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Old 04-09-2018, 04:45 AM
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Default what IDF could do if 300,000 try to trample Gaza fence

The Times of Israel

Ex-general: I don’t know what IDF could do if 300,000 try to trample Gaza fence

Giora Eiland, former head of IDF Strategic Planning and of the National Security Council, fears Israel has played into Hamas's hands - and danger could spread to Lebanon, West Bank


2 April 2018, 7:41 pm 35

Some 30,000 Gazans massed near the Israeli border on Friday in a Hamas-backed “March of Return” that swiftly descended into violence. Hamas claims 18 people were killed, and acknowledges that at least five were its own gunmen.

The Israeli army, as of Saturday, had identified 10 of the fatalities as members of Hamas and other terror groups, and an 11th was identified by Islamic Jihad as a member.

The IDF Spokesman said soldiers faced “a violent, terrorist demonstration at six points” along the fence. He said the IDF used “pinpoint fire” wherever there were attempts to breach or damage the security fence.

The IDF does not allege that the tens of thousands of participants attempted en masse to march on the border and breach the fence — a scenario for which it said it was braced.

But the question is whether such a mass effort to march through the fence remains a danger — Hamas’s Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar vowed Friday that the campaign “will not stop until we remove this transient border” — and, if so, how the Israeli army will grapple with it. Buoyed by the “success” of Friday’s march, Hamas and other organizers are planning a series of larger mass border protests culminating with a hyped million-strong march in mid-May when Israel marks its 70th anniversary of independence.

The Times of Israel spoke in a telephone interview Monday to Maj. Gen. (ret.) Giora Eiland, a former head of Israel’s National Security Council who served for 33 years in the IDF, including as head of its Strategic Planning Branch. His assessment, to put it mildly, was not reassuring.

The Times of Israel: What’s your assessment of what happened on Friday, and how will the IDF be able to deal with the larger demonstrations now being planned?

Giora Eiland: I don’t know exactly what happened on Friday. I didn’t follow it in real-time. But my impression is that we, to a certain extent, may have been too quick to fire at a demonstration that I’m not sure endangered our soldiers and that I’m not sure would have trampled the fence and seen masses getting into Israel.

I’m not sure we couldn’t have been relatively indifferent. Indifference is better. Because otherwise you play into their hands and that, I fear, is what happened here to some extent.

Palestinians take part in demonstrations near the border with Israel east of Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip on March 30, 2018. (AFP/Mohammed Abed)

I’ve been saying for years that we have a lot more in common with Hamas in the short-term. We have a policy that it’s a terrorist organization, that it must be boycotted, and that money can only go to Gaza via the Palestinian Authority. But that undermines our own agenda. We could, a long time ago, have accepted Hamas as the de facto government of Gaza and if we wanted to avoid a humanitarian disaster there, to have worked with them. Now, if we did so it would be to act out of weakness. We had three years to do it.

What can the army do and what will the army do if, say, 300,000 people, tens times as many as gathered on Friday, march on the fence?

I don’t have an answer if 300,000 people do try to trample the fence and get into Israel.

With small numbers, say a few thousand, you can catch them, hold them, feed them, give them flowers and send them home.

If there are tens of thousands or more, I have no good answer. I don’t know of methods of crowd dispersal that would be useful and effective in such circumstances. I can only hope that the IDF is evaluating and finding a solution to a problem that could be ten times larger.

I think Hamas has found a formula that serves it from all directions. It’s tried below ground and above ground and on the ground. It knows terrorism won’t give it legitimacy. Now it has fashioned a situation in which the [Gaza] masses, instead of blaming it for poverty, channel all their anger against Israel. If we can’t find a way to stop deaths on the other side, it will get worse.

And then it could spread to Lebanon. It will be easier for Hezbollah to organize; the distance from that border to residential areas in Israel is sometimes as little as 300 meters.

And now there’s also some increased friction in the West Bank because of the deaths.

We have let all this happen.

