot of racial tension, according to the Associated Press, and “several Somalis said they saw pickups driving through predominantly Somali neighborhoods the night after the attack, waving confederate flags and honking.” So as of now the most likely explanation, according to authorities, is that Dahir Ahmed Adan was getting even for a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest that hasn’t yet been pulled down from its plinth in Pickpocket Woods, South Carolina (courthouse, cannon, a hero on a horse). And there was Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim who murdered five people at a Macy’s store in the Cascade Mall in Washington State, and posted at Tumblr “Say SubhanAllah” (Glory to Allah)” and praised al-Baghdadi and Khamenei. But the police are still “no closer to determining the motive.” And there was the Muslim, Amjad Hussein, who made death threats to a SUNY professor, but no one as yet can figure out why.

And as for under-reporting on a monumental scale, it is only thanks to a leak that we all learned, a few days ago, that in one year the FBI had 7,712 “terrorist encounters.” None of them were reported to the American public until now. How many attacks by Muslims have been foiled, all over the Western world, that we will never hear about? Eric Lichtblau, please take note.

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Exclamation FBI Chart and Documents Portray CAIR as Hamas-Related Organization

FBI Chart and Documents Portray CAIR as Hamas-Related Organization

An FBI chart has surfaced depicting connections between the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the chart shows CAIR falling under the umbrella of the jihadi outfit.

This FBI chart details the Hamas-related groups, which included CAIR, that were created to ultimately support the Palestinian terrorist organization. It also established Nabil Sadoun’s (former CAIR national board of directors member and vice chairman) connections to Hamas.

The IPT also obtained groundbreaking new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents that trail CAIR back to its roots as a subversive Hamas-related group.

In 2007, CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, a Hamas financing case that would result in the FBI ceasing ( its working relationship with CAIR. The HLF trial was the largest terror-financing case in American history. In 2008, during a retrial of the HLF case, an FBI Special Agent labeled ( CAIR as “a front group for Hamas” during her trial testimony. In 2010, a federal judge reiterated that his court had “ample evidence” that CAIR was involved ( in “a conspiracy to support Hamas.” CAIR, which relies upon millions ( of dollars in Saudi cash, was recently listed ( by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a terrorist organization.

The group, which fashions ( itself as a civil rights voice for American Muslims, was founded by members of the Palestine Committee (PALCOM), an organization “established to support Hamas,” according to the chart. Nihad Awad, currently CAIR’s executive director, was previously an official at PALCOM.

The FBI declaration submitted in connection with removal proceedings for Nabil Sadoun (a former top CAIR official) said PALCOM members used coded ( language to discuss the “true nature” of their clandestine operations in support of Hamas. During a Philadelphia conference, which was being wiretapped by the FBI, they “referred to Hamas as ‘Samah’–Hamas spelled backwards–or simply as ‘the Movement,’” the FBI declaration said.


“It is clear that the true nature of the PALCOM meeting was to discuss the means to support Hamas’ goal to undermine the peace process (between Israel and the Palestinians) and to thwart law enforcement in the United States,” the FBI declaration read.

According to the FBI declaration, attendees of the Philly meeting “discussed how ‘Samah’ would one day be labeled as a terrorist organization by the US government,” the document said, adding they “discussed the need to create a new, uncompromised front group in the United States under the veil of some cover palatable to the American public.”

CAIR was “subsequently founded” after the Philly Conference, where attendees discussed the “need to create a new front organization” for Hamas, the FBI declaration said, with PALCOM tasking Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad to chair the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). A third founder, Nabil Sadoun, would join shortly thereafter as Vice-Chairman of CAIR. According to the FBI, Sadoun was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and “was affiliated with Hamas.” Sadoun was also involved with other organizations that solicited funding for Hamas. At one point, he brought ( Hamas chairman Khaled Mashaal to keynote a conference in Oklahoma City, the FBI declaration reveals.



Before becoming CAIR’s Vice-Chair, Sadoun was motivated by violent jihad, IPT found ( Asked about the Middle East conflict with “the Jews” (Israel) in a 1993 interview, Sadoun described ( the conflict as “the first priority for Muslim[s] until the Holy Land is liberated and the backbone of the Jews is broken.” He also discussed ( “raising the spirit of jihad and the struggle amidst the Palestinian people… to form a tight Islamic front to face the Zionist Existence and put an end to it.” Sadoun would later be deported ( from the country, ordered removed from the U.S. by an Immigration Court after authorities alleged ( he lied about his affiliation with organizations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Click here to view video>

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Angry In Response to Muslim Stabbing Attack in Minnesota

Old 10-06-2016, 04:29 PM
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Exclamation Migrant Violence in MORE Canadian Schools

Migrant Violence in MORE Canadian Schools
You will not see this on on main stream media as it does not fit the Progressive Media or Obama's Agenda

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Exclamation Are tennessee church shootings jihad?

Evidence points to alleged shooter being a Muslim convert.
By Matthew Vadum

The suspect arrested on suspicion of shooting up three Christian churches in Shelbyville, Tennessee appears to be a convert to Islam, a critically important detail that the incurious mainstream media has not been reporting.

Wendell Tobias Buchanan, who turned 36 in August, is being held in the local county jail on $500,000 bond.

Buchanan was taken into custody last Saturday (October 1), Pamela Geller reports (,

…shortly after he was seen driving by Horse Mountain Church of Christ on Horse Mountain Road, which was hit on at least three separate occasions by gunfire. Buchanan allegedly fired into two other churches — Philippi Methodist Church and Singleton United Methodist Church — the University of Tennessee Extension office and shot out several Charter Communications cable boxes during overnight hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

As part of its ongoing terrorist protection program, Facebook has scrubbed Buchanan’s page of all information except his name. Geller managed to take screen shots while the information on the page was available.

A Facebook post from September 8 indicates Buchanan professed belief in the Islamic deity and seems to radiate the zeal of a convert. “Friends and family of Facebook I’ve been granted knowledge of the unseen world as a mercy from my Lord Allah.”

The social media entry contains several other references to Allah. Buchanan writes that Allah’s “will and word are the ultimate truth,” and “I owe absolutely everything to Allah because he has set me free from my spiritual cage and I feel so much better physically and mentally than I have in months.”

He ended the post with, “Read the Qu’ran because it is the true word of God and seek guidance for a better understanding. Shalom.”

In the comments section underneath the post a Facebook friend wrote ( “I didn’t know you believed in Islamic book?” Buchanan replied, “I do because I was compelled to do so.”

According to the Times-Gazette ( of Shelbyville, Buchanan was charged with desecration of a venerated object, vandalism under $10,000, vandalism under $500, 18 counts of vandalism under $1,000, and four counts of destroying/interference with utility lines.

Additional charges may be laid against Buchanan, Bedford County Sheriff Austin Swing (D) has said.

Buchanan doesn’t have much of a criminal record. He entered a conditional plea to a marijuana possession charge in 2000, pled guilty in 2004 to driving with a suspended license, and was convicted of two driving-related misdemeanors, according to publicly available court records.

In 2009 Geller reported on alleged child abuse at the al-Farooq mosque in Nashville, 50-odd miles away from Shelbyville. She also reported the same year that a Tyson Foods meat-packing plant in Shelbyville gave in to pressure from a local union and dropped the paid holiday of Labor Day in favor of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr. Tyson reversed the policy change after a public backlash.

This wasn’t the first terrorist attack in Tennessee.

A naturalized Kuwaiti-born Muslim named Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed five U.S. servicemen at military recruiting centers in Chattanooga on July 16, 2015. The following December 16 FBI Director James Comey concluded the shootings were “motivated by foreign terrorist organization propaganda.”

Comey said in February 2015 that the tentacles of Islamic State (a.k.a. ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) in the U.S. extend to all parts of the country. Islamic State is a “chaotic spider web” that utilizes social media to radicalize people across America, he said.

