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Old 11-10-2016, 06:56 PM
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Exclamation Muslim Brotherhood: Trump victory a “disaster”

Muslim Brotherhood: Trump victory a “disaster”

“Goliath is coming himself, with his horses and men.”

Oh, you’re David now?

Let’s hope that “Goliath” comes for the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators and Useful Idiots in the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and elsewhere in the government.

“Muslim Brotherhood: Trump victory a ‘disaster,’” Middle East Monitor (, November 9, 2016:

Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections is a “disaster” for the Arab and Muslim world, a Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson said today.

Mamdouh Al-Muneer, a member of the supreme body of the Freedom and Justice Party, wrote on social media that the results of the elections were a catastrophe as a “racist” has ascended to the White House.

“Goliath is coming himself, with his horses and men… what our nation has witnessed in the last period is something and what is to come is something different. God willing it will be for us not against us.”…
O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Asymmetric Warfare It’s not just for the “Other Guys”

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Old 11-12-2016, 09:23 PM
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Thumbs up Jamie Glazov Moment: Trump’s First Step vs. Muslim Brotherhood.

Jamie Glazov Moment: Trump’s First Step vs. Muslim Brotherhood.
President-elect Donald Trump’s indication that he will designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, has Brotherhood-affiliated groups in the U.S. – CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MSA – running for cover


Obama welcomes Muslim Brotherhood officials to the White House in 2015

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained a declassified U.S. State Department document ( that shows that, as secretary of state, Clinton supported Muslim Brotherhood member and former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Trump to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization

Walid Phares spoke with the Egyptian Youm7 on Wednesday, saying that: “Trump considers the Muslim Brotherhood a dangerous group that fuels the Jihadist ideology, thus he seeks for a military strike against the group and will not politically contain the group as Obama and H. Clinton did”.

In February 2016 the US House Judiciary Committee approved legislation calling on the State Department to designate the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a foreign terrorist organization.

However, the U.S. State Department has not taken any further steps since February. The bill cites multiple countries who have declared the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) a terrorist organization. These countries include Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In December 2013 Egypt outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood and several affiliated organization as terrorist or terrorist-linked organizations. Many leading Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood figures including ousted president Mohamed Morsi were detained and tried on terrorism-related charges. President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi commented that the USA had stabbed Egypt in the back with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. He added that this was a fact that Egyptians would not easily forget or forgive.

It is noteworthy that the Obama administration and especially the State Department under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton colluded with Muslim Brotherhood – linked organizations during the notorious Arab Spring in Libya, Egypt and Syria in 2011.

In fact, one of Clinton’s closest advisers, Huma Abedin and her family are known for close ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda linked organizations.

But U.S. collusion with Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda linked “rebels” is not limited to Democrats. In April 2013 Conservative Senator John McCain was caught on photo in a safe-house in Syria after crossing the border illegally. (see photo left) Among the “celebrities” present at the meeting was Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi (al-Badri).

In November 2014 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood following intense rounds of negotiations between GCC member states, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The UAE designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, along with the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda associated Jabhat al-Nusrah, the so-called Islamic State a.k.a. ISIS/ISIL and Yemen’s Houthi.

Saudi Arabia’s position regarding the Muslim Brotherhood is dual. On one hand, some top-members of the Saudi oligarchy including government support Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations abroad while the country opposes its “official” presence within the State. Saudi Arabia considers large parts of the international Muslim Brotherhood as instrument for is ally and rival Qatar, one of the primary international sponsors of Botherhood-linked organizations. Saudi Arabia is, however, “unofficially but blatantly” using Al-Qaeda an the Islamic State as an instrument abroad while it opposes its “official” presence in the country.

The United Arab Emirates published a comprehensive “terror list” after consultations with Egypt. Organizations in the following countries outside the United Arab Emirates are affected:

* Afghanistan * Algeria * Belgium * Denmark * Egypt * France * Germany * India * Iraq * Italy * Lebanon * Libya * Mali * Norway * Palestine * Pakistan * Philippines * Russian Federation * Saudi Arabia * Sweden * Somalia * Syria * Tunisia * United Kingdom * United States of America * Uzbekistan * Yemen.