We over-rely on Israeli deterrence. But you need carrot and stick. We had three years to fashion a carrot… with the de facto agreement of the Israeli government to have the international community [rehabilitate Gaza] build houses, desalination plants…

The Hamas government would have had a lot to lose. Today they have nothing to lose. Three years ago the last major conflict exploded because they had nothing to lose. It exploded because Mahmoud Abbas stopped paying the salaries of PA officials, of Hamas officials, in Gaza. It’s the same now. The Israeli deterrence is not sufficient. We played into their hands.

I’m silent because this seems so extremely bleak and worrying.


Leonard S Feinman · Miami Beach Senior High School
There is an answer to the question of "What if?" If that many Gazans rushed the fence, it would be considered an invasion, and there is a simple response: You do what any other country would do and let the UN be damned. You call in airstrike and artillary. They will withdraw or die. And, the P.A. would be forced to pay the families of the dead, except they would probably be dead too.

Any soldier worth his stripes (or bars or stars) knows what to do. You think you have to make a moral decision, but you don't. If they start the encounter, your only response is to repel them as fast as possible.

Think about this: 300,000 people is an invasion force. Not that many troops were sent to Normandy on D-Day.
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Mark Anderson · Duncan, British Columbia

The former General seriously believes Israel should have worked with Hamas after Hamas took over Gaza? Seriously?

Has the former General not read the Hamas Charter which call for the destruction of Israel? Does he think it possible to work with an organization dedicated your destruction?

The former General needs to go back to his early 20th century history; Hitler laid out his intentions in Mien Kampf before coming to power and then did what he said he would do. And we all know how that turned out.

Hamas has laid out its intentions and is acting to make those intentions a reality. Does the former General really think that Israeli cooperation with Hamas will change Hamas’ goals or actions.

I’m glad this guy is a “former General” and I hope that Israel’s current Generals and politicians have a far more realistic assessment of Hamas than this former General does.
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Peter Friedman · Santa Fe College

He's given up poor guy, sees only ways of appeasement and " management of situation" which also has its' limits. Many have said to utterly defeat the Arabs and give them no option of winning in any way is best to get on with changing the endless loss of life.

What Eiland prescribes, fake diplomacy and scaled down tit for tat. He advocates for a "managed" situationnwhich has been tried and is a proven failed policy that boils over periodically.

What would any Arab leader do if faced with same from their own populations ?
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Lou Sandler

So your recommendation is....what? Have the IAF attack 300,000 people from the air? What would you suggest, exactly?
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Jerry Gerrit Meents · Ogden, Utah

Lou Sandler Yes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Anton Loew

With generals like him in the IDF it is clear why we cannot win lately any wars with Gaza/HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH/ Lebanon or even stop the PLO win the anti-Israel war in the UN.
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Eisenfeld Michel · Psychologue-Psychothérapeute at Self-employed

I think as the real guilty here are those ''leaders'' that manipulate their people as catle; the logic is to punish them. Localise each of them and warn clearly that if they don`t stop they will be eliminated.Period.
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Anton Loew

With generals like him in the IDF it is clear why we cannot win lately any wars with Gaza/HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH/ Lebanon or even stop the PLO win the anti-Israel war in the UN.
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Dror Shannon

If one wishes to respond as if this were merely a riot, one might try a large-scale variant of water cannons, which would be water-bombing such as employed against forest fires.
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David Bartholomew · Retired Letter Carrier at NONE

The general tone of the commenters here remind me of the young council of King Rehoboam.
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Anton Loew

With generals like him in the IDF it is clear why we cannot win lately any wars with Gaza/HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH/ Lebanon or even stop the PLO win the anti-Israel war in the UN.
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Felix Meyler · Owner/ President at Handyhandz4u

You clearly can read, but you do not understand. I guess you support the influx of undocumented people from our southern border in the USA too.
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Barry Parnas

The general raises reasonable questions. He is looking for good options and/or improvements on existing tactics. The IDF , like any organization faced with a problem needs to have an immediately executable plan and continue looking for better options and consider possibilities of what the enemy may attempt. That's all the general is saying. Does the security force have preparations for various scenarios? 12 enemy soldiers, 30000 civilians laced with trained soldiers, or 300000 civilians purposely driven into Israel by soldiers with AK47s that the Arabs, Europeans, US media, etc will deny or even applaud. Just put up a bunch of pikes to begin with.
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Anton Loew

Even if thinks that he should keep quite rather than help the enemies.