“We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states,” said Comey, adding, “This isn’t a New York phenomenon or a Washington phenomenon. This is all 50 states and in ways that are very hard to see.”

Islamic State has called on Muslims to murder American military personnel in the U.S. In February last year, Islamic State urged its supporters to assassinate American-born Yasir Qadhi, a professor in the religious studies department at Rhodes College in Memphis. He is also dean of academic affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute in Houston, Texas.

Tennessee is a frequent destination for Muslim immigrants. The state’s education system has been targeted ( by the terrorist front group, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Throughout the U.S. there are hidden and not-so-hidden enclaves in which anti-American Muslims plot and foment civil unrest and worse. Many mosques and Islamic community centers throughout the nation focus very little on strictly religious matters. Instead, they are hotbeds of jihadism where hatred of the United States, its form of government, religious pluralism, history, and culture are taught and reinforced.

Making matters worse, the Obama administration has been concealing ( the staggering breadth of terrorist activity in the United States. A recent government report indicated that law enforcement had 7,712 “encounters” with terrorists from July 20, 2015 through July 20, 2016.

There have been at least 93 Muslim terrorist plots in the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001. The overwhelming majority of those plots took place during Barack Obama’s presidency.

Here is where the figure of 93 comes from: the Heritage Foundation hasn’t updated its list of all the post-9/11 Muslim terrorist plots in the U.S. since a July 2 terrorist event but as of that date the figure was 89. Of those 89, only 27 took place during George W. Bush’s presidency.

Number 90 since Sept. 11, 2001 would be the Sept. 17 bombing in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood allegedly carried out by Ahmad Khan Rahami. Number 91 took place the same day at Crossroads Mall, in St. Cloud, Minnesota when Dahir Adan stabbed nine people. Number 92 was the Sept. 23 Cascade Mall shooting spree in Burlington, Washington allegedly carried out by Arcan Cetin. Number 93 was the church shooting rampage.

Meanwhile, Islamic State is now urging supporters( to go low-tech when engaging in terrorist attacks. Its new monthly magazine, Rumiyah, encourages entrepreneurial jihadists to get over being “squeamish” and stab their victims with knives. It recommends attackers use a baseball bat to daze victims before stabbing them.

Bridget Johnson reports at the Observer that the magazine “explicitly described what organs the attacker should aim for, how hitting a skull risks a broken knife blade and how pausing to ‘fully detach the head’ isn’t advised for the novice beheader.”

Johnson continues:

The suggested targets were especially unnerving: head for random people, ISIS directed, walking on the beach, in a park, coming home from the night shift, leaving a nightclub, enjoying a rippling creek. Forget the large crowds, the terror group said, and hit quiet neighborhoods in multiple-attack sprees with “widely available” knives.

“One need not be a military expert or a martial arts master, or even own a gun or rifle in order to carry out a massacre or to kill and injure several disbelievers and terrorize an entire nation,” the ISIS article said.

Islamic State wants “medieval, simplistic attacks” on the theory that “[s]pontaneity not only spreads terror to the most unlikely corners of the country, but creates an even bigger nightmare for our efforts to intercept terrorists in the planning stages,” Johnson writes.

Wendell Tobias Buchanan may have answered Islamic State’s call to attack Americans

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Angry Canadian Journalists Threatened for Reporting Migrant Sex Attacks

Canadian Journalists Threatened for Reporting Migrant Sex Attacks

There is a story unfolding in Canada that should be on the front page of every newspaper not just in Canada, but all over the West. But it’s not which is, in and of itself, a major story.

The Mississauga Gazette published an article, “Bonnie’s Muslims Are Molesting Teenage Girls in Mississauga High Schools” [scroll down].

This is not new. We have seen these attacks everywhere with large Muslim populations, like Mississauga. The UK is rife with thousands of Muslim child sex trafficking gangs and reports of mass sexual attacks across Europe in the wake of the Muslim invasion are rampant. As are the cover-ups. Canada is following the same suicidal path.

This website’s readers are long familiar with Mississauga, home of Aqsa Parvez, who was honor murdered by her father and brother for her refusal to wear the hijab. Atlas readers contributed to a memorial grove ( in her name (and the victims of honor killings worldwide).

Instead of issuing an investigation of the sex attacks on minor infidel girls, the craven Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie a filed hate crime complaint ( against paper. Muslims have issued numerous death threats, The journalist quit. The article was pulled by the publisher who declared it “public domain” and called for those who stand in defense of freedom to reprint it.

It’s the death, the murder, of free speech. Speech that is offensive to some must not be curtailed, but protected. If speech that offends a group is outlawed, that group has absolute power, and a free society is destroyed. A group that cannot be criticized cannot be opposed. It can work its will no matter what it is, and no one will be able to say anything to stop it.

And that is what is happening.

10/07/2016, 11:45am EDT
By Acton Michaels
Please Stop The Threats

Good morning Mississauga,

To the men on the phone issuing death threats to our staff. You have succeeded in doing three things:

1. Forcing a young lady to quit the Mississauga Gazette.

2. Proving my point about the dangers of willful blindness on the part of Canadians.

3. Proving that freedom of speech is a thing of the past.

I have taken this article down for now as I don’t want violence brought upon my team. Journalists and Columnists should be free to report on the news in Canada without fearing for their lives.


If any of you have made copies of the article, I declare the article IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Go ahead and publish it, monetize and so whatever you wish with it.

I am curious to see how all media outlets in this country are going to portray this. I really hope that the death threats we have had to endure make into the story. Well Canada, now you know the harsh reality of life.

Freedom of speech is dead. Select religions can threaten you with death, and your politicians and newspapers will SUPPORT THEM and not the honour of all the men and women who have died to ensure that you all have the right to walk on safe streets and say what you want to say.

Canada is just about dead, and you have all given your country away without a fight. I weep for the Maple Leaf and I weep for the future, as it won’t be one of peace, prosperity and happiness as my generation enjoyed.

Go and be with your families. Go and enjoy your freedom while you have it, and stay off the Internet if you think it’s going to make you angry.


Here is the original article:

“Bonnie’s Muslims Are Molesting Teenage Girls in Mississauga Highschools, ” reprinted at Muslimland Comic, thanks to Mir:

Europe’s Muslim Rapists Are Here Mississauga, What Are You Going To Do About It?

Article Originally From

We knew it had to happen. Our dear Mayor Bonnie Crombie was purchased in 2015 by the Meadowvale Islamic Centre owners and she, because of her love of their money and her narcissism run amok, is converting Mississauga into a dangerous Islamic war zone, and she wants us to be happy about it.

For those of you who don’t know, Bonnie Crombie and her convicted criminal husband have a gay son between them. As a huge supporter of the LGBT community as the Gazette is, we have incredible reservations about the influx of Islam into Canada and the GTA, as any true follower of Islam wants gay people dead.

You heard me correctly. Bonnie Crombie is helping convert Mississauga to Islam so that they can kill her son just for being gay. Now, we know her family, and her gay son. He is not a good gay, in any way. He is whiny, rude and has no independence of any kind. Gay males have an innate ability to become independent at very young ages and are often men long before their straight counterparts.

This boy however needs mommy mayor to wipe his nose for him, and perhaps other areas too.

However, I am not here to insult the mayor’s family, I am here to tell you that our mayor’s misguided need to have Muslim money in her pocket is going to destroy your family.

I took a call this morning from the father of a grade 10 girl at Rick Hanson Secondary School in Mississauga whose daughter is now the victim of Muslim boys doing what they do best.

When you import a culture that is adamant in following the rules and guidelines set forth 1400 years ago by a child-rapist the only thing that you can achieve is the destruction of your own nation, and congratulations Bonnie, you have started Mississauga’s downfall by pledging allegiance to money and humanity’s worst enemy.

Robert as he been asked to be named has blonde daughter who is a victim of Bonnie Crombie and her Muslims and has been since she started school in grade 9. Muslim boys grope her, rub on her and push her when she rejects the advances.