Affected regions / regional operations: GCC, EU, AL, AU. The list of organizations which the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates designated as terrorist organizations includes:
  1. The Muslim Brotherhood UAE
  2. Al-Islah (or Da’wat Al-Islah)
  3. Fatah al-Islam (Lebanon)
  4. Fatah al-Islam (Association of Italian Muslims)
  5. Khalaya Al-Jihad Al-Emirati (Emirati Jihadist Cells)
  6. Osbat al-Ansar (the League of the Followers) in Lebanon.
  7. The Finnish Islamic Association (Suomen Islam-seurakunta)
  8. Alkarama organization
  9. Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM or Tanzim al-Qa idah fi Bilad al-Maghrib al-Islami)
  10. The Muslim Association of Sweden (Sveriges muslimska forbund, SMF)
  11. Hizb al-Ummah (The Ommah Party or Nation’s Party) in the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula
  12. Ansar al-Sharia in Libya (ASL, Partisans of Islamic Law)
  13. Det Islamske Forbundet i Norge (Islamic Association in Norway)
  14. Al-Qaeda
  15. Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia (AST, Partisans of Sharia) in Tunisia
  16. Islamic Relief UK
  17. Daesh (ISIL / ISIS)
  18. Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) in Somalia ( Mujahideen Youth Movement)
  19. The Cordoba Foundation (TCF) in Britain
  20. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)
  21. Boko Haraam ( Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal-Jihad) in Nigeria
  22. Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) of the Global Muslim Brotherhood
  23. Jama’at Ansar al-Shari’a (Partisans of Sharia) in Yemen
  24. Al-Mourabitoun (The Sentinels) group in Mali
  25. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement of Pakistan)
  26. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organization and groups
  27. Ansar al-Dine (Defenders of the faith) movement in Mali
  28. Abu Dhar al-Ghifari Battalion in Syria
  29. Jama’a Islamia in Egypt (AKA al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya, The Islamic Group, IG)
  30. The Haqqani Network in Pakistan
  31. Al-Tawheed Brigade (Brigade of Unity, or Monotheism) in Syria
  32. Ansar Bait al-Maqdis (ABM, Supporters of the Holy House or Jerusalem) and now rebranded as Wilayat Sinai (Province or state in the Sinai)
  33. Lashkar-e-Taiba (Soldiers, or Army of the Pure, or of the Righteous)
  34. Al-Tawhid wal-Eman Battalion (Battalion of Unity, or Monotheism, and Faith) in Syria
  35. Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) group
  36. The East Turkistan Islamic Movement in Pakistan (ETIM), AKA the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP), Turkistan Islamic Movement (TIM)
  37. Katibat al-Khadra in Syria (The Green Battalion)
  38. Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen Fi Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis (the Mujahedeen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem, or MSC)
  39. Jaish-e-Mohammed (The Army of Muhammad)
  40. Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Brigade in Syria
  41. The Houthi (Houti) Movement in Yemen
  42. Jaish-e-Mohammed (The Army of Muhammad) in Pakistan and India
  43. Talha Ibn ‘Ubaid-Allah Company in Syria.
  44. Hezbollah al-Hijaz in Saudi Arabia
  45. Al Mujahideen Al Honoud in Kashmor/India (The Indian Mujahideen, IM)
  46. Al Sarim Al Battar Brigade in Syria
  47. Hezbollah in the Gulf Cooperation Council
  48. Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus (Caucasus Emirate or Kavkaz and Chechen jidadists)
  49. The Abdullah bin Mubarak Brigade in Syria
  50. Al-Qaeda in Iran
  51. The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)
  52. Qawafil al-Shuhada (Caravans of the Martyrs)
  53. The Badr Organization in Iraq
  54. Abu Sayyaf Organization in the Philippines
  55. Abu Omar Brigade in Syria
  56. Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq in Iraq (The Leagues of the Righteous)
  57. Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  58. Ahrar Shammar Brigade in Syria (Brigade of the free men of the Shammar Tribe)
  59. Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq
  60. CANVAS Organization in Belgrade, Serbia (a.k.a. DEMOZ)
  61. The Sarya al-Jabal Brigade in Syria
  62. Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas in Syria
  63. The Muslim American Society (MAS)
  64. Al Shahba’ Brigade in Syria
  65. Liwa al-Youm al-Maw’oud in Iraq (Brigade of Judgment Day).
  66. International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS).
  67. Al Ka’kaa’ Brigade in Syria
  68. Liwa Ammar bin Yasser (Ammar bin Yasser Brigade)
  69. Ansar al-Islam in Iraq
  70. Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe
  71. Sufyan Al Thawri Brigade
  72. Ansar al-Islam Group in Iraq (Partisans of Islam)
  73. Union of Islamic Organizations of France (L’Union des Organisztions Islamiques de France, UOIF)
  74. Ebad ar-Rahman Brigade (Brigade of Soldiers of Allah) in Syria
  75. Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) in Syria
  76. Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)
  77. Omar Ibn al-Khattab Battalion in Syria
  78. Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham Al Islami (Islamic Movement of the Free Men of the Levant)
  79. Islamic Society of Germany (Islamische Gemeinschaft Deutschland).
  80. Al-Shayma’ Battalion in Syria
  81. Jaysh al-Islam in Palestine (The Army of Islam in Palestine)
  82. The Islamic Society in Denmark (Det Islamiske Trossamfund, DIT)
  83. Katibat al-Haqq (Brigade of the Righteous)
  84. The Abdullah Azzam Brigades
  85. The League of Muslims in Belgium (La Ligue des Musulmans de Belgique, LMB)

