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Asia News from Asian countries, except for Middle East.

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Old 11-24-2016, 01:39 AM
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Exclamation Russia Unveils Stealth Nuke Launcher Trains

Russia unveils the ‘NIGHTMARE’ train:
High speed stealth nuke launcher to terrify NATO
VLADIMIR Putin has tested his new nuke train designed to be a “sheer nightmare” for his enemies and capable of striking anywhere at anytime.
By Henry Holloway

Russia is developing a railway based nuclear launcher which will be constantly on alert hurtling around the Motherland.

Disguised as regular passenger or freight trains, the carriages are actually packed with ballistic missiles designed to smash enemies of Putin.

The trains can be stopped at a moments notice and deploy massive nuclear missile launchers as seen in this chilling test footage.

Sounding like something out of a James Bond film – the nuke trains have taken a step into reality with a successful test launch at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

NUKE TRAIN: Vladimir Putin's Russia is rolling out mobile high speed railway missile launchers

The Barguzin nuke trains are described as “undetectable” and will be ready to strike at a moments notice on the dawn of World War 3.

Each deadly train will be packed with six RS-24 Yars missiles which carry 4 huge 250 kiloton warheads each and have a range of 6,800 miles.

The menacing missiles are normally strapped to the back of road-based launchers, but they have found a new home in the belly of the nuke train.

Russia has been ramping up their nuclear power this year as they test a hypersonic nuclear warhead capable of reaching Britain within 13 minutes.

Putin’s new toy is expected to be rolled out across Russia by 2018 and is boasted to be second to none – adding the already impressive nuke arsenal coveted by the Kremlin.

The pop-up launch test carried out earlier this month is expected to be followed up with a full scale combat drill.

Russia had nuke trains in operation until 2005 but they were decommissioned, but Putin is determined to bring them back into service as tensions flare against NATO.

Just last month, Russia unveiled plans for their deadly nation-killer nuke the “Satan 2” as experts warned Putin could “wipe out” the East Coast of the US with his nuclear arsenal.

NUCLEAR LAUNCH: Putin's new trains will be rolled out by 2018

Russian defence expert Victor Murakhovsky described the nuke train as the “sheer nightmare” for foreign spies.

Speaking to Radio Sputnik, he said: "Soviet-era platforms employed railway cars, different in size from standard rail carriages. The new missile complex fits onto standard rail gauge.

"The wagons carrying the recently tested missiles resemble a freight refrigerator car for instance.”

Murakhovsky added: "The United States was working on a similar program during the Cold War.

"There was an idea to lay rail tracks underground and place launching platforms there.

"Financing was wasted and they did not create anything even remotely resembling the Russian system.”

While war between Russia and the US seems unlikely after Putin’s pal Donald Trump was elected to be the next US President, tensions still remain between the Kremlin and NATO.

NATO are preparing for the “worst case scenario” – a full withdrawal by the US from the alliance and invasion of Eastern Europe by Russia.

However, Putin insists he has no plans to attack a NATO nation and told the alliance to “stop being so nervous”.
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