She has been called ‘slut’ close to every day of her Mississauga high-school life by Muslim boys and the school, as is true Canada wide, has done nothing about it from day one. All any sadistic and misogynistic Muslim boy or parent has to do is shout the word “racist” at the principal and she’ll back down. Your children’s safety will never be considered when cowards would rather keep their jobs than do their jobs.

Naturally, the school has refused to comment, naturally.

Well Mississauga, if you want the truth you are going to have to take the law into your own hands, and most likely soon. The Mayor is importing more Muslims, they give her more money, so she imports more Muslims and the vicious cycle of new clothes, makeup and nails for Bonnie will equate to dead daughters for you.

Remember, your leaders have failed you and worse, they have sold you out to a culture that wants you dead for no reason of any value. Please Mississauga, please put all of your daughters into serious martial arts training. Make sure the training includes eye-gouging, genital destruction and knife-fighting. It is now time that you send your girls to school armed with weapons that can be hidden well and end a rape in seconds, because Bonnie won’t rest until all girls in Mississauga are victims of rich rapists.

Thank you Bonnie, thank you for making the streets that were safe into the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Acton Michaels
Mississauga Gazette

Here is how the media is covering it ( “Mississauga mayor files hate-crime complaint after inflammatory article,” The Star (

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie says she has filed a hate-crime complaint with Peel police after a local website published an article claiming the mayor is trying to convert the city to Islam so “they can kill her son just for being gay.”

The article, published by the Mississauga Gazette on Friday, also claims that Crombie “won’t rest until all girls in Mississauga are victims of rich rapists,” describing the actions of Muslim boys in Mississauga high schools, claiming they routinely assault girls.

“Racism and flat-out lies have no place in Mississauga,” Crombie said Saturday.

“I was very disturbed. I have sent the article to Peel police . . . To paint any group like this, based on religion or ethnicity or anything, is reprehensible.”

Crombie said she has also contacted her own lawyer to address what she believes is a libel against her. The article’s listed author is Acton Michaels, identified as the Gazette’s editor in chief. He did not respond to the Star.

A man who confirmed to the Star that he’s the webmaster and co-owner of the Gazette said that though he might have posted the article, he is not responsible for it. “I’m responsible for the stuff I write . . . everybody else, I just put the content up,” said Kevin Johnston.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t entirely read the article, I just knew it was about young ladies being pestered by Muslim boys at a high school.”

Johnston said his recollection is that he launched the publication in 2014. According to the website, which features numerous ads promoting restaurants, sports leagues, developers and at least one of Canada’s major banks, the Mississauga Gazette has 13 people working for it including Johnston and Michaels.

Asked if he will remove the article from the website, Johnston said, “If I’m instructed by a court of law with my name on the court order to remove something, I certainly would.” He also said it will be removed if one of the website’s investors or co-owners asked him to do so.

Asked if it would be removed for any possible legal issue, he responded: “Would I do it because you’re suggesting that some article . . . that was placed on a website should come down because . . . Bonnie thinks it should? No, I wouldn’t do that.”

Last year Crombie publicly criticized Johnston during a council meeting after he spread literature ( denigrating the Muslim community while advocating against the construction of a proposed new mosque. Crombie, city staff and all but one councillor supported the mosque’s construction, which was approved.

After the Gazette article’s publication, Johnston said, the Muslim community is “the only community that (Crombie is) doing anything for. I mean, come on, we have Islamic Heritage Month now in Ontario for the entire month of October. I take issue with that.”

Since being elected in 2014, Crombie has helped organize an effort to raise $5 million to settle Syrian refugees, championed the new mosque’s construction and last month led a push for a city-wide parking exemption to accommodate celebrations for Eid al-Adha, a significant Islamic holy day.

The article published Friday includes the headline, “Bonnie’s Muslims Are Molesting Teenage Girls in Mississauga Highschools.” It claims that Michaels was told by the father of a Grade 10 student at Rick Hansen Secondary School that she has been routinely assaulted by Muslim boys there. The article claims that the school has refused to comment and that such incidents involving Muslim boys are common in Mississauga high schools.

Carla Pereira, manager of communications for the Peel District School Board, which includes Rick Hansen Secondary, told the Star Saturday that the school’s principal and vice-principals have “never heard of” the allegations in the article before.

Regarding the Gazette article’s claim that the school has refused to comment, Pereira said, “They did not call the school for a comment.”

She said the alleged behaviour by male Muslim students is “not anything we’re seeing in our schools.”

The National Council of Canadian Muslims, an advocacy group based in Ottawa, described the article as an act of hate.

“The writer of this screed should certainly be investigated by the authorities for promoting hatred and potentially inciting violence, as he clearly calls on people to ‘take the law into their own hands,’ which could be interpreted in a number of dangerous ways,” said spokesperson Amira Elghawaby.

Crombie said it’s not the attacks on her she’s most disturbed by, it’s the article’s attacks on her family, as well as the entire Muslim community.

“Even though the attacks against me need to be dealt with, attacking my family is way out of bounds. And ever since the mosque debate, the Muslim community has taken the high road. But this has crossed the line.”

The Gazette also features advertisements for three Mississauga city councillors. Chris Fonseca, Jim Tovey and Pat Saito all said they had no idea the publication was running ads for them on its website and that it was done without their authorization.

“I’m disgusted,” Tovey said, after seeing the article, adding “It’s just awful.” He said he will contact his lawyer about the matter.

Fonseca said the article does not represent Mississauga values and its rich diversity.

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Exclamation Media Covered Up Fact That Boston Police Shooter Is A MUSLIM Convert

Mainstream Media Covered Up Fact That Boston Police Shooter Is A MUSLIM Convert And A Hillary Clinton Supporter

On Wednesday evening, two Boston Police officers were shot by ‘Kirk Figueroa’ after responding to a domestic disturbance call. The shooter is now dead and the two officers are recovering from bad injuries. And that’s about all the mainstream media want everyone to know.

Officer Richard Cintolo (left) and Officer Matthew Morris underwent surgery after they were wounded during the shootout with this Muslim

From the report:

*He took on an alias as he experienced what he called an Islamic “rebirth” in Africa.

*The aliases, along with his seeming obsession with police and security, help make Figueroa a picture of contradictions and confusion: a 33-year-old man who started at least three companies in Florida and other states focused on security and protection who yesterday nearly killed two police officers responding to a domestic violence call.

*5 Investigates uncovered a job posting for “Police Protection” for one of those companies, Bailrunners. In it, Figueroa identifies himself as Muhummed Isa Al Mahdi. The ad said Al Mahdi was looking for people interested in helping him “hunt down fugitives and bring them to justice [‘to protect Black-owned businesses.’]“

*5 Investigates also discovered a posting from Muhummed Isa on a website guide for mosques from October 2012. Isa wrote about his “rebirth as a baby into the Nation of Islam” following a trip to an area of Ethiopia and a mosque in South Africa.

*Isa went on, writing that his unique and blessed journey was prepared and guided by Allah.

*Most recently, Figueroa was using the name Kocoa Xango on social media, identifying himself as a police constable. His last post under that name came just a few hours before the fatal shooting, posting a video by Michelle Obama and then a picture of himself after getting a haircut.

In short, the shooter was a Democrat and inspired by the words of the Obamas, who back the anti-police Black Lives Matter and constantly defend Islam as a religion of peace.

There were also “numerous videos [posted] about police shootings” and a video of Figueroa rapping under yet another alias, Kham Menkaure Hotep. His criminal past included impersonating a police officer and a private investigator as well as arson charges.

He made various attempts to work in the law enforcement industry and worked “for about a week as a correction officer in West Virginia in 2014,” according to the report. The car towed away from his home after his shootout with officers, in which he was wearing body armor and was armed with a tactical shotgun, looked like an undercover police car.

Watch the investigative report here and see what the mainstream media apparently doesn’t want you to know.