Opponents of Trump attempt to denounce the U.S. President-elect as anti-Muslim, and Trump made some “politically incorrect” statements, about Muslim and other communities. That is, provocative campaign statements that could easily be abused and used against him. Meanwhile, a closer look reveals that Trump is not anti-Muslim at all. Much rather, he opposes the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and he at least appears to be opposed to using Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda-linked organizations as an instrument of US foreign and military policy.

Top Military Brass: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration In Key Defense Agencies Under Obama

O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Asymmetric Warfare It’s not just for the “Other Guys”

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Old 11-22-2016, 04:37 PM
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Exclamation Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group Paid for Keith Ellison to Visit Mecca in 2008

Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group Paid for Keith Ellison to Visit Mecca in 2008
Group was founded as 'overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.'
BY: Brent Scher

The House Ethics Committee opened an investigation into Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) after he failed to disclose that a group founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood paid for him to make a pilgrimage to the Islamic holy site of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Top Democrats have considered shifting to the left by electing Ellison party chairman, but critics say his previous association with radical groups should disqualify him from the leadership role.

Ellison has associated with the Muslim American Society, a Virginia-based group founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in 1993 to act as the “overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” according to federal prosecutors ( in 2007. The United Arab Emirates recently added the group to a list of terrorist organizations.

In 2008, the society paid for Ellison, a practicing Muslim, to make a 16-day pilgrimage, known as the hajj, to Mecca. He was joined on the trip by Asad Zaman, who sits on the board of the Muslim American Society’s Minnesota chapter. Zaman has contributed thousands ( of dollars to Ellison’s congressional runs, both before and after the Mecca trip.

Eight months after Ellison returned from the trip, the House Ethics Committee questioned ( why he did not disclose the amount of money that the Muslim American Society paid for him to take the trip, which qualifies as a gift to a public official.

Following the committee’s investigation, Ellison was told ( that he had to disclose that his trip cost the Muslim American Society $13,350.

Ellison had initially said that he might have “meetings of an official nature” during his trip to Saudi Arabia, but told investigators that he “instead undertook only the more personal itinerary scheduled by the Muslim American Society,” which he believed allowed him to keep the trip’s cost private.

At the time, Ellison said he was “not privy to the internal workings” of the Muslim American Society, but the trip took place years after it was revealed that the organization was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Chicago Tribune published a lengthy exposé ( in 2004 about how the Muslim Brotherhood had operated in the United States for decades with a goal of achieving Islamic rule in America. Brotherhood leaders voted in 1993 to create the Muslim American Society to serve as the group’s public face in the United States.

