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Old 09-12-2017, 11:30 PM
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Default Secrets of Solomon's Temple

United with Israel

Secrets of Solomon's Temple

WATCH: The Incredible Story of the Secret Map to King Solomon’s Temple

Sep 10, 2017

This is the incredible story of how a simple farmer living in the Land of Israel accidentally stumbled upon the treasures of King Solomon’s Temple.

Join Remi Award-winning film producer and writer of “The ARK Report” Harry H. Moskoff as he takes you on a magnificent journey back in Jewish history and reveals long-hidden secrets.

Follow the story of how the map to King Solomon’s hidden treasures was passed on from generation to generation in an attempt to guard the secrets of the universe.

Learn about the attitude of Israel’s neighbors to the existence of the Jewish state and the role played by archaeology in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

This is an amazing video you don’t want to miss!

United with Israel

Robin • a day ago

If someone knows of the exact spot of this treasure, then why aren't they excavating it? Are they waiting for some Arab to find it and claim it as their own? Because this is what will happen. An Arab will find it and claim it belonged to Muhammad.

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Paula Landua • a day ago
YHWH shall choose

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Steve Sss • 2 hours ago

Most likely the cave is under temple mount and the Mosque, this is the reason they can't dig.

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Jill • 15 hours ago

But does the treasure include the holy ark? If it does, then no one dare touch it until Moshiach comes.

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Duane Davidson Jill • 5 hours ago

He has returned...and His name is Jesus.

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Shel_TR • a day ago

Riiiiiggghhhhttt!! That farmer just "forgot" about a treasure. On his property.

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Dean Blake • a day ago

Why is speaker wearing a Palestinian kiffir scarf? The 'treasure' is peace. Cheap metaphor.

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Basha Kline • a day ago

it was never originally built as a mosque - it was a Christian Byzantine church built on the foundation of King Solomon's Temple - by the sheer law of physics, who was there first - the muslims pray with their tuchus to the mosque as they face mecca when they pray...

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