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Exclamation “Escambia Man Threatens ISIS Attacks On Schools, Beaches, Bases”

Florida: Convert to Islam threatens Islamic State jihad massacres at schools, beaches, bases

“He claimed 10 people would carry out the attacks after a ‘couple of us’ had ‘declared to join ISIS’. The writer stated that 5-10 attacks could not be stopped (stating law enforcement ‘cannot be everywhere at once’), and that the attackers planned on ‘not giving up’ and ‘dying.'”

Why he mailed this to the sheriff is unclear: suicide by jihad threat? Something like that could be a possibility. But the idea of law enforcement being overwhelmed by so many jihad attacks and plots that it collapses — that’s precisely the Islamic State’s strategy, as I explain in my book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.

“Escambia Man Threatens ISIS Attacks On Schools, Beaches, Bases,” (, October 15, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace -

An Escambia County man is facing federal charges after allegedly sending a handwritten note to Sheriff David Morgan threatening to attack schools, beaches and more simultaneously.

Regis L. Walker, 30, was charged with mailing threatening communications. The criminal complaint was announced by Christopher P. Canova, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida.

According to the criminal complaint affidavit, Walker mailed a threatening letter on notebook paper to Sheriff Morgan at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. He allegedly claimed that several people who had joined ISIS would simultaneously attack military bases, beaches, and schools at a nonspecific time and could not be stopped by law enforcement.

He claimed 10 people would carry out the attacks after a “couple of us” had “declared to join ISIS”. The writer stated that 5-10 attacks could not be stopped (stating law enforcement “cannot be everywhere at once”), and that the attackers planned on “not giving up” and “dying.”

Walker appeared to sign the note as “ISIS ALLAH.”…

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Exclamation The Moderate Muslim Majority Myth

What exactly is the litmus test for “moderation”?
By William Kilpatrick

October 17, 2016

The head of Britain’s M-16 recently told a panel of intelligence officers that jihad terror “will certainly be with us for our professional lifetimes.” Which prompts a question. How can that be so when we are repeatedly assured that extremists are only a tiny minority and that the vast majority of Muslims are moderates? Why should it take a lifetime to defeat such a small number?

Perhaps it’s time to revisit the assumption that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate. It’s true, of course, that the vast majority of Muslims are not engaged in terrorist activities, but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily moderate.

Not currently killing people is a poor gauge of moderation. A better gauge would be to determine the potential for turning to violence in a given population. The fact is, we do have such a gauge. It’s the belief system that one adheres to. If beliefs do have consequences, it’s legitimate to ask if there is something about the Islamic faith that predisposes to violence.

The evidence suggests that Islam does not encourage moderation. The Pew Global Survey of Muslim Attitudes show that the majority of Muslims in Muslim countries support practices we would consider to be extreme--amputation for theft, stoning of adulterers, and the execution of apostates.

All of the above are sanctioned in the Koran, the Hadith (the sayings of Muhammad), and the Islamic law books. The reason you get so much violence in the Muslim world is that Allah commands it. Ever since 9/11, we in the West have wondered, “why do they hate us?” Well, a recent issue of Dabiq, the official magazine of the Islamic State, provides the answer: “We hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers; you reject the oneness of Allah.” That, contends the author, is their main grievance. We (non-Muslims) are infidels, and we have to be fought because that is what Allah wants. Read through the Koran and you will quickly see that Allah has nothing but disdain for unbelievers.

The other reason for Islamic terrorism is that the chief role model for Muslims is a man named Muhammad--a warlord who engaged in almost constant jihad against his neighbors. In Islam, he is considered the perfect man—the one whom Muslims are supposed to emulate. If role models are as important as Americans seem to believe, we shouldn’t be surprised at the consequences that follow when 1.6 billion people take Muhammad as their model.

Some readers might object that such talk is provocative--that if you say these things out loud, it will only serve to drive the moderate Muslims into the radical camp. But that argument is itself evidence that Islam is not a moderate faith. If the moderates can be so easily driven into the arms of the radicals, it must be a relatively short drive. We don’t worry that insults to Christianity or even to Jesus are going to turn moderate Christians into bomb-throwing radicals. Why do we worry that Muslims can be so easily radicalized? The difference is that Islam is not a peaceful religion and was never meant to be one.

The vast majority of Muslims can be considered moderate in the sense that they refrain from killing. But that does not mean that none of them have sympathy for terrorists. A Muslim may be personally averse to killing, but may, nevertheless, be willing to lend moral or financial support to those who do kill. Or he may simply look the other way. A poll taken in the UK last year revealed that two-thirds of British Muslims would not report a terrorist to the police. An informal survey taken in Molenbeek shortly after thirty people were killed at the Brussels airport found that ninety percent of Muslim teens considered the terrorists to be heroes.

In the West Bank and in Gaza, terrorists are also widely regarded as heroes and martyrs. City streets, squares and parks, are named in their honor, and children are encouraged to follow their example. Much as Catholics honor saints for their devotion, Palestinians hold the martyrs in high esteem for their willingness to do what the majority are reluctant to do—namely, to sacrifice all for Allah.

Given the potential that exists in the Muslim world for turning to violence, or for supporting those who do, we should not take much comfort in the fact that most Muslims, most of the time are simply going about their business. For many, that daily routine will include studying the Koran, and perhaps entertaining doubts about one’s own worthiness when compared to the martyrs and the mujahideen.

It’s not wise to get too comfortable with the notion that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate. A significant portion of that majority may simply be working up the courage to join the highly honored minority.
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Exclamation Los Angeles: Muslim gets 30 years for attempting to aid the Islamic State

Los Angeles: Muslim gets 30 years for attempting to aid the Islamic State

“Orange County Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Attempting to Aid ISIS,” NBC Los Angeles (, October 19, 2016:

An Orange County man convicted of attempting to aid an Islamic terrorist group was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison. Muhanad Elfatih M.A. Badawi received the same punishment his co- defendant, Nader Salem Elhuzayel, was given last month. Both were convicted June 21.

“Badawi was a radicalizer, recruiter, and facilitator, and like co-defendant Elhuzayel, defendant Badawi aspired to die a martyr fighting jihad for ISIL,” prosecutors argued in their pre-sentencing brief, using one of the acronyms for the group also known as ISIS.

“Despite the attempts of others to dissuade him, defendant Badawi continued to promote the ISIL ideology and gather fighters for ISIL. In short, defendant Badawi’s role as a radicalizer, recruiter, and facilitator makes him more dangerous than any single would-be fighter.”

Elhuzayel was the first defendant convicted at trial to be sentenced in a so-called ISIL “travel case,” U.S. District Judge David O. Carter noted as he handed down his punishment last month. Elhuzayel was also convicted of 26 counts of bank fraud.

Prosecutors characterized both defendants as obsessively praising Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria on social media as they shared photos of beheadings of “unbelievers.”

Badawi’s attorney, Kate Corrigan, conceded that her client engaged in a great deal of “un-American” and at times “repulsive” speech, but said Badawi “was a lot of talk and absolutely no action.” She claimed her client was duped by a dishonest Elhuzayel about what he intended to do with money Badawi loaned him.

Elhuzayel’s attorney, meanwhile, argued that his client should be acquitted on the legal technicality that the United States did not recognize the Islamic State as a terrorist organization at the time of the defendant’s arrest….
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Chart represents airlines that have the best record for putting passenger safety over worrying about Muslim hurt feelings

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Exclamation Examining Islam In Any Way Is Considered An Attack On Islam

Examining Islam In Any Way Is Considered An Attack On Islam

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Exclamation Nothing to Do With Islam?

"Nothing to Do with Islam"?

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Exclamation Keeping Up with CAIR's Islamic Radicalism

Keeping Up with CAIR's Islamic Radicalism

October 25, 2016

Summary: The terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claims to be America's largest civil rights organization for Muslims. But its agenda has more to do with the Islamization of America than with protecting Muslims from civil rights abuses.