“When the leaders voted, it was decided that Brotherhood members would call themselves the Muslim American Society, or MAS, according to documents and interviews,” wrote the Tribune. “They agreed not to refer to themselves as the Brotherhood but to be more publicly active. They eventually created a Web site and for the first time invited the public to some conferences, which also were used to raise money.”

An internal memo instructed members how to deflect if asked about their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or its support for terrorism.

“If asked, ‘Are you the Muslim Brothers?’ leaders should respond that they are an independent group called the Muslim American Society. ‘It is a self-explanatory name that does not need further explanation,'” wrote the Tribune. “And if the topic of terrorism were raised, leaders were told to say that they were against terrorism but that jihad was among a Muslim’s ‘divine legal rights’ to be used to defend himself and his people and to spread Islam.”

A former member of the society who quit due to its “anti-American sentiments and its support for violence in the Middle East” told the Tribune that its leaders had a plan to “convert Americans to Islam and elect like-minded Muslims to political office” in the United States.

“If the Brotherhood puts up somebody for an election, Muslims would vote for him not knowing he was with the Brotherhood,” the man said.

The society’s leadership acknowledged at the time that the group was rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood, referred to as Ikhwan, but said it had since grown into something else.

“Ikhwan [Brotherhood] members founded MAS, but MAS went way beyond that point of conception,” a MAS official told theTribune.

However, a Muslim Brotherhood official in Egypt said that being open about the Muslim American Society’s full ties to the Brotherhood would create “security inconveniences” for the group in the United States.

“I don’t want to say MAS is an Ikhwan entity,” said the Egyptian official. “This causes some security inconveniences for them in a post-Sept. 11 world.”

Kyle Shideler, director of the Center for Security Policy’s Threat Information Office, said that Ellison should have known about the Muslim American Society’s radical roots at the time of his trip.

“The Muslim American Society had been identified as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, both in reputable news reports like the Chicago Tribune as well as by the federal government, by the time Rep. Keith Ellison made his decision to accept the 2008 trip,” Shideler said. “If we are to be charitable, at a minimum Ellison ought to have known the nature of the organization he was associating with, as even the most basic due diligence would have discovered it.”

Ellison’s office and the Muslim American Society did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

Ellison’s involvement with the Muslim American Society was not limited to his one trip to Saudi Arabia. He was also the keynote speaker at annual conventions held by the society’s Minnesota chapter in 2007 and 2008.

Mahdi Bray, who was the society’s executive director at the time, celebrated Ellison’s 2006 election to the House of Representatives, which marked the first time a Muslim was elected to Congress. Fox News reported that Bray took time off from his job with the society to campaign for Ellison’s first election.

Bray celebrated the news that Ellison was being considered to chair the Democratic Party.

Evidence about the Muslim American Society’s radical nature continued to emerge in the years following Ellison’s trip.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood convicted in the United States for links to terrorism told federal prosecutors in 2012 that “everyone knows MAS is the Muslim Brotherhood.”
O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Asymmetric Warfare It’s not just for the “Other Guys”

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Exclamation Three-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Department of Defense

Three-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Department of Defense

ANN ARBOR, MI – U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Ret.) William “Jerry” Boykin, in a recent World Net Daily radio interview, confirmed that people with high security clearances connected to the Muslim Brotherhood hold important positions in every major federal agency including the Pentagon and the Department of Defense.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist organization that has vowed the destruction of America from within.

Click here to hear radio clip>

General Boykin has the credentials to back up his conclusions. He was one of the original members of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force which he ultimately led in combat operations. He also served a tour in the CIA during which time he participated in clandestine operations throughout the world. He served his last four years in the Army as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Lt. Gen. Boykin, who currently serves as Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, blasted Republicans for condemning Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who sounded the alarm by questioning the Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, a top assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Boykin said that neither Republicans nor Democrats want to protest too loudly over concerns of being branded intolerant.

The Thomas More Law Center now represents LTC Matthew Dooley, a 1994 graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point.

GEN Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had LTC Dooley fired as an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College in order to appease Muslim groups and the White House who wanted all training materials offensive to Islam purged and all trainers using those materials disciplined.

O Israel
The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Asymmetric Warfare It’s not just for the “Other Guys”

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