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Army Related Forum Topics about the Israeli armed forces, special forces, tanks, apc's, guns etc + world armies.

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Old 08-09-2011, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by odie072 View Post
Yep, but the best thing was to see them run into buildings, only to be escorted out and have to show the proper respect!

I never minded it too much. However: If you were driving on base in your POV while wearing duty or dress uniform and didn't pull over to exit and render a proper military salute towards base HQ where the colors were raised and lowered every day, the MP's would issue I think what used to be called a DR (for driving reprimand). Also if I recall, individuals driving military vehicles or those being transported in said vehicles on official business (like personnel returning from the field or the firing ranges in 5-ton trucks, etc.) were exempt...but it's been so long I may have gotten that confused with something else.
The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters!

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Old 09-19-2011, 09:51 AM
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Default About Army Status and IDF Army Desertion/Evasion

About Army Status and IDF Army Desertion/Evasion

If you or your parents are Israeli citizens and you have never received an exemption from IDF mandatory military service, if you made “Aliyah” but have left Israel before enlisting to your army service, or if you enlisted as an IDF soldier but then illegally left the military and fled the country, then you could be considered having committed a criminal offense and given a “deserter status”.
The Israeli military has probably issued a warrant for your arrest, and you could be arrested at any moment, such as when leaving or entering the country. Once apprehended, you will be jailed for up to 48 hours, with limited or no contact with your family, while military officials review your case and determine what charges to press. Should criminal charges be brought against you, it is most likely that you will remain apprehended until all legal proceedings in your matter have been concluded and your prison sentence fully served.
How do I found out my army status?

Unfortunately, most people who are unaware of their illegal army status find out about it for the first time with their arrest. We can contact the relevant officials in your name in order to determine whether or not you have ever been given a “deserter status”, and if there is a warrant out for your arrest.
Why should I take care of it now?

The longer you are evading the law and the less cooperative you are with law enforcement officials, the more severe your criminal offense is considered. It is highly recommended to resolve your case prior to being apprehended. Depending on the circumstances, you may end up being discharged administratively, without a criminal conviction or jail time. On the other hand, you may be court-martialed, face significant jail time, and receive a punitive discharge. The outcome of your case will follow you for the rest of your civilian life. That is why it is imperative to resolve your army status with the military’s authorities as soon as possible.
What if I don’t take care of it now?

As a fellow Jew, one can never know when life will lead you back to Israel. What could be worse than missing out on your best friend’s wedding, your relative’s funeral, or even your son’s Bar-Mitzvah trip, all because there might be a warrant out for your arrest? Resolving your army status is a process, which could be very lengthy in time. It is therefore important to start the process as soon as possible.
Do I have to come to Israel to start the process?

No. As your local representatives, we would be able to address all relevant officials in your name, without your presence. If your case is applicable for complete dismissal of charges, you will never have to set foot in the country.
Will I have to pass time in military jail?

Not necessarily. This question can be accurately answered only after a thorough review of your case.
Can any lawyer help me?

No. Israeli military criminal law is a niche branch of law – much different than regular “civilian” criminal law. An attorney inexperienced in this specialized field could potentially cause you more harm than good.
We are a team of experienced military attorneys, all having previously served as Military Prosecutors in the MAG (Military Advocate General) Corps. We will guide you through the process of resolving your deserter status with the military, present the army with the best case possible given your particular circumstances and negotiate the best outcome for you.

Personal Contact information for poster deleted


The information offered above is, for the most part, correct. It would be foolish to try to resolve errors in judgement, be it by yourself or by family members without the proper representation. This site encourages this action, but at the same time does not endorse, promote nor recommend any attorney. As a ".com" our goal is to keep this site commercial free, except in instances where advertisements are clearly labeled and contracted as such.

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Old 09-20-2011, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by odie072 View Post
And herein lies the ultimate conundrum for the young, immature, inexperienced youth who "wants" to join the military, whether it be the IDF, US, or "insert your country here."... (HERE IS THE BIG ONE) SEEN THAT YOU COULD HANDLE A LITTLE ADVERSITY OR OBSTACLE, WITHOUT FALLING APART ...what does this say about what you will do, under fire, when vehicles are being popped with RPG's, AK's, RPD's, RPK's and hand grenades are all being fired at you and YOUR TEAM, YOUR COMRADES, and your Platoon Sgt has just ordered you to move your position forward and engage the enemy...deleted..
boy, how I love your way teaching of the young wannabees. Guess they are all bit the same, do less talk more type (and I was one of 'em)
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Old 09-20-2011, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by reardon View Post
boy, how I love your way teaching of the young wannabees. Guess they are all bit the same, do less talk more type (and I was one of 'em)
Thank you. I promise you, I am very gentle compared to 5-8 screaming, spitting, cussing Drill Instructors down in the Gig Pit making you wonder if it was a good idea to join or not!!

There is a point of time in everyones life where they must grow up. For some it is earlier, for some, it is later. I'm just trying to make it easier on them, cause if they can't handle a little criticism from me and the rest of the "Militarized Crew" here, they WILL NOT be able to handle the Military, whether it is the IDF or US.

If some take me as being too strong, they may want to reconsider their military future, and I fully understand, it may not be for everybody. But also, don't try to blow smoke by me either, usually gets picked up. Not our first Rodeo here!!

That might of been the sad end of the story. But Nemo refused to give in without a fight. Ignoring his serious head wound, the 85 pound dog threw himself at the Vietcong guerrillas who had opened fire. Nemo's ferocious attack brought Thorneburg the time he needed to call in backup forces.

Although severely wounded, Nemo crawled to his master and covered him with his body.
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