Capital Research Center last examined the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its aggressive, jihad terrorism-whitewashing Islamists in the August 2005 Organization Trends. CAIR statements and actions in recent years show that this organization, which sprang out of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, has in no way changed its radical spots-a fact that ought to call into question its continuing respectability in media and politics.

The basics

Information about CAIR's revenue sources is surprisingly difficult to come by. IRS filings reveal donations to CAIR by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors ($30,000 since 2008), Silicon Valley Community Foundation ($90,000 since 2008), and Tides Foundation ($5,000 since 2002). CAIR is actually registered as CAIR Foundation Inc., a public charity recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. That entity reported a budget of $2,632,410 in 2014 and gross receipts of $2,355,032. It also claims to have had 28 employees in 2014 and 40 volunteers. Many of CAIR's state and local chapters are separately incorporated as nonprofits.

CAIR was founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber. The three men were linked to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook and created to serve as Hamas' public relations and recruitment arm in the United States. CAIR opened an office in Washington, D.C., by using a $5,000 grant from the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), a charity that the Bush administration closed down in 2001 for collecting money "to support the Hamas terror organization."

CAIR's ties to terrorists are recognized on Capitol Hill. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has said, "CAIR is unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect." Before leaving Congress in 2013, Rep. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.) said, "Groups like CAIR have a proven record of senior officials being indicted and either imprisoned or deported from the United States."

Ghassan Elashi, a co-founder of Texas CAIR, was convicted in 2005 of terrorism-related offenses and sentenced to almost seven years imprisonment. CAIR civil rights director Randall Todd Royer was given 20 years for federal weapons and explosives convictions in 2004. Bassem Khafagi, a community affairs director at CAIR, was convicted in 2003 on bank and visa fraud charges and shipped back to Egypt. Rabih Haddad, a fundraiser for CAIR's chapter in Ann Arbor, Mich., was detained in 2001 for overstaying his visa. Authorities found a firearm and considerable ammunition in his home. He served 19 months in prison and was then deported to Lebanon in 2003. CAIR board member Abdurahman Alamoudi was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment for directing at least $1 million to al-Qaeda. (See Foundation Watch, December 2015.)

"Contending that American Muslims are the victims of wholesale repression, CAIR has provided sensitivity training to police departments across the United States, instructing law officers in the art of dealing with Muslims respectfully," according to DiscoverTheNetworks. The estate of 9/11 victim John O'Neill Sr., a senior FBI counter-terrorism agent, filed a lawsuit claiming that CAIR's goal "is to create as much self-doubt, hesitation, fear of name-calling, and litigation within police department and intelligence agencies as possible so as to render such authorities ineffective in pursuing international and domestic terrorist entities."

CAIR and its allies have spent years pressuring the FBI to give Muslims special treatment in investigations. As of 2012, FBI agents weren't allowed to treat individuals associated with terrorist groups as potential threats to the nation, according to an FBI directive titled, "Guiding Principles: Touchstone Document on Training." The fact that a terrorism suspect is associated with a terrorist group means nothing, according to the document. ("Terrorist? Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Mag, Sept. 24, 2012)

In the aftermath to 9/11, CAIR refused to blame Osama bin Laden for those terrorist attacks. Earlier, in 1998 CAIR denied bin Laden was responsible for two al-Qaeda bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa. The group claimed the bombings resulted from "misunderstandings of both sides." The same year CAIR objected to a Los Angeles billboard that called bin Laden "the sworn enemy," claiming it was "offensive to Muslims."

Guess who's coming to dinner

CAIR's list of gala dinner honorees from its 2015 annual banquet underlines CAIR's continuing extremism. (CAIR's aversion towards critical observers kept this writer out of the gala dinner.) CAIR recognized Omar Suleiman, an American sheikh who has defended sex-slavery and encouraged the murder of adulterous Muslim women by family members. He describes himself as an "advocate for a global non-violent resistance to apartheid Israel," claiming recent stabbing attacks in Israel "are not random acts of violence. They are the unfortunate result and response to decades of ... ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people." Interestingly, his past condemnations of homosexuality as a "repugnant shameless sin" did not prevent him from declaring that Muslims "stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community" before a Texas LGBT group after the Orlando, Florida, massacre earlier this year.

During the same month, the annual banquet for CAIR's New York chapter honored Imam Siraj Wahhaj and the executive director of CAIR's Florida chapter, Hassan Shibly. A Hezbollah defender, Shibly equates Israeli "apartheid" and "state terrorism" with Nazism, while he supports sharia law in Muslim-majority societies and spews conspiracy theories concerning U.S. national security. Considered by American authorities a possible 1993 World Trade Center bombing conspirator, the pro-jihad, pro-sharia Wahhaj is a former CAIR board member.

CAIR branches invited extremists to their 2016 gala dinners as well. CAIR's Minnesota chapter honored Johari Abdul-Malik, the imam of a terrorist-tied mosque who has advocated sabotaging Israeli infrastructure. A CAIR-Cincinnati banquet hosted keynote speaker Alaf Husain, vice president of the Muslim Brotherhood-derived Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which has decried Israel as an "apartheid" state from its founding. After 9/11, when Husain was president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) from which ISNA developed, he admitted to a mere "oversight" when links were discovered between the MSA website and terror-tied groups.

CAIR-Cleveland hosted Canadian sheikh Alaa Elsayed and the writer Murtaza Husain. The dinner featured a "Mother's Day Tribute," which is ironic, given that Elsayed has supported wife-beating, bigamy, and polygamy. His comments upon a past Canadian honor killing focused on the importance of a daughter wearing a hijab, not her murder by her father.

Yet Husain focuses his literary ire on those who would in any way scrutinize Islam and Muslims. He has called Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaza a "well-coiffed talking monkey," "native informant," and "porch monkey," and he's described Iranian-American commentator Sohrab Ahmari as "one of the most prominent Iranian ‘Uncle Tom's' of the neoconservative movement." He has condemned American law enforcement surveillance of certain Muslims, while ignoring the valid concerns that led to such scrutiny.

CAIR-Cleveland is no stranger to controversy, having hosted Monzer Taleb, an unindicted terrorism-financing conspirator who sang "I am from Hamas" at a 2009 fundraising banquet. Nonetheless, CAIR's Florida chapter co-hosted Taleb yet again at a 2014 event in Tampa, and he recently planned to address a mosque in Wichita, Kansas, but cancelled after a public outcry. Speaking in his defense and using his own self-description, CAIR-Dallas/Fort Worth executive director Alia Salem reportedly described him as a "motivational speaker and leader within the Muslim community." He is an "upstanding citizen" and "very prominent community leader" in his Dallas home area, Salem said.

As in life, so in death CAIR's extremism continues, as shown by CAIR condolences for the deceased Ahmad Sakr in 2015. "Very few people in our community have left a legacy comparable to that of Dr. Sakr," said CAIR-cofounder Awad of a founding member of the Muslim Brotherhood-derived Muslim Students Association. "My very first few English sermons in 1989 as a student in Austin were read from his books," said CAIR's southern California chapter executive director, Hussam Ayloush. "No words can describe how much we owe him."

Sakr impresses objective observers less in light of his 2011 lectures at a Florida camp for Islamic schoolchildren. In one he declares that "here in America the Congress puts themselves in the position of Allah" by instituting laws contradicting Islam's supposedly divine decrees. Such a legislature is a false pagan institution, he said. "How can you see Allah on the Day of Judgment and he says ‘you crazy man, you crazy woman you put yourself in my position, you want to take over my position, go to Hell,'" Sakr stated. After asking the schoolchildren whether they are proud as Muslims or Americans (they respond with the expected answer of Muslims), he said that "America is trying to entangle itself with every foreign country and to control it."

In another children's camp lecture, Sakr emphasizes the orthodox Islamic understanding that "Islam is a total way of life" in contrast to other religions. Accordingly, not only should Muslims prioritize Islamic commands in case of any conflict with secular governance, but his pupils should seek the Muslim Brotherhood's goal of an "Islamization of science and technology"; "Islamize your profession," he stated. Reflecting Suleiman, Sakr said of homosexuality that "all of us have to condemn it and say this is unnatural," and he referenced the Islamic teaching that God destroyed Sodom with an earthquake.

