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Old 06-25-2018, 11:45 PM
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Default Prince William arrives in Israel for historic visit

World Israel News

Prince William arrives in Israel for historic visit

June 25, 2018

On Monday evening, the Duke of Cambridge stepped off a Royal Air Force jet in Israel, marking the first official visit by a senior member of the Royal Family since the Jewish state was founded in 1948.


Alexandra Oon • 3 hours ago
Great to see him arrive. Hope everything goes well on this trip.

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Msw3681 sw Alexandra Oon • 2 hours ago
He's on the Gaza side not Israel's, so he's an anti-Semitic sponging git.


Min Dona Msw3681 sw • 2 hours ago
For ANY COUNTRY to say that the militarily “invading” actions of Jordan - into the legally formal new State of Israel in 1948, of which Jordan took east Jerusalem AWAY FROM ISRAEL, BY FORCE, and Israel fought and regained their stolen land in 1967,
is considered illegal territory of Israel, is a country that is supporting terrorism.

That would be like the Germans today invading England, and occupying HALF the city of London by force, and the English were unable to take back their capital city!
And once they were able to militarily squash the German invaders and take back their the German invaders and take back their city - that half of London is now “illegally occupied by the British”?


Whoever believed that or said so, is clearly standing behind “the invaders”!

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442rocketdave Min Dona • 2 hours ago
your absolutely right on the money!!!

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Hector Zuniga Min Dona • an hour ago
Well said Min Dona. but the Q. is; U.K. will wake up and take and review the Historic events happen in Judea and Samaria, and acknowledge the right of The Jews People to Our ancients forefathers lands of Judea and Samaria. And I will ask to the Crown in U.K. please stop to play "blind" to the legal Rights of the Jews People to the Lands of Judea and Samaria, The Land Lord Ysrael is here, and no body will take us away from Our Lands. Better acknowledge this True, and put a end once and for all to this faking blindness.

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Ellio Lumbroso Alexandra Oon • 3 hours ago
He should not have come

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Grace Joy Ellio Lumbroso • an hour ago
If Israel allows him to go to the Wall under Pali guard . . . . then those in charge are traitors. William is like the poster child for "white guilt;" & he seems ready to destroy all of Britain & the world to make himself feel he's not a "racist."

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dorierez سلام שלום Grace Joy • 28 minutes ago
Israel cannot afford to let the palis guard him, not secure, even if they remove everybody else from the grounds. Remember Anwar Sadat?

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kitty fane • 3 hours ago
I hope he gets hit by a rocket from Gaza. All the problems Israel has go back to the treachery of the British "mandate" that the Brits stood on its head, making everything they were supposed to facilitate" impossible. Murderers, traitors, maybe one of yours gets his comuppance!

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Min Dona kitty fane • 2 hours ago
Read my post above yours.
Yes England was full of contradictions that only met their objectives and at terrible human costs for others. A definite crime of humanity in the 1930s which should be investigated.
The only blessed British soul was Lord Balfour, an educated respected Englishman who drafted the Balfour Declaration. It was supported. Then came men to power in the Parliament who were corrupted by the Arabs and these men aligned themselves in unjust policies towards the Jews.
What’s on record is the British War Cabinetadmitting it was the Jews who were more worthy to have supported. I have those names and quotes.
So shame in the Queen and her family for supporting Jordanian invaders into the new country of Israel, illegally taking east Jerusalem by force, the Jews fighting to get it back - and the R family supporting the thieving invaders!
Would the R Family think the same if a country invaded England and by force, occupied half of London!


john o'neal Min Dona • 2 hours ago
That is by caused by their own history of doing exactly that, followed by their favored method of dealing with the indigenous peoples. There was never a potato famine,potatoes are not native to Ireland.
They were only grown because the Irish were forced onto such marginal land, they had no choice, normal crops could not be grown.
The potato blight did not cause starvation. Shipping Irish food to London did, and it was not close to the first mass starvation Ireland endured from the English.The horrors they put my personal family through could fill several volumes.
If you are interested in capsule understanding of " how Brits work ", I suggest Wikipedia :
The Betrayal of Clannabuidhe. It is a synopsis of one of the horrors they inflicted on my family and by extension, on Ireland.


Mark Henselt • 3 hours ago
Who cares what the royal putz is doing?
He should have had his plane directed to Gaza.
No airport there? No problem.

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charliematerne • 2 hours ago
Is he in Israel or in the propaganda lie of the "Palestinian territories"?

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Jorge • 26 minutes ago
As all british so called Royals, he is not a Crowned Head, but one full of s..t


Grace Joy • an hour ago
Prince William is a coward. He's sat by & done nothing as Islm invades his country. He said nothing as Tommy Robinson was arrested for condemning "authorities" for allowing gang r.apist Mohammedans out on bail so they could gang r.ape more young British girls. Mohammedans can call for Jwish genocde as they wish, though. See BareNakedIsl am for article "UK: Tommy Robinson was jailed for 13 months for filming Muslm paedofile r.apists outside the court, but Muslms calling for a Jwish genocide never get arrested in London."

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