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Old 05-21-2016, 12:37 AM
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Default Vatican Official: We Need to Learn More From Jews on Role of Shabbat, Family


Vatican Official: We Need to Learn More From Jews on Role of Shabbat, Family

MAY 19, 2016 10:04 PM 6 COMMENTS

Shiryn Ghermezian

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A Vatican official insisted that the Catholic Church must learn from Jewish traditions about how to elevate the role of the family in society, the UK’s Jewish News reported on Wednesday.

“The most important thing we can learn from the Jewish people is first of all it’s a religion not of the synagogue but of the home, the family,” Cardinal Kurt Koch told the publication during a two-day symposium with leading theologians from both faiths.

The Cardinal, who is President of the Commission of the Holy See for Religious Relations with the Jews, said he is positive that Jewish survival is “rooted in the family” and the “clear tradition of Shabbat.” He also noted that “family and Shabbat are two main challenges for Christianity,” and that the Sunday “culture in Christianity is very weak.”

When asked about widespread anti-Israel sentiment that often evolves into antisemitism, Cardinal Koch urged the global community not to distinguish between the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

“Not every critic of the politics of the state can be antisemitic because there are many critics in Israel. On the other side we cannot distinguish and say we have only a relationship with Jews as individuals and not as a people and the land,” he explained.

The Cardinal added, “Pope Francis says always it’s impossible to be a Christian and to be antisemitic. I hope this message is clear above all in our church in ecumenical relations and in society. Pope Francis is not tired of saying this.”

Eleven Catholic and Jewish leaders from around the world met in Cambridge to participate in the two-day symposium, which was organized by the Woolf Institute, an academic interfaith organization in the UK dedicated to studying relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Argentinean Rabbi Abraham Skorka, a close friend of Pope Francis, also attended the dialogue.

“One of the most important challenges of our time is interfaith dialogue,” he said, according to the report. “The best barrier we can build up against fanaticism is to demonstrate that the way of living is the way of dialogue. The bible is a book of dialogue. The pope applauds all those working for dialogue and reconciliation.”

The symposium comes four months after the release of a Vatican document that rejects any attempts to convert Jews and states the need for Christians to combat antisemitism.

A year ago, The Times of Israel quoted Pope Francis as saying that “anyone who does not recognize the Jewish people and the State of Israel — and their right to exist — is guilty of antisemitism.”


nat cheiman
May 20, 2016
7:48 am

Rather ask the migrants

May 20, 2016
5:14 am

I’m pleased to hear the viewpoint that Pope Francis is expressing on the relationship between Jews and Catholics. And yes, I’d agree with them that much of the strength of the Jewish people, besides the Torah of course, lies in the family. Observing the Sabbath can do much to strengthen the family and bring it together, when all of it’s members aren’t pulled in different directions for once a week.

Peter Joffe
May 20, 2016
2:39 am

Don’t talk to the Vatican as they are now the West’s official spokesmen for Islam. The current Pope is a traitor to his own church. Next thing is that he will change his top hat for a towel and a camel.

geoffrey ben-nathan
May 20, 2016
2:10 am

Shabbat and Judaism of the home is a double-edged sword:they have simultaneously kept the Jewish people; they have also been the source of envy and hatred for the Jews. Why? These precious gifts have allowed the Jewish people through the ages to be ‘self-contained’ and ‘self-assured’. People don’t like this. They are envious and angry.

Who said? It’s not the Jews who kept the Shabbat but the Shabbat that kept the Jews.

May 19, 2016
11:01 pm

Would also help if the RCC paid less attention to the pope.

Jay Lavine
May 19, 2016
10:16 pm

“The most important thing we can learn from the Jewish people is first of all it’s a religion not of the synagogue but of the home, the family…”

In other words, it’s not merely a religion but also a way of life. Many people who call themselves “Jews” need to learn this as well.

“Pope Francis says always it’s impossible to be a Christian and to be antisemitic…”

He doesn’t consider Christianity to be some kind of ethnicity but rather an active faith guiding one’s beliefs and actions. Many people who call themselves “Jews” can learn from this, also.

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