Hating Israel

According to a 2015 Anti-Defamation League (ADL) report, CAIR has a longstanding hatred of Israel, as demonstrated by the CAIR executive director Nihad Awad at a 2014 Washington, D.C., rally. He said Israel is a "terrorist state" and that the American-Israeli Political Action Committee "should have its hand off the United States Congress. They have corrupted our foreign policy."

CAIR "chapters continue to partner with various anti-Israel groups that seek to isolate and demonize the Jewish State," the ADL notes, such as the anti-Semitic and jihadist-tied Council on the National Interest (CNI). CAIR and CNI collaborated in presenting a 2006 Washington, D.C., lecture by the Islam apologist Karen Armstrong.

CAIR National Board member Sarwat Husain (no relation) similarly wrote in 2009 that Israel practices "state sponsored terrorism at its best." "No other country in the world have [sic] terrorized as many people for so long as Israel has for more than half a century." CAIR-Georgia executive director Edward Ahmed Mitchell has tweeted that the American-Israeli Political Action Committee "is the only explanation for US's morally bankrupt Israel policy."
CAIR San Francisco Bay Area (CAIR-SFBA) executive director Zahra Billoo has declared that "Zionism is racism" and that "Israel ‘defending' itself is analogous to Nazi Germany defending itself from Jewish uprising."

Mongi Dhaouadi, the executive director of CAIR's Connecticut chapter, does not let facts disturb the anti-Israel animus. At a 2010 Connecticut rally he ranted that Israel had "murdered" 1,400 people during the 2008-2009 Cast Lead military strikes against Gaza, thereby furthering the completely unsubstantiated charges of indiscriminate use of military force by the Israelis. His CAIR chapter executive director colleague in Arizona, Imraan Siddiqui has referenced debunked propaganda posters that claim "Palestinians were cleansed from their land."

Not surprisingly, Dhaouadi and Siddiqui have led their respective CAIR chapters in supporting Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. (See Organization Trends, January 2016.) CAIR-CT in 2014 called for Connecticut to sever financial ties to an Israel that "discriminates against its citizens on the basis of ethnicity and wages a war against innocent and unarmed civilians," according to Dhaouadi. Like CAIR's California chapter, CAIR-AZ in 2016 opposed an Arizona bill requiring state pension system divestment from any company boycotting Israel. "It would be un-American to deny constituents the right to work to change the illegal and discriminatory actions of a foreign government," Siddiqui said. In 2011 CAIR's Los Angeles chapter (CAIR-LA) opposed criminal prosecution of University of California (Irvine) students who disrupted an Israeli ambassador's speech.

Siddiqui, CAIR-LA former vice president and current CAIR National Board member Masoud Nassimi, Billoo, and CAIR as an organization signed a 2014 statement supporting BDS because "funding racism and Apartheid is un-American." Supporting the "BDS Campaign to end occupation" would recreate a "non-violent tactic that was employed successfully during the South African freedom struggle." Among the demands was a Palestinian "right of return" for millions descended from Palestinian refugees.

Corey Saylor, in 2007 the director of CAIR's Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia, rejected what he called undue reliance on the "Israeli Apartheid lobby." His antipathy towards Israel flows logically enough from his work from 1998 to 2001 with the now-defunct American Muslims for Jerusalem (AMJ), whose November 1999 fundraising dinner struck one participant as "crudely anti-Jewish." Speakers like Awad and Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was subsequently convicted on terrorism charges, "vied with one another in verbally assaulting the State of Israel and American Jews," Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes reported.

Such events were no exception for AMJ, which helped organize a notorious October 28, 2000 rally outside the White House at which Alamoudi expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah before cheering crowds. AMJ executive director Khalid Turaani likewise attended conferences calling for jihad against Israel. He proclaimed to Palestinians at a 2002 AMJ conference that "Allah will allow you to conquer the land of Palestine. Its men, its women, and its servants are in a state of jihad until the Day of Judgment." He added that "for too long the extremist pro-Israel groups have literally gotten away with murder" and that "we will never forget Jenin," a reference to the myth that Israel perpetrated a massacre in that city.

Turaani's fellow conference speakers included the notorious anti-Semite Alison Weir, who likened the Palestinian terrorist to a "terrorized victim who has tragically but explicably turned to violence." Even more anti-Semitic was the neo-Nazi William Baker, who invoked the aforementioned Palestinian "Right of Return" in such circles. In their midst CAIR founder Omar Ahmed declared that "pro-Israeli groups have brainwashed Americans."

Several of the conference speakers such as Yahia Abdul Rahman had links to the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, an organization uniting several Muslim Brotherhood groups and individuals. The Islamic supremacist and Hezbollah defender Mather Hathout discussed Israeli "apartheid" and "Israeli-occupied territory" in Congress, a body "more Zionist than the Knesset" (Israel's parliament). Former ISNA president and jihad/sharia proponent Muzammil Siddiqi stated that "Zionists have created much confusion and misconception in the minds of Americans" concerning Jerusalem. He had discussed Jerusalem at AMJ's first meeting in Washington in 1999 at which he falsely asserted that "Muslims established and practiced the most tolerant multi-religious and multi-faith character of Jerusalem."

Contrary to the anti-Israeli invective of CAIR and its allies, CAIR has "for many years ... refused to unequivocally condemn Palestinian terror organizations and Hezbollah by name," ADL notes. Accordingly, in a 2013 interview Ayloush condemned any group that "engages in the harming of civilians" but refused to name Hamas specifically. Any such question concerning Hamas, he added, is "not acceptable," and "proves that you have nothing but bigotry in you."

"As a civil rights organization we're not here in the business of being dragged into the Middle East affairs," Ayloush said of CAIR, falsely describing it as a purely "American organization." Organizations like the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) have amply documented CAIR's serial condemnations of American and Israeli national security policies. Ayloush himself described American support for various dictatorships in Muslim countries as "partly responsible" for the 2015 San Bernardino jihadist massacre.

CAIR might have tried to acquire a more diverse, multicultural image with the 2013 appointment of Jacob Bender as the executive director of the organization's Philadelphia chapter. Although the "first American Jew to head a chapter of a Muslim community organization," the ADL notes, "Bender's previous activism reveals a record of hostility towards the Jewish State that is consistent with CAIR's anti-Israel agenda." Bender and CAIR laughably claimed that Islam did not motivate a January 2016 stabbing attack on a Philadelphia policeman by a man screaming "Allahu Akbar."

A fifth column

CAIR's ideology presents a threat both to American civil society and U.S. national security. "If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land," CAIR Dallas/Fort Worth executive director and Hamas apologist Mustafa Carroll said in 2013. Syed, whose CAIR-Missouri featured in 2013 the venomous Khalid Yasin, once appealed online to Muslims to "Report anti Islamic and anti Muslim content on the internet to appropriate authorities ... take actions according to the Shariah." Given sharia's death penalty for blasphemy, his call could have lethal implications depending upon where Muslims worldwide heeded it.

Other CAIR members like Dallas leader Alia Salem, speaking after the 2015 Garland, Texas, attack upon a cartoon exhibit that invited artists to depict the Muslim prophet Muhammad, also seem more influenced by sharia than by the principle of free speech. "When does free speech become hate speech, and when does hate speech become incitement to violence?" Salem asked.

"Free speech is not the same as responsible speech." After the publication of the 2005 Danish Muhammad cartoons, Sarwat Husain said that the "West has crossed all the boundaries of civility for the followers of Islam" and displayed "unethical double standards" in equating anti-Semitic expression with criticism of Islam. She decried a "free passport and an open season to degrade Islam, Muslims" for Western media and asked whether they wanted a "right of freedom of expression or an intentional attempt to provoke a violent reaction." While the "freedom of expression in a democratic society must always be balanced by the no-less-important notion of social responsibility," the West's "dogma of free speech and the freedom of expression is destructive to the rest of the world."