With generals like him in the IDF it is clear why we cannot win lately any wars with Gaza/HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH/ Lebanon or even stop the PLO win the anti-Israel war in the UN.
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Avi Nofech · Works at MacEwan University

In case people didn't notice, Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza already lasted more than twice as long as World War II.

Please don't take this as a hint to start blaming the Arabs. Americans did not blame the Axis. First, they defeated them and second, they brought then good life. Then Germans, Italians and the Japanese became their friends.
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Adam Smith · The City College of New York

PAlestinians used to be able to freely come and go in Israel. Hundreds of thousands came every day from the West Bank and Gaza to work in Israel.

Then they developed the nasty habit of blowing up Israeli mothers and children in pizza parlors and buses.

Remarkably, the Israelis took exception, and decided they needed to keep the Palestinians out.

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Avi Nofech · Works at MacEwan University

Adam Smith Try, really try to understand my question. Do Israelis and Palestinians live in the same country or do they live in separate countries?

Which one of the two it is?
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Barry Lynn

Work with them? What drivel! We have worked with them. They take the supplies and build missiles and tunnels. Please be serious!

Like · Reply · 7 · 6d

Israel First

Instead of focusing on the development of electricity, water and education and infrastructure, Hamas is investing $260 million in terrorist infrastructure, tunneling and manufacturing rockets.

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Avi Nofech · Works at MacEwan University

The solution is to have a proper international border like the US has with Mexico. Then one can legally build a wall if it is needed.

The key is democracy and free trade. All other ways of living lead to a violent outcome.

I'm sorry to say something snide but Americans figured this out already in 1945.

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Benjamin Nachbar-Krieg · University of Florida

Once you figure out how to establish a "proper international border" with a people who's very charter denies recognition of even "a stone" of Israel, please let us know.

I'm kinda curious as to how you finalized the borders of the fantasy world you live in...

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Avi Nofech · Works at MacEwan University

Benjamin Nachbar-Krieg It is like the Western Allies finalized the borders in 1945 and had peaceful life since then.

But you don't know about this and complain about the Arabs. The Allies did not complain. They won the war and made peace.

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Veronica Roach · Vernon, New Jersey

Avi Nofech Having watched all this nonsense from the outside & over many years, always trying to discover what the facts are & seeing the attitude of anyone who has been raised in the religion of Islam, it seems to me that they are doomed to keep repeating this fight forever, simply because they are told via the 'faith' that this must be their focus !

With that said it seems that peace is only achievable when humans can think for themselves & stop being incited by religious zealotry !

I know that there have always been non-Jews living in the area, but Judaism was in place long before Islam arose, and that was born in Arab territories, not Jerusalem.

All that said Israel must stop trying to set up more territory as part of Israel beyond it's originally agreed borders, THAT is what prevents the rest of the world from supporting it's cause. We know you need space, but so does everyone else - you will have to design your cities around the problem, not just steal new land !
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================================================== ========================


If 30,000 faux-Palestinian's attacked-over the Gaza/Israel fence, they would ALL be armed with knives, hammers, screwdrivers ( as they have in the past ), with the ultimate aim to annihilate every Jew with in reach, man, woman, or child .

It would be an Act of War and genocide against ALL Israeli Jews.

Israel would no option but to re-act with decisive military Force.

Israeli Forces would have no other option , BUT :-

To Shoot first.

To SHoot straight.

To Shoot to Kill'

These nut case Gaza/Hamas want annihilate ALL Jews, and Israel has the moral right to defend themselves against these faux Palestinian racist scum.

Last edited by WABA; 04-09-2018 at 05:11 AM..
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