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Old 11-26-2009, 12:28 PM
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Unhappy Pollard VS. Schalit

I wasn't quite sure where to post this, as it might suit quite few categories.

There's a letter from Jonathan Pollard that was posted in the Jpost, where he asks some questions that really made me thing.

Read it first, and then, if you're interested, I'd like to hear your opinions.

Here's the letter, he called it "Refusing to remain silent in the face of evil".

Here are my two cents:
Pollard, just like Schalit, was serving his country.
I know that while Pollard was actually spying on an ally government, and Schalit was just a kid soldier and one is in terrorist captivity and the other one's in a federal prison...

Let me rephrase that.
They were both asked to endanger themselves for the sake of Israel, and while one is in Jail for over 20 years, and is just left there, the other one is fought for, and Israel is sacrificing whole lot to get him back.

Are they not equal in the eyes of the State?
Are they not equal in the eyes of god?

Pollard was sure he was the best of Zionists, and when the operation failed his operator just left him out to dry...

I'm reading the Middle East news. That's how I'm sure I KNOW what I'm talking about.
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Old 11-26-2009, 05:37 PM
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Speaking for myself',

To use the name Pollard in the same sentence with the name of Gilad Schalit is an insult to Gilad, his parents and anyone who has ever put on a uniform for the army of Israel or the defense of the Jewish people.

In the IDF, in uniform, a few get to be in combat. Of those who do, an even smaller number are called upon to pay a price far greater than the rest of us. Gilad is one of them. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was more frightening to me than the prospect of being captured. There are no words. When I was behind lines, as my unit sometimes was, I knew I could ever allow myself to be captured. Regardless of what I had to do to prevent it. The Syrians, and the stories of what they did scared me to sleeplessness. As a US born Israeli, Syria had declared the Geneva Convention did not apply to me. Think about that.

Jonathan Pollard was an American. An unobservant American jew. He worked for the military of his country, and made a decision to betray his country, not for ideology but for cash. By pure coincidence, as is well documented, out of the countries he was bidding his stolen goods to, Israel was the highest bidder. He was caught, convicted and sentenced to a sentence harsher than most but not even the maximum. In prison, like so many other convicts he "found Gd" and suddenly began to repackage himself as this martyr. He was a traitor, and to compare him to anyone who wears a uniform in defense of their country is, to recap, is an insult.

So here is this veteran's opinion.

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Old 11-26-2009, 10:29 PM
haamimhagolan haamimhagolan is offline
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I also have difficulty finding much sympathy for Pollard. He did not provide intelligence to Israel out of patriotism, but for cash. Then, when he was caught, he made a plea agreement - which among other things stipulated that he was not to provide interviews to the media prior to sentencing. He violated that agreement and the plea agreement was scrapped - which is why he is still in prison now, while other traitors who sold secrets to the Soviets are not.

The bottom line is that Pollard did what he did out of greed. He was a self-serving traitor, no matter who he sold secrets to. Gilad Schalit, on the other hand, was doing his patroitic duty as a soldier. I cannot begin to imagine what he and his family have been through. I agree with Rafi. Schalit and Pollard don't belong in the same sentence.
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