Husain's condemnation of strict, even satirical scrutiny of Islam, makes sense given her one-sided adulation of Islam, as indicated by an article of hers from Christmas 2015. Her ecumenical appeal to Christians that "Islam respects and honors Jesus as a prophet, the same way it respects and honors Muhammad" falsely equated Quran 98:5 with Jesus' Greatest Commandment. While this commandment directs Jesus' followers to "Love your neighbor as yourself," the zakat in Quran 98:5 does not have the common meaning of "charity" as translated by her. Rather, the almsgiving demanded by Islamic doctrine from its followers resembles more a compulsory tax serving only the Islamic community, including its jihad-related military demands. ("Uncharitable," by Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review, April 23, 2011)

Husain also draws a deceptive equivalence between the Greatest Commandment's "Love the Lord your God" and Quran 98:5's stipulation that believers "were not commanded except to worship Allah." Yet this worship must have the "correct religion," as the subsequent verse 98:6 condemns rejecters of Islam as the "worst of creatures" who "will be in the fire of Hell," an important caveat considering the differences between Christianity and Islam. As Husain herself wrote in 2010, Islam claims that Jesus was not crucified, but rather "God saved Jesus and took him to paradise until the hour would come to complete his mission in the end of time."

Husain's dubious assessments of Islam extend beyond theology to more temporal matters like women's rights as shown by her participation in a 2006 St. Edward's University panel in Austin, Texas. As a reporter recounted, Husain "felt privileged to be a part of a religion that gave so many rights to its women" and believed that the "fight for feminism in the West has been done already for Muslim women in Islam." While women worldwide have struggled for equality for centuries, supposedly "all those rights were given to women 1,400 years ago" in Islam, according to her and notwithstanding numerous Islamic doctrines oppressing women internationally today. While she has recounted the lasting success of her arranged marriage at the age of 17 in India to a man she had never met, abusive Islamic child marriages in Nigeria, for example, have been far less blissful.

Like Husain, other CAIR officials unswervingly express a Panglossian optimism about the House of Islam's condition. CAIR's website proclaims that "several scholarly works suggest that religion (Islam) is not the cause of terrorism," while the executive director of CAIR's Minnesota chapter, Jaylani Hussein, argued during a terrorism case that jihad did not mean "holy war." "In America the greatest threat to any American is right-wing extremism," Syed stated in 2015.

CAIR's Oklahoma chapter executive director Adam Soltani tweeted after Orlando jihadist slaughter that "there is absolutely nothing in Islam that calls for the killing of homosexuals or anyone else for that matter." Siddiqui made similar claims completely contrary to the lethal facts concerning Islamic doctrinal condemnation of homosexuality. In turn, Ahmed Bedier, CAIR-Tampa's founder and past leader who has accused Israel of "Nazi-like tactics," presented at CAIR-CT's 2010 banquet various World War II Muslims who, he said, were heroic because they sheltered Jews during the Holocaust while the "Catholic Church looked the other way." His analysis not only involves discredited accusations against the Vatican, but ignores various Islamic genocidal ambitions against the Jews both during and after the Holocaust.

For CAIR officials like Cyrus McGoldrick, CAIR-New York's America- and Israel-hating former civil rights director, a top concern is an irrational "Islamophobia" prejudicially targeting Muslims. "War depends on Islamophobia. Zionism depends on Islamophobia," he said in 2012. "This goes back to the original colonization of this country and moving Native Americans into concentration camps that we call reservations."

CAIR's "Islamophobia" obsession often reaches absurd dimensions, such as when CAIR-Florida in April "condemned a xenophobic alert sent out by the University of Central Florida." In this case involving a false report of a gunman on campus, CAIR-Florida inexplicably criticized "‘Middle Eastern origin' as part of the alleged suspect description." CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper urged in 2013 with like ludicrousness that media avoid the now ubiquitous term "Islamist." This "has become shorthand for ‘Muslims we don't like'" and a word "currently used in an almost exclusively pejorative context."

In CAIR's twisted understanding moderate Muslims like Zuhdi Jasser who publicly confront dangers from within their faith face derision as "Uncle Tom Muslims" and "Uncle Zuhdi" from Billoo and Dhaouadi respectively. Billoo has repeatedly condemned American military personnel on several Memorial Days, leveling the accusation that they are "engaged in terrorism." Yet Dhaouadi has uncritically quoted Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna, and Billoo has expressed admiration for convicted terrorism supporter (and CAIR-SFBA honoree) Sami Al-Arian and faux moderate Muslim Tariq Ramadan.

For all of their vitriol against United States Navy veteran Jasser and his fellow service members, Billoo and Dhaouadi have never condemned their fellow CAIR chapter executive director in Michigan, Dawud Walid. He has supported Hamas involvement in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, claimed that Muslims have "no other choice" but suicide bombing attacks against Israel, and espoused various conspiracy accusations against law enforcement. In glaring contradiction to Sarwat Husain, one of his 2016 Facebook postings condemned saying "Happy Easter" to Christians as a blasphemous affirmation of Christianity's triune understanding of God. "Who are those who incurred the wrath of Allah?" Walid asked in a 2012 sermon.
"They are the Jews."

Nonetheless, no one should expect Husain to expose Walid's assaults on interfaith harmony, given her history of duplicity. The Investigative Project on Terrorism caught her in 2008 observing that "it is very important, media in the United States is very gullible" and "especially as a Muslim, if you have something to say, they'll come running to you. And take advantage of that." A CAIR slide also revealed by the Investigative Project revealingly described the "Characteristics of a Journalist" as "They will expect you to do their work. Let them ... Does little primary research ... Under extreme deadline pressure ... Fears charges of inaccuracy."

While journalists may labor under such shortcomings, the double games of Husain and others provide a clear, compelling indictment of CAIR's nefariousness. There is simply no justification for responsible authorities to respect CAIR's claim to be the "nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization" when the group conceals its jihadist agenda. The group's harmful actions were devastating in 2011, when CAIR and 56 other organizations successfully convinced the federal government to purge training materials of derogatory information about Islamic doctrine. Instead, government officials should follow the FBI's 2008 decision to end normal relations with CAIR, an organization that is freedom's foe, not friend, more meriting of prosecution than policy influence.
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Exclamation CAIR Attacks former FBI agent and counter-counter-terrorism expert

Always under fire from designated terrorist group CAIR, former FBI agent and counter-terrorism expert, John Guandolo, is the go-to person for training law enforcement officers about the growing threat Islam poses to America

Every time Guandolo is scheduled to give a speech or a training session, CAIR thugs try to shut him down in advance.

At the recent "Breaking the Silence” conference in Colorado Springs, Guandolo warned that Muslims in America are getting jobs at airports, hotels, convenience stores and cab companies as part of a growing “insurgency” and an “intentional plan” to “occupy the land.”

“Why are they building huge, $100 million mosques in areas where there are like 100 or 90 Muslims?” he asked. “Because, when they build a mosque they’re claiming territory, now all they have to do is occupy it. So they’re calling Muslims to occupy the land. All of this, they have an intentional plan and it’s based in Islamic doctrine and they’re putting it to work through what they’re doing.”

CAIR’s relentless harassment of John Guandolo:

Former FBI agent reveals a network of Islamic Organizations working to IMPLEMENT SHARI’A LAW IN THE U.S. -

TENNESSEE ROCKS! Educating citizens and law enforcement about the ‘Dangers of Islam’ -

CAIR fails to get counter-terrorism expert, John Guandolo, disinvited from Virginia law enforcement seminar. -

Is the local Kansas Media – WICHITA EAGLE – providing material support to Hamas via CAIR? -

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

CAIR Has Been Identified By The Government At Trial ( As A Participant In An Ongoing And Ultimately Unlawful Conspiracy To Support A Designated Terrorist Organization, A Conspiracy From Which CAIR Never Withdrew

Terrorist Supporting Front Organization -

“I Swear By Allah That War Is Deception— We Are Fighting Our Enemy With A Kind Heart ( — Deceive, Camouflage, Pretend— Deceive Your Enemy” (FBI Wiretapped Covert Meeting Discussion With CAIR Founder Omar Ahmad)

The Anti-CAIR Report -

The Proven Truths About The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) -

What Law Enforcement Says About CAIR -

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Exclamation Are Canada's Islamists Calling the Shots?

Are Canada's Islamists Calling the Shots?
Government Petitioned to Silence Critics
by Thomas Quiggin

October 27, 2016

The discourse of "Islamophobia," and this petition, are nothing more than a continuation of the efforts of Islamists to silence their critics as they advance their own political agenda.

The Liberal Party of Canada appears to have been infiltrated by a variety of individuals who are supporters of Islamist extremism. This is beginning to look like a classic case of political entryism.

In 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau chose not to observe any official 9/11 memorial ceremony to honour the Canadians who died that day. However, the very next day, he attended the Ottawa Main Mosque which has multiple links to extremism. This despite recent stories in Canada about extremism in mosques and schools in Canada.

It was the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan Banna, who stated that "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated; to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet."

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Exclamation Muslim hate group runs ads saying Donald Trump hates Muslims

Muslim Hate Group Runs Ads Saying Donald Trump Hates Muslims
The truth about a Muslim PAC that's boosting Hillary Clinton.
By Ed Straker

October 28, 2016

In the Middle East, terrorist groups have sectarian militias. In America they have political action committees ( The Muslim controlled Emerge PAC is running ads where Donald Trump allegedly says, "I think Islam hates us."

But who does Emerge PAC hate? (

Earlier this month, Emerge held its annual fundraising dinner in Miami, at the DoubleTree Hotel and Airport Convention Center. Featured at the event was Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, an Islamic lecturer from England who is a devotee of Iran’s deceased terrorist leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and who has called for the destruction of Israel.

One of the two co-chairmen of Emerge is South Florida attorney Khurrum Basir Wahid. According to his bio, Wahid specializes in defending “individuals charged with allegedly committing or conspiring to commit acts of terrorism.”

Wahid’s clients include: Rafiq Abdus Sabir, who received a 25 year prison sentence for conspiring to provide material support to al-Qaeda; al-Qaeda member Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who was given a life sentence for plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush; Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami al-Arian, who is presently under house arrest in Virginia; and Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan, a Miami, Florida imam who was convicted of funneling tens of thousands of dollars to the Taliban for the express purpose of murdering American troops.

In 2011, Wahid himself was placed on a U.S. government terrorist watch list. (

The other co-chairman of Emerge is Afaq J. Durrani. Durrani is the General Secretary of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), a sizable community organization consisting of 19 area mosques. ISGH is a subsidiary of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which like CAIR, was named by the U.S. government a co-conspirator in the financing of Hamas.... in 2012, he served as a National Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

In contrast [to Trump], Emerge PAC portrays Clinton as a unifying figure, “a woman who has spent decades fighting for inclusion.” The video features clips of the Democratic candidate praising the Quran, and her relationship with Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman who is her campaign’s vice chair and was a top aide while Clinton served as secretary of state.

The Politico article reporting on this ad campaign did not dig into Emerge's past, any more than the laudatory press release the Washington Post wrote about Islamic Relief USA explored its own terrorist connections ( If they did, they might have noticed the irony in a hate group accusing Donald Trump of hate.

Exit question: Do the media not know about the backgrounds of the organizations they write these glowing press releases about, or do they simply not care?

Ed Straker is the senior writer at

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Angry Minnesota Muslim says he joined the Islamic State

Minnesota Muslim says he joined the Islamic State because “if I didn’t do it, I would be basically a disgrace to God”

“The reason I wanted to go to Syria was I felt like it was my duty. I felt like it was something that I had to do. And if I didn’t do it, I would be basically a disgrace to God.

Before his 60 Minutes interview, Abdirizak Warsame stated ( that:

"He found counsel in the online lectures of a radical imam and reflected on his decision to later testify against friends knowing he would be labeled “a snitch or a traitor.”

“I honestly think it would be very stupid to have such an experience and not share it with others.”

Warsame also revealed how the jihadists make recruits through a victimology narrative, the same dangerous propaganda that all too many Westerners have also bought into:

“The more I listened, the more my heart went out to those Muslims suffering around the world,” Warsame wrote. “[Awlaki] continued to speak about jihad and a holy war between the Muslims and disbelievers.

Minnesota Muslim says he joined the Islamic State because “if I didn’t do it, I would be basically a disgrace to God”

“The reason I wanted to go to Syria was I felt like it was my duty. I felt like it was something that I had to do. And if I didn’t do it, I would be basically a disgrace to God.

Before his 60 Minutes interview, Abdirizak Warsame stated that:

He found counsel in the online lectures of a radical imam and reflected on his decision to later testify against friends knowing he would be labeled “a snitch or a traitor.”

“I honestly think it would be very stupid to have such an experience and not share it with others.”

Warsame also revealed how the jihadists make recruits through a victimology narrative, the same dangerous propaganda that all too many Westerners have also bought into:

“The more I listened, the more my heart went out to those Muslims suffering around the world,” Warsame wrote. “[Awlaki] continued to speak about jihad and a holy war between the Muslims and disbelievers.


“60 Minutes: American teen wanted to participate in ISIS executions”, by Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill, October 30, 2016:

An American teenager who is currently awaiting sentencing for recruiting on behalf of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) said he planned to be an executioner for the terror group.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” on Sunday, Abdirizak Warsame told journalist Scott Pelley he had seen the videos of executions disseminated by the terror network on the internet.

“Yeah. I was going to be, I was going to be participating in those activities,” he said.

Pelley pressed him to explain his reasoning, asking if he would have killed people because they “weren’t true Muslims.”

“Right,” Warsame answered.

According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, Warsame was arrested in December of 2015 and agreed to testify in a federal trial against recruits who tried to go to Syria.

Warsame was influenced by the radical teachings of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American imam who joined al Qaeda. Awlaki was killed by a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

“The reason I wanted to go to Syria was I felt like it was my duty. I felt like it was something that I had to do,” said Warsame.

“And if I didn’t do it, I would be basically a disgrace to God. I would be a disgrace to the world. I would be a disgrace to my family.”

He described growing up between worlds, giving insight into how he was radicalized.

“I went to school with a lot of kids that were not Somali. And so I kind of got into that culture, you know, music. Going to prom, dancing, it’s hard to kind of explain that stuff to your parents when they kind of really don’t understand what it is.”

His mother was worried about the crowd he was spending time with, he told “60 Minutes,” so she encouraged him to go to the mosque. And while he connected to the message he heard there, the lessons were in Somali.

So Warsame searched online for an English-speaking imam and found Al-Awlaki.

“He explained how Islam was, you know, like, my calling. It was almost like he was talking to you. And like it made you feel like you were special, you know? And like you’re the chosen one,” he said of the video lectures.

He explained that several of his friends were similarly radicalized and described spending hours and hours watching such videos online.

“Most of the videos would talk about how if you would engage in jihad you would be doing your family a favor. And that you would be saving their lives from eternal hellfire,” Warsame said.

He and 11 friends decided they would fight in Syria. Two made it, and Warsame believes they are both now dead — and feels responsible.

“I believe I am responsible for their deaths and I think about that every day,” he said, adding that if he had made it to Syria he would probably be dead as well.

Eventually, after suspicion arose over a passport application, one member of the group was tracked down and convinced to work with the FBI. Warsame testified on behalf of the prosecution and is facing 15 years in prison.

“What I’ve done is something that nobody can be proud of,” he told “60 Minutes.” “It’s very shameful. I might be very remorseful, but I haven’t done any actions to correct those wrongs.”…

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